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Jeep Wrangler Maintenance and Repair Questions (1997 - 2006)



  • rbyrumrbyrum Posts: 2
    I have a 1999 Wrangler and the first time I crank it each day it runs fine until I shut it off for a short period of time, when I crank it back up and take off it starts to spit and sputter for a while. If it sits all day while I'm at work it runs fine. I have replaced the wires,plugs,cap and rotor.
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    It is likely the fuel lines are the problem. When they get very hot like they do in a engine compartment with a hot engine and little airflow, some of the fuel in the lines may vaporize causing the fuel injectors to push out fuel with pockets of vapor when you first start up. If this is the problem it should only last for a very short time and then the engine should return to normal as fresh cool fuel enters the lines. This problem may be caused by lower than normal fuel pressure. You can also try insulating the fuel lines at the top of the engine right before they go into the injectors, just don't use anything flammable.
  • I have a 1997 Jeep Wrangler and my spedometer lights at night do not turn on, as well as all my rear break/blinker lights are out as well. I was wondering what I need to do to fix the problem. Hope someone knows what to do.

  • rbyrumrbyrum Posts: 2
    It does not have to get hot, example I can crank it first time after sitting all night and drive it for less than 5 minutes, shut it off then re-crank and when I take off it statrs to spit and sputter I even hear it pop some times.
  • the problem i am having is when it is cold outside and i take off in my jeep for the frist time it hesitates and jerks until the engine warms up. it will do it somtimes when it is not cold outside but all the time when it is can somone help me i want to take it in to get fix but i like to have an idea whats wrong.
  • my problem is when i make a turn going at slows speeds i hear a whining sound coming from the back i think it is the rear end but not sure i have got the rear end rebuit at the dealer once before i just dont understand why it keeps going bad please help
  • Hey everybody, I recently got into a fight with a phone pole and am in need of a full driver side door. Anybody from New York know where I could get one without sacrificing my first born?
  • skyking49skyking49 Posts: 112
    I forgot to there a possibility that this could have been the cause of the water on the driver side floor?
  • goducks1goducks1 Posts: 432
    The auto parts section of your nearest craigslist would be the best starting point.
  • jphackjphack Posts: 2
    my 1997 wrangler 2.5 was running great....then it decided to run at max speed only!
    While on the local hiway, it suddenly in traffic, accelerated to max RPM. I have checked throttle linkage, and all of the obvious, check for codes....nothing! The throttle body butterfly is closed, and the linkage, return spring, etc. appears normal. I suspect TPS, but shouldn't it set a code? Help, Please!!!
  • jphackjphack Posts: 2
    I just changed the TPS, no difference!! It still still goes to full throttle without touching the accelerator. :confuse:
  • I have a 99 wrangler and have a problem we just can't figure out... after driving for about 20 min, and the jeep heats up, it acts like it is running out of gas and won't idle unless you take your foot off the accelerater, it almost always does it when going up a hill. If you sit and let it cool for a for a few minutes it will run again for a 1/4 mile and starts all over again. We have replaced the fuel pump, ignition coil, pickup on the distributor. It also had new plugs, wires and dist. cap and rotor button prior to this problem. We also checked the cat. converter and it wasn't plugged. Any help would be Greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • Hey I just read one of your past posts about your jeep acting up after you drove for a about ten min. Mine is a 99 and is doing the exact same thing. After about 10 minutes it acts like it is running out of gas, shut it off and cool a few min then you can go another 20 feet and it does it again. We replaced the fuel pump, ignition coil, dist. pickup, and it already had new plugs and wires. Did you find out what the problem was? I'm so sick of throwing money away, would really apprecitate any info you have.
  • Hey folks need some help. I drove my wrangler all day stoppin here and there. At one point when I went to start it, as soon as it was turning over it made this nasty noise and sounded like someone threw rocks under the hood. Then it was smooth. I went to my next stop...same thing, I checked to see if anything was loose...nothing. When I got home. I started it again, it was fine!??! Plus at one point I was driving, and the "check gage" light came on and the oil gage was bouncing from the left to the middle of the gage. Back in forth and then it stopped and didnt do it again. Is my car haunted??? Am I carzy?? Please help...

  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Check your throttle position sensor. I had identical problems once I gave my Jeep a mud bath while offroading. :) Simple $50.00 fix and you can install it yourself easily with a torx bit and socket set.

  • I tried to engage the 4wd on my jeep and the lever seemed to jam. Eventually it went up but the 4wd light did not engage and the gears seemed to spin. I also had trouble getting back into normal drive but it eventually did.

    What steps would i take to diagnose and repair this problem?
  • burntupburntup Posts: 64
    A question or two...or five...or 7.
    When you attempted to engage Four Wheel Drive was your JEEP moving or stopped?
    Do you have an automatic or an manual transmission?
    How often do you engage Four Wheel Drive?
    When you attempted to disengage was your JEEP moving?
    When was the last time the front axle was serviced?
    ...last time the front drive train was submerged?
    ...miles on JEEP?
  • 1) stopped
    3) rarely, mostly highway driving here in Germany
    4) reengaged while stopped, but moved forward a bit thinking it was in 4WD but light was out
    5) unknown, not in the last 9 months since i purchased it
    6) last time it was submerged was 5 months ago
    7)80000 miles on jeep

  • rebel99rebel99 Posts: 11
    hey yall i just bought a 2000 jeep wrangler tj and i freakin love it. it has a soft top and half doors and i was playin around with it gettin to know all the stuff and i noticed that when i take the doors off the interior light does not go off and i cannot find out how to turn it off, ive tried many things. now, i found the sensor on the door frame where when the doors pushes it in the light goes off, but how does that happen if theres no door at all?! anyways i know its a rookie question but im new to jeeps, so if i could get some feedback on my little dilema i would be more than greatful, because i love driving with the doors off. thanks in advance! :confuse:
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