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Music on DVD

What advise or experience does anyone have on burning mp3 music onto DVD for the 07+ MDX. I have an 2009 and burned music from my computer using roxio onto DVD+rw and it seems to work but it does ocassionally not recognize the format, says "bad disc" and ejects. Is there a limit to how much data, songs or folders I should use?


  • I just burned 3 DVD-R discs (verbatim) with about 4GB of MP3 songs on each disc, multiple folders, and oddly named titles and so far, all 3 have worked fine in the car though I have to admit, it was quite hard figuring out how to change between folders intially.

    My memory is somewhat failing me now but I kind of remember reading years back that some dvd players don't like reading DVD-RWs as much for video since the dyes are different, so one might suppose the same could be said for audio? I do a lot of video burning and used to tell a difference with the quality of the DVD-Rs when playing back on dvd players. Not sure what other brand names are considered quality anymore since I've been exclusively using Verbatim for the last 3-4 years but I used to use TDK until reading Verbatim had better quality control. Think also where the DVD-Rs are made also had a factor in their quality though I'm not sure which countries to stay away from. I think mine were made in Japan.

    Also, I am using Nero burning rom and burning at 16x speed.
  • hello... can someone tell me how i can conect my ipod to my acura tl 2007????, but i dont want to conect it by the aux output.. i want to be able to changes songs from the navigation screen and to wacth videos..
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