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Jeep Wrangler Maintenance and Repair Questions (1997 - 2006)



  • txmdbtxmdb Posts: 1
    2005 Sahara manual transmission with front end "wobble" from approx 47-51 mph. Re-balanced tires and that did not correct. I was skeptical anyway since it only happens at this one speed. Drives great up to 45-47 and when driving >51 wobble stops and drives great again. Does not matter if in 4th or 5th gear. The faster I accelerate the less it seems to do this. Slow acceleration typically returns a fairly severe wobble. If I accelerate to 50 fast and don't get the wobble I can stay at 50 without "creating" the wobble. It's definitely in the front end, not the rear. Can't determine what side or both. Any clues before I continue to "chase" this problem spending money fixing what isn't broken?
  • jt828jt828 Posts: 12
    I have rotated and re-balanced the tires so thats out, and everything under the front end is new as far as the suspention I really don't know it does have around 7"s or so on the lift so the propshaft thing sounds like a possibility. if you will read the post written the guy about the wobble in the front end it is EXACTLY THAT everything he is decribing is to the tee I'M Desperate
  • jt828jt828 Posts: 12
    I have a TJ with a bestop on it it is easier to remove the side and rear windows, unlatch the top from the latches above sun visors, untuck the top from around the top lip above driver, and passengers windows, I find it easier to open tailgate fold the top back a little at a time and tuck into the back a little at a time to make it less visible when cruising
  • t26reddt26redd Posts: 2
    Hey guys I have a 97 4.0 Automatic and anytime i accelerate harder than usual i get a rattle from under the seats where the transmission is. Any suggestions as to what it might be before I get a dealership to look at it? Also what should it cost me to get front and rear pinion seals done?
  • zizaxzizax Posts: 2
    I am the lucky owner of said vehicle and one of the NHTSA complaintants. Jeep tells me they do not know when a replacement part will come available. My Jeep is sitting dead in their lot. Terrible decision on my part. But who would have believed they'd put a PLASTIC piece in such a critical control?! On the other hand, it appears that the part was possibly exposed to excessive stress due to the clutch cylinder's improper or weak mounting into the firewall. When my clutch went out, the cylinder was bobbling loosely in the hole. Neither circumstance leaves me feeling very warm and fuzzy about Jeep. Or NEW Jeep anyway. :lemon:
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    In the rest of the world, US manufacturers have gained a reputation for 'improving' an already functioning product by seeing what they could remove or replace so that it doesn't quite explode when you use it.

    Of course this is a broad generalization, but it loks like in this case they went a little too far! :sick:
  • thaddenthadden Posts: 1
    just upgrades a rancho 4" lift kit on with with Comp springs with out spaces. When driving down a highway and shifting, vehicle seems to over steer, the rear end feels loose, almost feels like the jeep is torquing to the right.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Year, model, link to the lift kit you used? Have you re-centered the front and rear axles relative to the chassis? Have you had a re-alignment?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Hard to believe you wouldn't have those problems with a 7" lift! More details of the lift please.
  • uboat27uboat27 Posts: 3
    Any news on getting a replacement part from jeep? My jeep has been in the shop for 12 days and there are no available clutch cylinders in sight. Besides if the same part is used I beleive chance of it breaking again is high.

    Well at least I'm getting a lot of yard work done instead of running around off-road. :cry:

    On top of making payments (my first payment is due soon) I didn't "FALL" for the extra service contract and now I have to pay the rental car out of my pocket. :lemon:
  • zizaxzizax Posts: 2
    I am in the same boat, uboat! No end in site. Dealer says they do not know when the part will be available. One service guy said maybe DC was in the process of producing an improved part.

