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Daewoo Lanos, don't believe Edmunds



  • I also get some very loud, annoying wind noise on the highway. I'm not sure if it's the molding. I personally think that it's the air rushing over the mirror at the skinnier point where it attaches to the car. I can pinpoint the noise coming from the front part of the window.

    I also had the problem on the Ford Ranger that I owned for a while. the noise seemed to come from right where the mirror was located in front of the window.

    Hope this helps.
  • Daewoo builds good cars? Compared to what? Daewoo went out of business because it made bad investment decisions and it had poor car sales(because of its inferior quality). Does anyone remember the Pontiac LeMans? Wasnt that a cute little reliable car? it wasn't either of those. Do you know who built it for GM...Daewoo.
    Havent any of you seen how crappy Kias are, Hyundais? I understand the you have to protect your egos and say that you spent your money wisely...yada.yada..yada. but you'll have to be honest with yourself one day. The car isn't priced that cheap because Daewoo wants you to have extra grocery money. It's because it is a "disposable car". It will never...NEVER..last as long as the typical Toyota..or Honda. paid less for your car...but no one is laughing at me as i cruise down the highway.
    Give the car a few years to fall apart... and remember me when its getting fixed. If i see you on the roadway..i wont stop and help..but ill be sure to wave!
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    As I've said on many occasions, the right car for you is the right car for YOU. There is a car for everyone and a driver for every car. That's what the auto market is all about; no one car suits all.

  • Thank you host lady for your response in #150. I guess that my response to #148 in #149 can be summed up like that.
  • I know if i continue on with my dislike for Daewoo it will be considered "slamming", but i cannot resist. Oh, by the way..i own a Daewoo microwave so i guess i am a bit of a hypocrite.
    When Honda & Toyota entered the US market, they were disliked not because of poor quality like Daewoo. H&T had to endure being foreign, producing tiny cars (vs American) with tiny engines. I don't consider that the same(not by a long shot) considering the saturation of the US market with foreign vehicles during Daewoo's entrance.
    You complain that you didnt have equity in your Ranger during trade you honestly think that anyone will give you more than a bushel of bananas for your used Lanos? Please! I also do not believe that the Daewoo dealer "bit the bullet" and lessened its profit margin. If i were to believe you for even a minute...the reason could only be because Daewoo has poor sales and will do anything to get customers to take these cars off their lots.
    I do not have 15 or 20k handy to buy a new car either. I buy them used. Any new car can be driven off a car lot. The true value comes from longevity/repair cost ratio. You got a cheap car initially...but its going to cost you in the long run with repairs, extremely low trade-in value, status(it matters)ect.
    But thats got the extended warranty. You did say you paid for it...what kind of benefit is that? Pay less for a car but turn around and have to buy a warranty? If it wasnt for that warranty offer, Daewoo,Hyundai, Kia couldnt trick people into thinking their cars are reliable. They have to do something...have some gimmick to sell cars, and the warranty is their gimmick. Generally speaking (i don't know your exact warranty), warranties do not cover many common problems that occur over time. Common wear and tear are not covered, and if something goes wrong, you generally have to prove that the car was poorly manufactured before they will fix it. You should have an initially bumper-to-bumper warranty for the first 3-5 years that provides excellent protection, but after that....good luck on the warranty.
    I agree that Korean car companies are improving their quality and image, but i will stick to cars with proven track records of reliability and longevity.
    Finally, if you are in such bad credit debt, why did you go buy a new car? Why not a used car? Are you too good for a used car? Everybody knows that the greatest loss of value of a car is in the first couple years. You could have purchased a used reliable, respectable Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra, Toyota Corolla for about the same price, maybe a little more. I think i see why you have such bad credit buy new cars like you have money or something, and to top off the backwards buy a poorly built excuse of a car like the Lanos. Good thing you topped off your spree of wasting money by buying the warrany. have a Daewoo, you might actually need to use it.
    I probably offended you with my comments...but please don't take it personally, i dont even know you. Maybe somebody drugged you into purchasing this car...i dont know. My comments are only meant to pertain to the Daewoo Lanos and the opportunity cost of your choice. I also appreciate your even-tempered response to my ranting whether i deserve it or not. Have a good day.
    Last but not least (CARLADY(MZN)),....of course your statement is true...but irrelevant because we are here to talk about these cars. Your generalized answer would make Town Hall useless if we all kept our business to ourselves.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Your perspective is so dated and wrong. My family has always been big Honda fans (5 Hondas bought since 1986) and I agree they are great cars, however, I also am trully pleased by the high quality of my 2000 Hyundai Accent and believe that their reputation is undeserved. I was not tricked by the long warranty into thinking it was a good car. Rather, I was impressed by how solidly contructed the car was and how well it compared to cars costing thousands more. The warranty was just piece of mind in case the car did turn out to be unreliable. I have had no problems with my Hyundai other than a squeak over 7400 miles, whereas my sister is in the middle of arbitration over her 2000 Honda Odyssey due to many problems and numerous visits to the dealer in only 9000 miles. She is disgusted with Honda. Funny how I'm completely happy with Hyundai and would actually consider buying another. I am a big car fan and read about them constantly. I never thought I would buy a Hyundai over Honda or VW, but my purchase has changed my mind and made me a believer in Hyundai's quality. I don't expect the car to last as long as a 20 grand car in terms of paint and trim pieces, but I do believe it will be just as mechanically reliable. Korean cars are now a force to be reckoned with and cannot be ignored.
  • 1) I did buy it used, that's how I afforded the extended warranty vs a new one with standard factory warranty.

