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2010-2011 Buick LaCrosse



  • cooleyddcooleydd Posts: 105
    I notice the same thing when I go faster on the freeways. However on the city streets it is light. It seems to be built into the car for higher speeds to hold the car in its lane. Does this make sense.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    cooleys comment after your post explians the electric steering system operation. My understanding is that it "helps" less at greater speed and is more assisting in town due to lower speed requiring more feedback. It would also make sense that if it acted up it would be more noticeable at slower speeds in town than on the highway as cooley commented on.
  • bk4502bk4502 Posts: 1
    Help! I've been trying since Monday to change my clock one hour ahead to daylight savings time. But when I restart car, the time has not changed. So last night when I pulled into the garage, I pulled out my manual and followed the instructions (using the "select" button). This morning, I started the car and the time is right back where I started last night. What am I doing wrong?
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    You nailed it. It is the magna-steer which many seem to confuse with power steering.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    I am glad to hear your issues have been resolved. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to email me.
    GM Customer Service
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,163
    erider, what is magna-steer, is it the same as Servotronic?

    According to, Servotronic offers true speed-dependent power steering, in which the amount f servo assist depends on road speed, and thus provides even more comfort for the driver. The amount of power assist is greatest at low speeds, for example when parking the car. The greater assist makes it easier to maneuver the car. At higher speeds, an electronic sensing system gradually reduces the level of power assist. In this way, the driver can control the car even more precisely than with conventional power steering. Servotronic is used by a number of automakers, including Audi, General Motors, BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo, SEAT and Porsche. Servotronic is a trademark of AM General Corp.

    Read more:
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I don't know how Servotronic is implemented but it sounds like a definite no.
    Magnasteer is completely electric and seems to operate opposite to GM EPS although the mechanical parts are located in the same area of steering column. Magnasteer is similar in that it is like a electric motor with the armature as part of the steering column shaft and a surrounding coil/winding of motor. The EPS provides assist with a number of sensors and computer input to determine the proper amount. The Magnasteer adds resistance to the steering effort the faster you go, adding stability to steering. It uses the speed sensor from tranny and computer to calculate the amount of added resistance. The only prior vehicle I know to use Magnasteer was the Olds Aurora '95 & up. Probably in some Cadillacs I'd guess. Late 80's Town car had a way to adjust the amount of resistance. I only know the bits from my experience and diagrams for the Aurora. If you are having the feeling of weak power steering, it could certainly be any of the major components. Something may have failed that the computer is applieing too much power to Magnasteer which should be easily testable if the computer has not set internal code already. You may just have a weak power rack and pinion. You may have a weak pump or internal pressure regulators stuck open.
  • bobbob2bobbob2 Posts: 28
    Any pros or cons on this option which is: BlindSide Alert, articulating headlites & head up display[mph,etc displayed on driver's windshield]?
  • gberpagberpa Posts: 44
    I don't see any cons, now just pros. It is a worthwhile package. The Blind-side alert has been a real plus given the limited rear window visibility from the high rear deck design. The articulating HID headlamps work very well. I find the heads up display useful but somewhat redundant with the DIC and my NAV. However, the NAV mode of the HID does give you very exact distance indicators/turn icon features to supplement the NAV screen and voice alerts. The HID is something I've had and liked on my late 90s Grand Prix.

    Future headlamp replacement cost might be one "con", but the superior nighttime visibility is well worth it to me.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I like them very much. I see no aid as to rear deck, but it will alert to things you might not catch with a quick glance, afterall the idea is to keep your eyes on the road ahead. I often close sunscreen at night because of headlights behind and tilt outside mirrors down just far enough to not get bright reflected headlights. The system still alerts. The HUD might seem redundant but the most comfortable position of steering wheel blocks the gauges, for me. You do have a choice of 3 screens for the HUD. I use the one with speed and tach and wish the tach was a little larger. It has directional signals displayed which seems a waste of screen space. If using NAV, and it is accurate, it shows a very nice cue to your next turn point, again not having to take eyes off road.
    As to the articulating HID, I guess the articulating helps. And maybe because they articulate with the HID they seem to have less stray light offending oncoming traffic. They seem to really put the light where you need it. They claim good for cornering but they must be talking about country road driving. I see no benefit for low speed cornering and miss cornering lamps, especially for these expensive low profile tires. I don't want to hit any hazards, however I find the so-called fog lamps beneficial in areas of 35MPH or less or for cornering then. It is a large round button that turns on with a tap, easy to find without looking. These lights will bring light in close and a bit wider for looking for those obstacles.
  • cooleyddcooleydd Posts: 105
    I was using the Nav yesterday going to a place I had never been before and all of a sudden it stopped working. I could not change radio, no voice instructions, none of the buttons seemed to work (didn't try air, etc.) The radio stayed on at the chosen station. All of the lights were on, the nav screen was on and frozen. I could not shut anything down or find anyway to reboot while driving.

