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2010-2011 Buick LaCrosse



  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,055
    Congratulations John and welcome to the growing list of happy and satisfied Lacrosse owners. Enjoy all the technology toys and the ride. By the way, did you get a one year OnStar trial subscription? If not, call customer service they may extend it to one year as they did for me.
  • I had my On Star months remaining transferred to my Lacrosse ( finally got the spelling right!), along with XM radio months remaining. As per a reply to my earlier post, I hope people give the Lacrosse a close look when comparing to other choices. As far as perception and what is fashionable- the same can be said about the Chevy Malibu, which I compared to the Accord and Camry before purchasing a new 2010 Malibu last year for one of my kids. The problem is that for so many years, consumers have given up on American made cars, and perception and what is fashionable is difficult to overcome. I am very happy to see the increased sales of the Lacrosse. I have owned Buick LeSabres before and personally liked the ride and quality, even though the "experts" said it rode like a boat. If so, I was a happy customer! Long live the Buick Lacrosse!
  • We agree with the comments on the new Lacrosse. Our 2010 is a great change from previous GM models, i.e. Cadillac Deville, 2 Pontiac Bonnevilles and 1 Grand Prix, Buick Lesabres, we have owned. The 2010 Lacrosse is more European in design with the DOHC aluminum direct injected V-6 engine, 6-speed transmission, H-arm suspension, large door access, fold down rear seats and other features.
    The driveability is also much improved to us. Smooth, quiet and efficient with 29 mpg on the hiway at 75 mph. Safety, convenience and hi-tech features are at a level with any available model even near the selling price.
    Only remaining factor is the long term quality that places like Consumers Reports will report on down the road. The basic components are tried and tested on previous models but the overall model will report on itself over time.
    Great car so far after 2300 miles!
  • One of the problems I think GM has had is not getting enough of these popular models to the dealers fast enough. The LaCrosse is a prime example- I know several Buick dealers that could sell many more of these but have their hands tied because these cars are almost siphoned off to dealers. The Cadillac SRX is another example that I experienced. It seems to me that these popular models should be a priority and let dealers order as many as they can sell- not have a quota of how many they can order. I am not part of the Jet Set with getting into speed or anything but I went on a very windy road today and was impressed with how my LaCrosse handled the curves. GM hit a homerun on this model- now get more out to the dealers!
  • That should be winding road, not windy road from Post # 797!
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,055
    edited September 2010
    john178 wrote:
    As far as perception and what is fashionable- the same can be said about the Chevy Malibu, which I compared to the Accord and Camry before purchasing a new 2010 Malibu last year for one of my kids.

    I originally posted this in the Malibu forum today but hope it is not out of place here.

    John, like you I believed in the Malibu until this happened:

    "Just as we started having problems with the electric power steering in our 2008 Malibu about three weeks ago we received a recall notice from GM. On Monday it died and the car was rendered undriveable.

    So for three days they've been working on replacing the electric power steering motor. First, they did not have the part on hand, and now, the fix is such a big job they have to remove the console. I asked the service manager if they had the proper tools to do the job. He said yes and promises there will be no squeaks and rattles when the job is done.

    Up this point the Malibu was bullet proof and we bragged about its quality and reliability incessantly. Now, I am not quite so sure. Nonetheless, I hope they extend the warranty on this new electric power steering motor because I would hate to have to replace it in two years time down the road.

    With the rash of problems involving the electric power steering in the Cobalt and now the Malibu I hope GM reverts back to the hydraulic power steering set-up."

  • Wow! You are right- this should not have happened to a 2008 Malibu. I traded in a 2010 Malibu with 20,000 miles on it for the LaCrosse. I actually had a new 2006 Cadillac DTS that I traded in on the Malibu- I wanted something smaller with better gas mileage ( on the highway was getting 37 MPG on Malibu). I never had one problem with this car, as the other 2010 Malibu in our household has never had one issue either. From other Malibu owners I know, quality seems to be one of the strong suits for the car, so I'm assuming what happened to you was the exception rather than the rule. The LaCrosse I now have gives me a ride nearly as comfortable as my DTS, and the handling of the car has been quite impressive. The MPG won't come close to the Malibu, but I was ready for a slightly larger car. And yes, being addicted to new cars is one of my vices!
  • Lacrosse outsold TL, ES350 and Avalon yet again last month. It also outsold the Taurus by a small margin. Considering where Buick was 2-3 years ago this is impressive to say the least. When the Lacrosse came out some were questioning if Buick should even be mentioning Lexus in ads as if there was no way people would take such a comparison seriously. I don't think anyone thinks like that today, especially not Lexus considering the ES has been outsold by the Buick for the year.
  • Using cruise control at no more than 76 mph and driving stretches at 72 as well, my 2010 CXS with Touring package got me 24.5 mpg on a 68 degree day. It was tolerable but I was hoping for a couple of miles more. Are you in a CXS with the larger V6?
  • My 2011 LaCrosse is the 3.6L, V6, and is a CXL model. Even though the MPG you are getting is disappointing, with the larger V6 I didn't plan on getting much better gas mileage. I guess something has to sacrifice, and so far have been totally satisfied with the car.
  • Rainman: We have 2200 miles on 2010 CXL with 3.0 L V-6 and on first 1500 mile trip we averaged 29 MPG at 70-80 mph all highway. My opinion is that the final drive ratio is the key to hiway MPG. Our window sticker showed 2.77 final drive which is what we had on older Bonneville that got 30+ at same speed and had same exact final drive. Cadillacs and certain other "performance" cars use much higher ratio in mid or high 3.xx ratios. Result is much higher RPM at hiway speed.
    Check your RPM's and final drive ratio. Ours runs below 2000 rpm at 70 which is the key to higher mleage IMO. Only one guys view but seems to explain results.
    good luck
  • Thanks for the reply. My car also has the 2.77 axle and revs are very low at highway speed.
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    I too am addicted to cars. Is there any help for us once the cash flow gets low? lol
  • nace818nace818 Posts: 140
    I don't know what my final drive ratio is, but I have a Lucerne with a Northstar V8 and constantly get 28 mpg on the highway. With cruise set at 70 I'm doing about 1750-1800 rpm. Even with only a 4-speed tranny, I think this is pretty good.
  • I find the front headrests of 2010 LaCrosse rather uncomfortable. They are positioned far too forward. I took my car to a local dealer and complained about that and was told that the headrests are safety equipments and, therefore, should not be adjusted. I saw somewhere in internet that the headrests can be rotated but could not find how that can be done. Does anyone have any practical solution to this nagging problem? Many thanks in advance.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,055
    edited September 2010
    Well guys I've hit the sweet spot with my Lacrosse but am I paying a fuel penalty for the privilege?
    Last week I started driving in the manual mode. I love the ride and handling but not necessarily the constant gear shifting. So I decided to try the Sport Mode and voila...driving nirvana. The car handles great and the steering and ride are perfect: not too soft or not too taut.