    2) The dealer did take a loss at trade in (on the Ranger) and in the resale because it sat long enough that they knocked the price down after 30 days.

    3) I know that the car won't be worth anything as a trade-in. Most vehicles kept over 5 years are not worth a smit for trade in value.

    4) This car is a longer-term keeper, not a 1-3 year trade-in. I do have the remainder of original factory bumper-to-bumper warranty & the major component coverage of the comprehensive extended warranty.

    5) I haven't been treated like a person in the purchasing or the after-sales-service by dealers in the past...Daewoo has treated me like a human and has gone above & beyond my meager expectations during the sale and after-sale-service.

    If you don't think Daewoo makes quality cars, that's your perogative & I'm not trying to change it. You have your reasons. I think my car has good reliability overall and hope it continues for several years to come. That's the best that I can do with the finacial reaources that I have and the decisions that I have made.

    If it does become a problematic vehicle, then I won't buy another one. Chalk it up to experience and learn from it. That's life...

    Once again, thank you for your input. I don't think that you are a hypocrite for owning a Daewoo microwave. Only the Good Lord Above knows how much of the electronics we buy are subcontracted to Daewoo before other Co's put their logos on them.

    Enjoy your Honda CRX...they need to reintroduce it since Honda has killed the Civic Hatchback for 2001. Later, Keith Reh
  • I had a beautiful reply a couple days ago but accidentally deleted it. Oh well, here's a shorter, rough version:
    I'll take your word on customer service as i have never set foot on a South Korean autodealer's lot.
    Dealers have plenty of cars that dont sell within 30 days. All the dealer did is put it out at the highest price it could have hoped to get for it. Then they lowered it to make people think they were getting a deal. Very common.
    You are definitely one of the daring few to purchase a Daewoo here. And i do wish you good luck. If they build a good reputation in the future i will eat my words and maybe get one (oh..that was hard to say).

    lngtonge18...and Keith to some degree:

    ANY new car is going to feel solid. That is not a brilliant reason to buy a Lanos specifically. Come on, its NEW.
    Honda does not manufacture the Odessey, they just slap a badge on it. I believe it is a Mercury product. So no merit to that comment either.
    Your car has made it to less than 10k and you want to brag about how reliable it is? You must be joking! ITS A NEW CAR!!! Even the crappiest cars on the market(ex: Daewoo,Hyndai,Kia) should go 100k miles. Value is determined by a longevity/repair costs ratio. Any car can go 100k if enough parts are replaced, but that's not value. My ex's 86 CRX Si with over 200k has never had anything done to it greater than a muffler replacement. She drove that car hard too. Now that is value! Your Lanos will never do that. Ever!
    My personal belief is that all cars "should" be able to go to 100k with no repairs(example: head gaskets,trans work,wtr pump,ect.) Then maybe 1 repair to get to 200K. I'm very confident that my CRX will be there one day as it is well on its way to 200K with no repairs. Not only will it get there, but it is a beautiful, desired, sporty car with all the options.
    Daewoo is new to the market so i do not see how my opinion could be "outdated". Hyundai already has a proven track record of pooooooor reliability. Kia?, i hear complaints all the time.
    Finally, I am quite proud of myself for not cursing at your post which has ABSOLUTELY NO INTELLIGENT comments in it(lngtonge18). You have proven to anyone who understands car value that you do not have a clue about reliability and value. Hyundai a force to be reckoned with? Ha ha, thats a good one. Maybe one day..and i see them improving..but they are still the lint in the pockets of the autoworld. If it sounds mean, please reread my reasoning.
    1)new cars are solid 2)at 10k you cant judge reliability or longevity 3)Honda=proven Kia,Daewoo,Hyundai=proven unreliable or unproven. 4)It wasn't cheap because its high quality 5) value=longevity + reliability / repair costs.
    Understand that these are not comments from a typical car owner. I love cars, i have read numerous articles pertaining to manufacturing processes used at Toyota vs others. I also attend auto auctions bi-weekly and get to see brand new Hyundia's with smoke pouring out the exhaust being auctioned for 1/5 of their selling price. I know wholesale and used prices for many economy cars. Neither of your vehicles will be worth a dime in the future. Good luck Keith, I do wish you well.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    You just showed how little you really do know about the automotive world. Honda's Odyssey built by Mercury?? I was rolling on the floor laughing at that one. Mercury doesn't even make their own minivans. The Mercury Villager is a rebadged Nissan Quest. The Honda Odyssey is very much Honda and has always been so. Get your facts str8 man and maybe people would think you have credibility. I think you need to read those articles a bit more closely, LOL.
    Oh yeah, stop reading things into my posts that are not there. I am not, by any means, claiming that my Hyundai is the most reliable car on the road for the simple fact that I have not owned it long enough. However, I can say that it is doing excellent so far and that is saying something. People who claim the lemon law tend to do so in the first year of ownership. It is very possible to have numerous problems early on. My sister is an excellent example of that. On November 22, a Honda representative from the factory will be coming to see if they can fix her van. This is their last chance before they must take it back under Florida's lemon law. Her van has been in at least 10 times for many different problems and a few recurring ones. Her van has also been the subject of at least 2 recalls. This all took place in 9000 miles and 9 months of ownership. Lets see, I have owned my Hyundai for 7 months and 7400 miles and have only been to the dealer once to get rid of a squeak in my seatbelt buckle and it has not been recalled. So, I have already had a better experience than my sister has so I believe that is already a good sign of what I can expect in the future.
    As far as expecting cars to not have ANY problems in 200K let alone 100K, what are you smoking man?? That is a ridiculous assumption and totally untrue. My mom's 92 Accord has been a very reliable car over 183,000 miles. However, there have been many repairs over that time, some leaving her stranded. Here is a list: radiator and alternator at 150K, ignition relay and igniter at 170K, water pump at 180K, AC compressor at 120K, CV axles at 180K, brake master cylinder at 180K, and the distributor failed at 80K due to a faulty bearing but my dad was able to replace the bearing even though Honda did not offer one and wanted over $300 to repair it. Granted, many of those repairs are common wear items, but the point here is that no car will be problem free over 200K miles. The distributor failure would have put the Accord in your category of junk on the basis of 1 major repair needed before 100K. As you can see, your logic with cars is very flawed. Read other forums and see for yourself that few cars are completely trouble free in their first 100K miles, regradless of what name they are sold under.
  • Good catch, i was apparently thinking about the Passport. I suppose we are all allowed a little brain freeze every now and then. The point is irrelevant however because we are not talking about the Odessey....and because i never claimed that every Honda is perfect. I generally emphasize the phrase "on average" when discussing reliability.
    I don't mind giving you one good laugh, after all, i laugh my [non-permissible content removed] off evertime i see a Hyundai owner...especially when they think their brand new car is "solid & reliable" Ha ha ha ha ha...
    You did say that you would buy a Hyundai over any other car on the market. What did that mean? You keep saying your 1 year old Hyundai is reliable. What 1 year old car isnt? A new car lasting 1 year is not a big deal, however you make it out like your Hyundai compares to Honda & Toyota. You are way out there my friend. How many times do i have to tell you that it is a new should expect it to be that way for a while.
    Out of all the award winning Honda & Toyota cars on the road you want to make fun of the Odessey? Are you that desperate? What has Hyundai done.....nothing. What's there claim to fame again?.......that's right, its the cheapest pile of metal made. Made by underpaid South Korean's. And that is Hyundai's only selling point. That company is a joke, and broke may i add. Hopefully you can put some spin on the fact that Hyundai is out of cash. Oh.....maybe you could say that all the money went into the cars....ha ha ha.
    About the mileage.....I dont expect a Hyundai owner to understand. You believe that cars are suppose to have major components replaced think all cars are like that. You just keep spending money to replace part after part thinking that everyone else is out there doing the same thing. It's just not so. Fine by me though, you keep Autozone in business...and ill keep racking up non-stop miles on my Honda.
    In my last post i tried to imply that after 100k that there should be only 1 major fix. You definitely don't know anything about maintenance. An alternator is no where near major. It take what....a whole half an hour to replace. The radiator? Your family didnt know that the antifreeze needs to be changed every 2 years? water pump at 183k? Sounds like the typical Honda part...sounds damn good to me. The CV joints would have lasted longer too if you would have replaced the rubber boots that holds in the grease that is needed. I don't consider normal wear and tear major. Also, if you or anyone thinks any car will last without good routine maintenance they are dead wrong. Sorry you mistook me about that. Please point out in my last post where i said cars are problem free for 200K, because i didn't see that in there anywhere.(guess you've been smoking something)
    If your family knows as much about maintenance as you do I'm not suprised that your Honda parts didnt last as long as they could have. But thats more owner negligence than bad parts.
    The Honda left your mom stranded? What a shocker. Used cars will break down sooner or later...hate to tell ya. But then again your car is brand new with <10k and "solid" Big deal! You'll learn eventually.
  • Thank you to everyone for their honest input, biased & unbiased. I'm kinda burnt with this site and will be leaving for a while.

