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Jeep Wrangler Maintenance and Repair Questions (1997 - 2006)



  • Open up your glove box and take it out. It should just be on a strap and then easily removed. On the side of the box is a listing of your fuses. One of them is for your door sensors. I believe on my 04 it is number 7. Also I found that once you remove the fuse you still have to press the sensor to reset it and keep it from coming on again.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Actually it is Fuse #4. not sure if you have to press the sensor again, but I don't on my 97. I installed a switch that I mounted to my OBDII port that let's me deactivate the circuit easily.

  • rebel99rebel99 Posts: 11
    apreciate the help
  • mikenumikenu Posts: 2
    Has anyone had to replace their front rotors before their brake pads (50% wear). My rotors are warped at 25000 miles. And imagine this chrysler will not stand behind this.
  • rebel99rebel99 Posts: 11
    hey yall i was wondering how i would go about removing the back seats (bench seat) in my 2000 jeep wrangler. ive done all i can think of (aside from actually un bolting it and tearing the carpet up). im pretty sure they come out, my friend told me they would (although he has a 97). if yall know anything about it lemme know, thanks in advance! :confuse:
  • The shaft that goes through the two "ears" on either side of the seat should have a small clip in a groove on the end of the shaft. Pull both of these off. Then slide the seat one direction the get the shaft out of the ear, then slide it the other way to get the other end out.

    This is easier to do with the top down or off. The seat is not easy to handle by yourself, try to get someone to help.

  • i replace the blower motor and resistor checked all the fuses and still no heat i can feel a little coming out but the blower wont kick on are there anything else i can check
  • I have an 03 Sahara with a manual transmission. I bought it new and it now has 71500 miles. Recently, when it is first cranked up the clutch makes a squeaking noise and tension can be felt when it is depressed. This feeling and noise goes away after a driving awhile. Furthermore, yesterday morning it did not want to go into second gear up or down it made a scraping sound. The gears move very freely while stopped and it the second gear issue does loosen up after driving awhile. I did have the transmission fluid changed this morning but nothing changed. The hydrolic fluid is fine. I haven't abused the trans., or been missing any gears...Any ideas, clutch not disengaging properly, synchronizer? Is there a problem with these trans that comes up a lot?
  • gnetivgnetiv Posts: 2
    Well here in sunny California we finally got some rain, so guess what...time to play in the mud. Long story short, got out of the mud went home to get some quarters for the car wash. The Jeep started up fine, went to the car wash to spray the bottom out so mud won't be flying all over the place on the highway. Started the Jeep and parked it at my in-laws to get the kids. Went out to the Jeep an hour later and found that I left my lights on.

    Tried to start the Jeep and it won't fire. It turns over but won't fire. First thought is the battery is dead so tried to jump it and still won't fire. Replaced the battery with a fully charged one and it still won't fire. I have a check engine light on so I check the OBD code...P0340 Camshaft position sensor error. Disconnected the battery for about 20min, pulled the sensor blew dry it, thinking I got it wet when spraying under the Jeep. Put it back in connected the battery, cranked up the Jeep and it still won’t fire. No engine light now...ran the diag, no error code now. Replaced the camshaft sensor with a working one and still no fire.
    Reading up in other forums it looks like the Crankshaft position sensor maybe bad as well. Replaced that one and same issue. Checked fuses, relays and voltages...everything looks good. up. Fuel pump is working. Checked coil rail and I'm not getting a spark. Checked the voltage on the coil connector and I'm getting the necessary 12v but it only lasts for about a second before it disappears. This leads me to the PCM not working. Tested my PCM and it did I test it, my neighbor has a 2003 Jeep, plugged it into his jeep and it fired right up. Guess its back to the sensors. Still have a few more to tests out like the: ECT IAT MAP TPS.

    Any help would much appreciate. Not at a mechanic at all other then able to change the oil/plugs/and filters. Thanks in advance for any help!
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Key words in your post:

    1. Mud
    2. Water
    3. Rough run/won't start.

    Had problems like that too. Replaced the Throttle position sensor in 10 minutes after buying one at Autozone for 53.00. Non-issue since.

  • gnetivgnetiv Posts: 2

    That was next on the list as well. Gonna give it a shot and let u know. Thanks!
  • Hi Guys,
    I just bought another jeep wrangler after having sold my 98 wrangler a year ago...guess i couldn't live without them. Either way I'm in pretty cold weather (around 10 degrees at night) and heat is necessary. So far I haven't been impressed. I'll go outside in the morning and start her up on low for about 10 minutes, still as cold as anything...I start driving and after about 20 more minutes I can feel heat, it's just barely being pushed out amongst a lot of cold air.

    I took it back to the dealer and they ran some tests saying there was about a hundred degree difference between the core and the output which was bad, they flushed everything and said they fixed the problem. But I have yet to notice any difference. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  • I'm having the same exact problem...if you find out anything, please let me know
  • hey yall i have a 2000 xj sport, and i wanna mount a fishing rod holder to the front bumper, but im not sure where to attach it. its the factory bumper, and it has 2 baja lights on it, but its nothing spiffy and i dont know if i wanna drill into it and have the rod holder sticking out like 4 feet to the front. the link below is a picture of the exact rod holder. thanks for the help yall!">link title
  • Must be after some really huge fish there Rebel.
    Are you goin' ta use the winch to reel 'em in or just go low-lock and back up real fast? Just a thought, if your not using a winch it might be better to mount the rods on the back bumper so you have a wide selection of gears.
    Post some pics of the Big Cats later...?
  • hahaha 10-4 buddy but i dont think theyll be that big. the reason i want the rod holder is so i can drive up on the beach and leave the rods in there whithout having to hold on to em, but youre right i might wanna hook it to the back, maybe the tailgate thing. heres a pic of one of the hunkers i caught, just cause you asked!
  • I have an "06" wrangler at 10,000 miles they had to replace the rotors because they were warped. Today they had to replace them again at 19,500. Anyone else with this problem.
  • Mine acted up the day I drove it off the lot. Within a couple of weeks they replaced them but I have not had the problem since. I now have around 13,000 on it. What did they tell you was the reason for it to happen?

    2006 jeep Wrangler X
  • Well.....any takers
  • They don't have any explanation, I'm picking it up at 4:00 I'm going to talk to them some more about it I'll let you know what they have to say.
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