    All I can say is Wow! as I drive the streets of New England with a big grin on my face. But I am beginning to believe my mileage is worst than in Sport Mode than in the Touring mode. Could it be that I am unconsciously driving more aggressively or does the Sport mode inherently use more gas? Your thoughts and experiences are appreciated.

  • I would say that is very good. I had a 96 Aurora and loved it except the mileage was not that good, especially around town. It intrigued me when I heard they were putting Aurora engine in Lucerne. I know the last ones had 4.6 but not sure about earlier ones. Was it 4.6 from the start or were the early ones using the 4.0, down-stroked version. The very first Aurora off the production had 4.6 as a prototype. Cadillac stuck with its old ways of not wanting big engine available in other vehicles so the Aurora was limited to the 4.0. Not as much torque for acceleration. Pretty much the same result as 68 Camaro RS that came with 302. It was a down-stroked 327.
    The compression in those Classic body Aurora, at least on the 96, was around 10.5 and anything over 10 pretty much says premium fuel. I know that requirement was done away with on later Aurora engines. I know some that used regular in early engines and got away with it. The knock sensors were good enough that you could do it without getting ping, but power was lower because of the retarded spark. I wonder if there were other effects that occured because of running a high compresion engine in that state.
    Did they lower the compression to remove the premium requirement?
    Or possibly go to direct injection?
    Does yours require premium? Have you tried it and noticed the difference between regular and premium?
    What do you see with heavy local/city traffic?
    With a lot of stop and go, I'd be around 16, but lighter traffic and taking advantage of driving the lights I'd get in the 18-19 range. The Aurora body was quite heavy. No thin steel panels on it and a fantastic suspension system for its time.
  • Attractive is window dressing and it can wear as quick as that new dress your wife bought and a year later still hanging in the closet with the tags on.
    Quality is a lasting impression and more likely to create repeat buyers. I would have to give that to Ford when compared to other Detroit.
    Perception is what it is. Sometimes reality.
    I know someone at KIA. Before the Toyota blow-up, they circulated internally to be on the watch for government influence. Can you think of a better way to prop up ailing Detroit than destroying competition sales?
    I'm not saying Toyota problem did not exist, but news media went after it like a politician they did not back.
    Either way, it is a chance for GM to shine or be Titanic.
    I'm not sure of overall picture, but key fobs that fail for a specific reason, at least 15 years running, is definitely showing a problem.
  • Boats ride many ways depending upon hull design and water conditions. I rode in a light weight one time with a mild chop and I felt every little ripple, like riding down railroad ties. I do not like those cheap tight sporty suspensions that feel like that.
  • Try having it suddenly decide to steer to the right. Intermittant so it means replacing every part related to EPS, like that is going to happen. And not the only issue with 09 LT2 4 cylinder.
    Lots of little things that speak to quality of design and build.
    Only one year old and dash is warping in the middle. Usually I drive alone, no load, and recently the back end has started with a bounciness on some roads as if the shocks are not working.
    These are just new items that I could add to a long list if you've seen my prior complaint list.
    BTW, I have not yet seen the recall on this vehicle, but son-in-law got one for his. He had gotten rid of it about 6 weeks earlier.
    This is one of those perception things that GM needs to work on. Too many years pass before fixes are done and when they do a major redesign they build the same mistakes in as previously done.
    Example: Early Auroras (95 & up) discovered a problem that was eating electronic components including things such as ABS/TCS computer and controls. The problem was tracked to the radiator cooling fans circuit. As the relays turned them on and off, voltage spikes were sent down the wiring which could damage electronic components, shortening life, or kill them. The fix, add a short jumper harness which included a dampening diode at the fan harness disconnect.
    Surprise, same issue with some 09 Malibu according to TSB. Guess what, the same exact fix. That is 14 years of stupid.
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