    Everyone enjoy their cars and best wishes for satisfaction & reliability, no matter how new or how old your vehicle(s) may be.

  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Clarification is in order because you are making assumptions that should not be made. My Dad knows very well how to maintain a car and so do I. I have an 84 VW GTI that has over 200K miles and I do quite a bit of the maintenance myself. He does almost all the maintenance and repairs needed on all our cars. He bought a 66 Ford Fairlane GT convertible new and still owns it to this day and it has never been to a shop other than for exhaust repairs. It is still driven at least twice a week and is reliable. As far as the Honda Accord goes, he maintained that car religiously. The coolant was replaced every 2 years as directed but that didn't stop the plastic radiator from bursting while on the highway. The CV boots could have been replaced, BUT it is cheaper nowadays to just buy a whole new axle than it is to fool with the stupid boot (the labor involved). I noticed that you completely ignored the distributor failure and did not even try and justify that. Just for your knowledge, distributor failures are common on 90-93 Honda Accords, 92-93 Civics, and 92-94 Vigors. Just be glad you CRX didn't fall into that range. This repair costs $400 or more.
    As to Hyundai, what right do you have to say these things when you have never owned one nor even driven one. Yeah, back in 1990, the Excel was quite crude compared to your CRX. A lot has changed since than. The gap has narrowed quite a bit and you can't make assumptions about something you have never even driven. Lastly, I suggest you read other forums and listen to how many people complain about problems in the first year of ownership. I am happy with my car and that is all that matters. This is all pointless anyway because you obviously are one ignorant person. Enjoy your 10 year old Honda. The CRX is a nice car and it is sad that they don't make it anymore. By the way, I would be happy to show how easily my GTI would outhandle your CRX. :)
  • You started out your response so well, you touched on disputable statements and stated a few facts. Then you got to the end and acted like a 13 year old girl. What gives?
    Yes i did ignore the distributor problem intentionally because it has been a small problem for Honda. Once again though, i never stated that Honda is perfect, only that their vehicles are some of the most reliable and well built on the road. Hyundai cant say anything close to that.
    The infamous CRX is still a sharp car even for being 10 years old. People have wanted Honda to reintroduce a new CRX since then. No one is wishing Hyundai would bring back a certain model. Funny, i cant think of one halfway attractive Hyundai other than the new Sonata(sp?).
    True i have never owned a Hyundai. The closest i came was dating a girl with one. Let me think back about the car....UGLY...excessive road noise...wind noise....engine noise...trans noise. The parts were made of the cheapest materials Korea could find, and then they had a tendency to fall off. If that wasnt enough of a reason to question Hyundai, Consumers Reports has had a field day making fun of Hyundai's cars.
    Are they improved?, well any idiot knows it takes more than 7,000 miles to determine that(except you of course). I guarantee that the first Hyundai owners of the Hyundais that you admit were crap were also fooled by the first 7,000 miles into believing their cars were quality. I guess things do happen in cycles.
    Do you always get your German GTi to fight your Hyundai's battles? I noticed you didnt disagree(for a change) that my 10 year old CRX wouldnt run circles around your brand spankin new box on wheels that you spent thousands and thousands for. But for the record, bring on the GTi. The only GTi that ever impressed me had nitrous.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I didn't try to compare the Hyundai to your CRX performance wise, because I'm not stupid and am fully aware of the numbers. They are not in the same class and as such cannot be compared. The CRX is a puny and light 2 seater with 108 hp coming from a 1.6 16 valve engine. My car only has 1.5 liters with 92 horses and 12 valves. Confound the smaller output with heavier weight (due in part to superior safety in the form of dual airbags, 2 side-impact beams per door and seat-belt pretensioners) and larger size, and it doesn't take a scientist to recognize the CRX as the clear winner in performance. Also take into account your car has 14" wheels with a sport tuned suspension and mine only has 13" wheels and no performance tuning and, once again, it would be pointless to compare handling. The Accent is NOT a performance car and I purchased it fully aware of that. It is a simple economy car meant to get you from A to B reliably and with few frills. So why not try making a comparison that makes sense? The Tiburon would be a more proper comparison. Its strong 2.0 liter twin cam 140 hp motor and Porsche-tuned suspension would compare quite favorably and so would its sporty good looks. When you actually do test drive a 20 grand Sonata (hardly cheap by any means) or any other Hyundai, than you can have a little more room to talk. Get back to me when you do. As of now, your remarks are clearly outdated and have no meaning. Like I said, enjoy your 10 year old CRX and I will enjoy my Accent. This debate is getting old and is falling on deaf ears anyway.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Friends, let's continue to disagree agreeably. Thanks!

