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GMC Yukon Denali/XL Autoride Suspension



  • Im working on a 04 Denali.I looked at a post that said check stud 3 fuse and I cant find this fuse. I replaced rear shocks that were blown,compressor wont come on I bench tested relay ,compressor checked ign3 fuse the ride control fuse and all was ok .when i started working on it there was a message saying service ride control now its gone but still no air????
  • mag44mag44 Posts: 32
    At least on 2002 and 2003 it's the Stud # 1 Fuse 40 Amp, located in the main fuse box in the engine compartment. Besides the IGN 3 fuse there is a RTD Fuse 30 A to check.
  • I have checked all the 3 you said and they are good,I bench tested the compressor and its good I jumped the blue and white wires last nightand, still no compressor
  • mag44mag44 Posts: 32
    Are you getting 12V on the red wire at the compressor, on the compressor side of the connection? If not then did you make sure all the wheel sensors are working?
  • Thanks for your help I will check the red wire and wheel sensors tonight,IF the shocks are blown out will the compressor keep running trying to fill them or or does it have a safty shut down of some sort? Thanks again
  • I do have power to the red wire before it goes in compressor.
  • Stupid question here... should I have a running compressor out of the vehicle on the bench with just 12v to red and ground? If I have 12v to red and ground, and no running compressor, could it still be the coil (blue and white wires measure open)?
  • mag44mag44 Posts: 32
    The compressor should run by itself if it's on a bench with 12V and a ground. The exhaust solenoid only comes into play when it's connected because it controls the coil in the ALC relay.
  • So my compressor is dead? Im gonna double check, but I am applying 12v directly to the red wire, and grounding the ground wire with a not running result.
    Seems odd that the solenoid would open up and the compressor would be dead, doesnt it?
  • Problem with Autoride as it enhances everything driven over to the extent of being physically exhausted when taken on rough highways/roads. Come to a stop and vehicle rocks on tire pressure with no forward weight transfer/front suspension compression. Going over speedbumps it produces delayed front/rear suspension compression (feel a 2nd bump as suspension finally gives). Pulled 30 amp Autoride fuse and conditions go away. Standard 20" factory rims/tires on vehicle. Have had vehicle in to 2 dealerships to investigate - nothing wrong found.

    Traded in 2007 Yukon XL with Premium Suspension (same size rims and identical tires) and am beside myself with how rough the Autoride suspension is. Have complained to GMC and have the Customer Assistance Center involved.

    The current ride 'feel' is just the opposite of what it should be: "A pleasing, refined and well-isolated ride."

    Is anyone else dealing with this?
  • bn2cynical - 20" wheels? What kind of tires do you have on the beast?
  • Tires are Bridgestone Dueler H/L P275 55R20 M&S. Construction: Tread = 2 Ply Polyester, 2 Steel, 1 Nylon; Sidewall = 2 Ply Polyester. Setup is factory. Again these are the identical tires as on the 2007 which rode much better.
  • You traded in the 2007 Yukon XL and maybe I missed something, what model is the new vehicle?
  • Old vehicle traded in was the 2007 Yukon XL (premium suspension - not autoride equipped). New vehicle 2010 Yukon XL Denali w/autoride suspension. Upgraded in cost/features - downgraded in suspension/ride quality.

    Researched parts for Denali vs. Escalade and both are the same (except for Electronic Suspension Control Module - probably to eliminate service department errors when the Tech II is plugged in). Drove a new Escalade ESV. Ride quality is night and day - Escalade rides butter smooth compared to the Denali. Why?????

    Have 10 pages of questions, input, complaint, etc in to the customer assistance center @ GMC. Today I should get a call from a rep at the Tech Dept to discuss this issue. We'll see what happens!!!!!!
  • When you drove the 2010 Escalade, was the Escalade equipped with similar tires (like yours with the narrow 50 series profile tire with the 20inch wheels)??? Just curious..

    I have a 2004 Yukon XL Denali AWD and it rides great. Currently have the new Michellin Latitudes P265/70R17 and they ride great. Yukon also has 126,000+ miles on it, but the front and rear shocks are new OEMS.

    I can't imagine that the 20 inch wheels (with the small profile) would ride very well. Keep us posted.
  • Just wanted to update anyone who might need to know what I learned.....when bench testing the compressor, make sure your power supply can deliver at least 10 amps @ 12v. I bought a new compressor from arnott, bench tested it and it failed (due to power supply issues). My problem was the coil failure and I probably could have fixed it following the directions in an earlier post. The good news is that the folks at arnott are superb!
  • Cadillac Escalade ESV factory equipped with 22" wheel/tire combo, which has less sidewall (reduced road shock absorption) than what is factory installed on the Denali, and the NEW Escalade (4 miles on the odo) rode butter smooth.

    Our old 2007 Yukon XL had the same exact tires w/20" rims (factory combo).

    There's something definitely wrong with the Denali, but GMC hasn't done anything yet to attempt to find the problem - all the mechanics will say is "There's no fault code so our hands are tied, there's nothing wrong, suspension operates as designed."

    First mechanic blew smoke up 'you know where' with the following statements: 1) GMC builds the Denali's more like trucks now; 2) Give the vehicle 20,000 miles to break in the suspension; and 3) The vehicle will ride better fully loaded.

    My responses: To statement 1 - If I wanted the ride of a truck, I would have bought one. Besides, why then all the seats? To statement 2 - Funny, our 2007 Yukon XL, same body style, rode perfect from day 1. To statement 3 - It's only my wife, myself and our 2 dogs. When, if ever, will I get the vehicle fully loaded? Shouldn't the suspension operate correctly regardless of the load? I towed my bass boat around and the ride got worse.

    No call yesterday from GMC Tech Dept. Maybe today?
  • @mag44...thanks for all your posts thus far!

    "Service Ride Control" (msg on dash)

    I've skipped all over and need to find out what sequence I should be troubleshooting this problem before I just shoot myself! :mad:

    I've replaced the compressor (w/Arnott)
    Bench tested compressor (runs fine)
    Replaced blown 40A fuse (Stud 1)
    Checked IGN3 10A & RTD 10A (both OK)
    Tested Relay by jumping 85w/86, 87 to ground & 30 to 12V (No clicky?)
    Jumped 87w/30 on Relay & heard compressor run
    Have NOT done anything yet with Blue/White wires on solenoid.

    Thanks in advance!!
  • mag44mag44 Posts: 32
    Hi loibip2,

    It sounds like your relay is bad, if you run 12 V to 30 and a ground to 87, then jumper 85 and 86 and no click then it's the relay. When you jumper 87 directly to 30 you are just hot wiring directly to the compressor.

    The other test you can do is jumper the blue & white wire on the truck side of the connector on the compressor when is't hooked up to make sure the exhaust solenoid is working.

    But from what you said I would replace the relay.

    The last two things would be checking the wheel sensors and the new Arnott sensors if the relay does not solve your problems.

    Please let me know how it goes.

  • ga60ga60 Posts: 2
    Do you know who is knowledgable enough to repair autoride? Dealer says all is working correctly on my 2003 Dinali, but rides like a go cart on gravel.
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