    If you want to use a joint effort to contact DC for an answer, email me at
  • jt828jt828 Posts: 12
    I wished I knew more about it, it was already in place when i got the jeep and i have had it less than 3 weeks i can tell you that the springs, shocks, stabilizers, and everything is brand new under the front end, and it is all made by Rusty's off road it is stamped on everything. Today when I had the top, and doors off I watched the left front wheel when it started happening and it looked like the wheel was warped or something it was wobbling so bad, but as i said I have rotated and balanced the tires so i know it's not a problem with them but it is happening just like the 2005 sierra in the earlier post only at slower speeds it's happening at about 30 to 35 mph's and once it gets past 40mph in 3rd gear (manual btw)it is like a dream driving, unless you hit a hard bump then it might start it again at no matter what the speed, i had it happen the other day and i was doing about 60 but i had hit a hard bump in the road. And oddly enough it seems to happen a lot less frequent when i rev up 2nd to about 3500 or 4k rpm's before changing into 3rd, it seems if i change into 3rd at a lower rpm it happens a lot more frequent, real head scratcher here :mad: :confuse:
  • Does your jeep have abs brakes?, you may have gotten air trapped in the modulator. Does your red brake lamp stay on?,if so you have tripped the combination valve. How was the brake pedal feel before your husband decided to repair the brakes? Have you tried to blank off the flex lines to see if you can get a better pedal?,this would help to narrow down the cause of the problem, does your husband have a brake bleeder pressure ball ?
    The new master cylinder can be bled on the jeep, this takes 2 people to perform this task ,this should be your starting point..... :sick:
  • I recently purchased my third Wrangler, a '99 with the 4.0L, automatic. It was used with 41,000 miles on it. I have two issues. Is there a kit for the drivers seat that can increase the room and allow it back further. I am 6'-3" and would love a little more room, no big deal if not. My other is the 4WD shifter seems to be loose and causes quite a rattle while driving. Is this a common problem that is easily fixed, or does this take fairly extensive work with the transmission?
  • I just got my front and rear pinion seals replaced and it cost $200. I went to Goodyear Gemini to get it done. I have the same rattle that I just wrote a message about, mine comes from the 4wd shifter, they told me to take it to the dealer, but I am looking for advice too.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Check with Rustys, here,to see what you actually have. Assuming everything else to be correct i.e. suspension joints, bearings, fastenings etc., you may need to rotate the front axle to increase your caster angle. You won't be able to achieve factory specs, but you should get enough to solve the wobble.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    The t/case shift lever and linkage is external to the transmission. Slide underneath and have a look to see what's loose.
  • neil8neil8 Posts: 1
    I had a condition were drive ability was to about 4000 rpm's and then it wouldn't go any farther. below 4000 seemed ok at the curb. All I noticed was my exhaust manifold had some serious cracks at welded points, I removed my exhaust manifold and had it welded up. In the process I had disconnected my battery and cleaned and charged it. After putting every thing back together I am unable to start. It cranks but doesn't seem to fire. Fuel pressure seems to be around 45 psi, I see spark at plugs. I checked codes from key switch method and received 12,42 &55. Seems that 12 is battery was disconnected from ecm, 42 Auto shut down relay ? ,55 end of codes. I hooked up a hand held scanning tool in hopes to clear them and that device tells me there are no codes? Rechecked with key method and all 3 come up. Not sure if I'm getting the right descriptions from my Haynes manual on the 42 code. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Neil
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Early '97 TJs weren't fully OBDII compliant, which might explain why your scan tool couldn't pull the codes. I'm not familiar with the early '97 codes, but obviously a faulty shutdown relay will prevent starting.
  • salemnysalemny Posts: 2
    Hello I have a 89 jeep wrangler and it has a clunk noise in the back somewhere.sounds like the jeep is gonnabreak in half. It's not in the drivetrain I don't think it only does it when the jeep shifts weight or when you pull into a parking lot or driveway. I have put new shocks on it and can't find anything else wrong with it. the leaf spings seem ok.I don't see anything broke or loose the body mounts look ok .I can't figure it out. I need help.I don't even want to drive it like this. Sounds scary!! :confuse:
    please any advise you might have I would be greatfull..
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