  • I'm all for a good debate, but even I can feel the tension when I read the latest messages in this forum. Ouch!!!

    Peace to all for the Holiday Season that is quickly sneaking up on us all. May you all experience warmth & good tidings this year (especially all those wonderful car enthusiats' gifts) Everyone have fun and be thankful for reliable transportation, whether seasoned or not-so-seasoned. See ya!!!
  • My other comments will be on the Hyundai Accent board if anyone cares..(sound of crickets).

    In case anyone hasn't picked up the latest 2001 Consumer Reports annual reviews, let me quote what they have to say for the Daewoo Lanos.

    ---->"About the size of the Hyundai Accent but a lot cruder, less nimble, and more cramped. The engine is a 1.6-liter four. Like other Daewoos, this car is priced competively and comes well equipped."

    Now how is that for sticking to the topic? Keith? Hall monitor? Oh, i couldn't get to the link you posted Keith. Maybe the net is too busy or something, who knows.
  • Your message details a very prominent periodical that did across-the-board reviews of used cars. I have also read that edition of Consumer Reports...a very fair assessment, especially since you also find reviews for cars costing $40K, $50K, $60K in the same edition.

    For other reviews of Daewoos done from 1998-2000, here's another link. I hope it works, the page is still coming up for me. I also tested the USA Today report link, it is still an active page.

    This site offers links to other reviews & summaries for the Daewoo Lanos. Auto reviews offer 1 person's viewpoint, just as each message on this forum offers only 1 person's opinion & feelings on a matter.

    In message # 140, in the "IMPRESSIONS" section, I stated, "my Daewoo is not a Ferrari, Mercedez-Benz, or Rolls-Royce. (ie: it doesn't have incredible acceleration, European refinement, or a hefty price tag)"

    The Daewoo Lanos is a slightly refined econobox. The Daewoo Nubira is a nice compact family hauler.
    The Daewoo Leganza offers some luxury amenities.
    Very fair assessments. Not the biggest, fastest, or best in any category. Simply good priced cars that get a person from origin to destination.

    Anyone in the market for a vehicle will draw on opinions & feedback from other people, market research, & their own personal they are treated by the dealer, the test drive, feelings from past experiences, etc.

    In the end, each person must decide what he/she likes in a car and purchase the one that "fits" them: new vs. used, domestic vs. import, compact vs. larger, extended warranties vs. "a waste of money", so on and so forth.
  • Correction for last message...slight typo... rf/001110/seo2642.html

    Sorry about that.
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