    I had to pull off the road, stop the engine and restart and this cleared the system. Anyone have this experience before and anyone know how to reset the system while driving.
  • cooleyddcooleydd Posts: 105
    edited March 2011
    Above the indicator on the dash board that tells you what gear you are on there is a little line that moves back and forth. Can someone enlightened me as to what this little line indicates?
  • cooleyddcooleydd Posts: 105
    Found this in GM TechLink - thought there was some conversations on this lately.


    2010-2011 LaCrosse – Clunk or Scrape Type Noise from Rear of Vehicle

    Replace left and right rear spring seat insulator with new part number Replace rear coil springs and control arms
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Sorry GM, this is not it, but maybe 2nd.
    Vehicles previously owned:
    62 Buick Skylark convertible (terrible engine, maybe GM first aluminum)
    68 Mustang Hi-Perf (Getty up go with rattles)
    73 Mazda rotary (very reliable smooth ride w/power, sucked gas)
    65 Chevelle (married into it and it was totally worn out)
    74 Lasabre(sort of a nice big ride feel, poor handling. Used, abused, & old QuakerState)
    73 TownCar(big floating barge, learned the odometer was probably played with, other areas solid & clean, poor mileage)
    74 Grand Marquis(a lemon, factory mistake would through it sideways skid with moderate braking, maybe 6 months ownership)
    79 Pontiac Bonneville(good ride, very durable. Olds 307 engine was tough. Sold to son-in-law who blew tranny. Floored from stop, uphill, over 3000# behind it. 154K then.
    84 Mercury Topaz "diesel", Mazda drivetrain(a number of first year mistakes, Ford not Mazda. Great small family & work car. Surprisingly quiet and well mannered. {Surprisingly heavy, solid, bit underpowered, =diesel} 38MPG everyday, 48 highway. Kept longer than any other vehicle.
    88 Mercury Sable, high end(very heavy compared to later versions, almost a tank. Likely quieter too. Good mileage and ride. 3.0L before 24valve very hard to kill. Other issues common to this family of family vehicles. Gave to daughter.
    8? Buick Skyhawk(think cheap Chevrolet, motorized rollerskate. Kid first car, totalled)
    86? Pontiac Parisienne(acquired minor front damage and resurrected from being mechaniced to near death. Good ride & MPG for size. Another shining example of Olds 307. Very stable with proper tires and OE swaybar. Rearended by 50MPH Bronco. Jammed doors & buckled roof but no injuries with 5 passengers.
    92 Ford Taurus(so much lighter than earlier body w/ same tweaked 3.0L, seemed like a rocket compared. Good mileage, reliable, good handling, but noisy compared to many vehicles. Gave to youngest daughter, then someone totalled it)

    93 Buick Regal(very good MPG, 3.1L, the one plagued with intake coolant issues. Rode OK with Michelins but thinking back I'd say it was just bigger version of the Skyhawk. Gave to daughter after Taurus totalled. Actually swapped it for 96 Aurora, her replacement, but unsafe with condition at that time. She dumped after intake coolant/overheating issues arose again.
    97Sable wagon(not bad for a wagon as to handling, 3 seats. Far better than Buick Roadmaster which I swear swims up the road[may not have had swaybar] & 70's Chrysler Newport with U-haul behind. Still a noisy vehicle despite triple seals, with weak metal framing of windows. Cheap wiring. Still it was an economical ride with evertough 3.0L 12V. Tranny killed by Jiffy. They dropped pan and did not refill when they tried to sell change to wife. Did not catch it in time.
    KIA Rondo, wife bought, she loves, I hate for handling & torque steer. No alignment adjustments other than toe. Camber out of tolerance on three wheels and bad castor on both front. Now 60K and nothing but oil, rotate&balance. Almost amazing!

