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2010-2011 Buick LaCrosse



  • kjs8kjs8 Posts: 53
    I agree with your question for Mariah... Please add one for me, how long are we going to have to wait for a fix for the memory seats? It's a basic option that functions normally on many GM cars, why is it taking so long?
  • asctonyasctony Posts: 46
    I totally agree that GM/Buick is really falling down on the support. TOO busy dreaming up ideas on what to call a CHEVY! LOL
    What about the wheel locks for the LaCrosse CXS 2010? I have been waiting since October 2009 to get a resolution on this one. Small minor things are the things that people get discussed about.
    GM - quit changing management and just let them do their jobs.
  • 1ststate1ststate Posts: 9
    Please put me on the list as having "runaway seats" too.............
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,415
    Looks like a win for GM too, with a net increase among the two models of about 15,000 units in that Jan-May period. CTS is older than the Lacrosse, so it is natural that there will be a leveling off for Cadillac. Also keep in mind, they are still pushing more CTS's than Lincoln can manage with the MKS. Plus, the Caddy gives consumers the choice of a rear drive sedan that can really handle. The Lacrosse appeals to more sedate drivers--which is admittedly the majority, but I admire GM for offering a dedicated rear drive platform in the CTS range.
  • cooterbfdcooterbfd Posts: 2,770
    ".....LaCrosse because of their ultra soft suspension and boring/sloppy handling and driving characteristics,"

    You OBVIOUSLY haven't driven the new Lacrosse. The suspension is FAR from ultra soft, and it takes corners firm and true. Nothing like the Ultra that I replaced it with.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    edited June 2010
    Actually, I have driven it and it does, I'm sorry man, but is far from being a true Infiniti, Audi, and BMW competitor in regards to sporty characteristics and handling!

    Its constantly compared to the ES350 in reviews, etc by the car mags and online car sites because of its soft suspension and mediocre handling, just like the ES has! Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say there is anything wrong with that, its just not my cup of tea for driving and ride characteristics but for others, it is exactly what they are looking for so more power to them!

    Now I haven't test drive a Regal, but so far it sounds like that is going to be an entirely different animal to the LaCrosse in regards to ride, handling, and sporty nature.
  • cooterbfdcooterbfd Posts: 2,770
    Well, the Audi, BMW and Infiniti are what I'd consider Sport/Luxury. Sport being their primary function. Even My CXS Lacrosse is a Luxury/Sport, with luxury as the primary function. Believe me It is far from the "couch on wheels" that the ES is. And the car is planted in the corners. Rock solid. It's slower times can be attributed to the 2.77 final drive ratio as well as the 4000 pounds.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    well have to agree to disagree :P ;)
  • burnrubburnrub Posts: 7
    i own a 2010 cxs and think it handles superbly.

    i'd say it feels closer to german suspension than it does to the boats of yore. prior to the cxs, i was driving a 2007 BMW 335i. that car handled great, but it would get squirrly every time i took a corner fast and hit the slightest bump. the car would get airborne and i'd be lucky not to over-correct the steering and crash into something. don't get me wrong, the 335 handled like it was on rails, but i just didn't like to have to white knuckle the steering wheel every time i drove it agressively.

    by comparison, the cxs handles very true and stays much more compliant through corners. when i hit a bump in the road on the cxs, it continues in the orginal direction and stays straight. i can drive windy roads in the cxs witrh one hand, whereas the unpredictablity of the 335 required two hands at all times.

    all this said, the 335 is clearly the the sportier handling car. but it was nowhere near as luxurious. and for a big girl, the cxs dances next to the 335 rather admirably (and i think probably even better).

    also, i don't know anyone that would think the cxs feels floaty when driven in sport mode. switch the cxs to sport mode and the electronic suspension tightens up and road feedback really comes alive .

    i guess it all comes down to personal preference.
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    Those cars are great on perfect road conditions, but trust me when I tell you that perfect roads don't exist in Western PA. Most of our turns are riddled with pot holes, cracks, and bumps. Got to have some compromise between stiff ride and dampening in order to survive in one piece (and with all of your fillings still in place).
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,160
    Dear Mariah GM Customer Service,

    I ordered a Lacrosse CXS four weeks ago and I am yet to receive an acknowledgment from the dealer. Not even a phone call or an email from the salesman to stroke my ego or to say thanks. Frustrated by their non-responsiveness I have been to the dealership three times, and the answer is always the same. They have no information on a VIN or a build date. What makes the situation so irritating is that there are so few Buick dealerships in my area. There was one only 3 miles away but GM shut them down and the next closest one is 17 miles away. Besides, I want to sell my Avalon to a private buyer for $3,000 more than I would receive as a trade-in but it appears she cannot wait much longer.

    With such a desirable automobile and so little competition that dealership is taking advantage of my eagerness and is treating me like a lump of protoplasm.

