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Toyota Tundra Transmission Problems



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Sounds as if you're using 4WD when you shouldn't be. You have a "PART-TIME" 4WD system that should NEVER be engaged except on a KNOWN slippery, low-traction surface.

    Also, even on a low traction surface you should disengage 4WD once underway, traveling above ~20-25 MPH.

    Since 4X4 mode "4WD low", uses a spline/dog type clutch so it will often be difficult to engage, trying rolling slowly, VERY slowly, backward while shifting into 4X4 mode.
  • drevsdrevs Posts: 4
    You should be flushing it, there's a lot of fluid that stays in your tranny so when you just exchange the fluid in the oil pan your not getting much of the oil, you should also change the filter.
  • I have the same issue with my 2000 Tundra....Did you ever find out what the problem was??
  • I have a 2000 Tundra with a 6 cyl. engine and automatic transmission. The transmission seems to go into neutral while stopped and then hesitates to go back to first gear when I hit the accelerator. Now I can't get the transmission engaged at all, even though the gear selector moves. The truck has 133,000 miles and has been serviced.

    Any ideas?
  • trav16trav16 Posts: 1
    When he battery died it killed the power to the soliniod and your hubs stopped trying to lock themselves. the button was still in the 4wd position and when you fired it back up to move he next day they slipped into position. I have a 94 s10 blazer and if I don't keep up maintenance on the 4wd actuator it seizes up every winter. I have to punk he battery let it sit for 5 mins then re-try it. if that doesn't work I have to pull the battery and move the cable.manually a few times to free it up. good YouTube video on it.... Nothing beats the good ol 4wd stick on the floor....
  • have similar problem 4lo/vcs flashing goes into reverse and park and neutral but won't engage in drive in either regular drive mode or you shift mode. I've taken the upper plenum off mouse nest was present but no wires hurt. looked at shifter took apart shifter ok transmission won't go into drive? very puzzling any suggestions?
  • Even though there are no wires visibly hurt, the wiring harness P/N 82219-0c020 was replaced at the dealers and the damage only became obvious when I looked at the harness which was removed.

    The fact that the transmission will not go into drive, indicates that there may be mechanical damage as well (can't understand what that might be).

    If it is possible, take it to the dealer and have them use their diagnostic equipment to examine the problem. The fact that it is a mouse nest, means that the damage can be covered by your homeowners insurance. The dealer charges are quite expensive but in this case, D.I.Y. is not a good idea,and Homeowners should cover all parts and labor, which in my case exceeded $700.00.
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