    For those who ordered their Lacrosse, how long did you have to wait and what progress reports did you receive while you wait?
  • kjs8kjs8 Posts: 53
    edited June 2010
    My order took 18 weeks and the dealer could not tell me anything until he got the shipping invoice from the transport company a few days before delivery. I had him contact everybody including his zone rep and nobody had answers. It's not the dealers fault totally, it's lack of info from GM. I bought a loaded CXS and I love the car but the quality issues, No memory seats that work, Intermittent rearview camera, bluetooth issues, door panel to dash fit issues, all with no response from GM on solutions, and my dealer is the best I've experienced. I'm beginning to think I made a mistake.
  • dslongdslong Posts: 10
    Reading the messages on this board is both helpful and depressing at the same time. I am having many of the same little problems experienced by others. Memory seat not working, blue-tooth may or may not work, same for the back-up camera. Seat issue from way back (seat is not level) which I thought had been fixed is not. Service writer told me it was designed that way for ease of exit.( what an idiot). I'm sure I'm going to have to pay some independent shop to fix it, the only thing stopping me is concerns about warranty matters when the power seats or the power lumbar stops working and they (GM) wants to blame it on the independent shop. I'm truly at a crossroad, do I take the thousands of dollar loss trading this thing in or learn to live with all the gremlins. Maybe I should do some extensive warranty research and see if Ibuprofen is covered. Because driving this car any distance causes back pain. I freely admit, this purchase was a mistake.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    That is not good. I've been looking since beginning of year and have not yet found the exact one I want. Well I did via the chat finally having their equipment fully up and that was about 3 weeks ago, but it was located in Kansas. It seems that is too far away for area dealers to work with. I'm on the east coast.
    And to make matters worse, pulling the window sticker for a vehicle is no longer helpful. Several weeks back they stopped listing the added options and you only get the price of the options. This sucks.
    And there also seems to be a major shift to the brown interior, at least on those in stock. I've learned that is not the color I want. It is in my Malibu and coincides with some info I ran across a few years back. And that is that brown absorbs more heat than any other color. With the ac doing the best it can, you still feel the heat coming off that dark brown dash as if you were next to a hot fire. This might be desirable for colder climates, but here in the south I'd stay away from the brown. It does seem to be popular likely because it is a change from the oft used grays. With the limited interior choices I will have to go with the gray.
    It seems the only way to get what I want is order and from what you say the 2011 will be in production by then unless they cancel the summer shutdown.
  • nceencee Posts: 419
    car, but not there yet. VERY close, but still not a Lexus or Toyota in my opinion anyways.

    I've driven both, and would gladly have purchase a Lacrosse for it's looks alone, but I drive a car, not look at it, and based on test drives, I purchased an Avalon (which I might add, I'm not totally pleased with, just the best of the cars I test drove, in the budget I was working with.

    I think in the future, I'll look at only off-lease cars or 1, 2 year old trade-ins, and get more car for my buck. This opens a whole new window of choices as well.

  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,160
    edited June 2010
    My order took 18 weeks and the dealer could not tell me anything until he got the shipping invoice from the transport company a few days before delivery.

    Wow! 18 months and with so many Gremlins to boot. Reminds me of the old addage, never have I waited so long for so little. Nonethelss, I was hoping to take delivery before my birthday in mid July but it does not look likely. And this is the same GM that wants to go ahead with an IPO. If they continue with business as usual it won't be long before they show up at the fed window for yet more money.
  • kplacerkplacer Posts: 94
    Maybe I'm wrong -- but I suspect there are more than a few trolls in this discussion.
  • poodog13poodog13 Posts: 320
    Had it on order for 18 months, huh? Was this car even being built 18 months ago? Were they even taking orders back then? I'm sorry, but I have trouble believing that someone placed an order on a car that wasn't even available yet.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,160
    Oops! my bad. I meant to say 18 weeks, NOT 18 months.

    By the way, yesterday I saw up close, a brand new Lacrosse CXS in a hotel parking lot, dressed in the moca steel color that I ordered, and man I almost had an orgasmic experience.
    By any objective standard this is a nice looking car and I can't wait for mine to be delivered.
  • johnh7johnh7 Posts: 67
    I waited 12 weeks and took delivery at the end of March, so the wait may not be as bad as 18 weeks. I heard at the time that one of the production hold ups involved having enough available sunroofs. At any rate - you are in that black hole and your expectation is that you might get some info when the car is shipped from the factory but not much before. The dealer has no info and probably won't until that time.

    I have the mocca steel as well and the color is not at all as it appears on the Buick website. It's very beautiful. I also haven't experienced any of the technical problems others have referenced on this site. I don't doubt them - but my seats aren't misaligned, the left and right front door panels are perfectly square to the dash, my bluetooth works perfectly and, while there is definitely some hesitation with accelerating at highway speeds, the delay is not a second; rather, some fraction of a second, which is not much of a concern once you develop a feel for the car. Now - I have a CXL so it's possible some of these "gremlins" people are complaining about are unique to the CXS. Or maybe I just got lucky.
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