    For ride and handling, 96 Olds Aurora wins hands down. Something about the suspension system, very different design, was auto direction correcting against road surface deviations, wind bursts, or passing tractors. Far less side sway when encountering road variations. Much of this can be eliminated on Lacrosse by engaging sport mode but then the ride can be harsher/stiffer.
    As mentioned earlier, I resurrected this vehicle. Daughters friend sold it to her. Had been wrecked on front shown by bad panel alignment, paint damage on bumper, & a dirty repaint. First time I got in the tilt mechanism broke and wheel fell into lap. Tires were of mixed sizes and brands, all too small. Miswiring of cooling system. Brakes totally shot, grabbing, and wet with fluid. After fixing these issues, changing/flushing all fluids, new tires and alignment, I found what a sweet car it was. High powered for its birth time. 19MPG local 27MPG@75MPH, 28@70MPH, very quiet for a hardtop, Excellent soundsystem, controls on steering, dual air, heated/memory seats & mirrors, load leveling, cornering lamps. Excellent non-fatigueing leather seats. Traction & ESC. Only the latest gadgets missing. Absolutely no torque steer. The only ride I'd compare to is rented TownCars from 90's that you could drive all day & have no fatique or soreness, anywhere! It obviously did not have that huge platform handling, a bit sportier.
    Two solenoids in tranny were failing and on my a-roun-to-it list. Daughter & wife talked me into cash for clunker, which was not really a good deal. Discounts offered earlier would have been better deal. Hated idea of payments too, but bought 09 Malibu.
    09 Malibu LT2, I4 AT6 (quite surprising for what had been a somewhat lowend chevrolet. A very nice ride for size of car and excellent mileage. Suede leather, heated, very firm seats. Fit me almost perfectly for minimum ache/pain & fatigue on long drives. I4 not overpowered, but plenty for loaded car combined w/AT6. Far faster than AT4 version. And surprising quiet with new acoustic glass. Maybe even less road noise than Lacrosse w/ GYtires. Some surfaces sound like driving rumble strips. That is Firestones may have been quieter, but horrible traction on wet and easy to slide sideways. Something is wrong when you easily spin tires from stop when making turn and moderate acceleration from I4. A trim panel missing from factory. Plastic and metal paint did not match, gold. Terrible headrests, even worse on Lacrosse. Speed sensitive wipers missing from Lacrosse. Storage better than Lacrosse. Electric seats without memory are a pain because it is near impossible to return to the last position. Manual seats sit a lot lower, maybe because of seat mechanism, but the seat itself is superior to the mechanical cloth. Experience from in-shop loaners/Enterprise rent. I definitely would not want poorly supported cloth or AT4. Other items were somewhat vague or hard to figure because those vehicles would have been un-rentable through their normal customers, think rent-a-wreck totally abused & neglected.
    Title continued,
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,163
    e-rider, it seems although Magnasteer and Servotronic are the same thing.

    According to the link you provided it describes Magnasteer as follows:
    Magnasteer is an electronic device added to conventional power rack and pinion steering to vary the amount of e ff ort required to steer the car, dependent on vehicle speed. At low speeds, steering effort is lower, for ease in parking. As speed increases, steering effort is increased, for greater road feel. Additionally, on some models, evasive steering maneuvers also affect steering effort.

  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Besides some annoyances that corrected themselves such as sticking calipers, vibrations that came & went seemingly connected to breaking in CV joints, and above mentioned, there were the following. The steering wheel felt a bit small for the broad shouldered, the rim was not round/tubular and had high points the full diameter that created pressure points against my hands joints. Very painful for me but mostly overcome with lined leather gloves even in summer. These rake designs I hate compared to real tilt which will actually get out of way entering or exiting. Lacrosse should have used Lucernne tilt. Tilt much easier to return to previous position too. I'm certain I've left out some minor things.
    Dangerous concerns: I was exiting dealer with right turn & merge when rear started sliding sideways like on ice. Fortunately I have experience and did all the correct things to avoid sliding sideways against very high curb. At no point did I sense the Anti-lock/traction/ESC system activating. On that vehicle it was supposed to cut throttle, apply braking at proper wheels redirecting power to wheels in a course correcting manner corresponding to steering direction. Either I was faster than the system or it did not happen and combined with crappy factory tires. Only one time, thank God.
    The car would drift sideways and you dared not take your eyes off road or you could end up in adjacent lane. This handling issue was never found. 4 alignment checks did not fix and showed in tolerance.
    When coming upon a lateral road seam, they had to be perfectly flat. If the two surfaces met at any angle it would cause the vehicle to dart sideways and very unpredictably. On one such surface at a merge in Chicago, on a curve, it put the nose under the belly of tractor trailer.
    The handling/control made this vehicle unsafe to drive.
    And the final straw. Something was wrong with EPS. The first hints were the steering wheel would momentarily jerk to the right. It would do this about once every thousand miles. One of the last times was not momentary but lasted at least a second. Fortunately I had leather gloves, both hands on wheel, or I would never have been able to hold it. The force was so great it jammed my right shoulder causing need for some strong pain killers. I should have left it in that city, but demonstrating amazing pucker power and jitters I drove home. This was never fixed either and lemon law applied.
    Vehicle was trucked then sold. Buyer tracked me somehow. She was having the same bad handling problems, but had not yet had the wheel jerk. I pray she don't and is able to get others fixed.
    I will finish my appraisal of Lacrosse later.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Sounds about right. The low speed lower effort is because of less power to magnasteer which would normally add effort, working against the normal power rack and pinion system. I did not throw the evasive maneuver stuff out to prevent further confusion of magnasteer system. I believe the Lacrosse is included in that group but don't know what parameters effect it. Might be a sudden forcefull input to wheel tells it to lower resistance. Might be connected with antilock/traction/ESC system and don't know if it increases resistance under some circumstances other than normal fast driving.
    Simple is getting complicated. I've often wondered why they have not used a variable vane pump for power steering. That type of pump is widely used in transmissions. It provides only the necessary pressure/volume avoiding excess power using work.
    On PS the vanes could be controlled by a simple solenoid taking input from computer. MPH & engine RPM/load. Going slow/parking, increase pressure/volume to decrease effort within demand. Going fast and straight, less demand, decrease vane pressure/volume thus decrease fuel gobbling load.
    All older systems had pump and gearbox or rack&pinion. The pump had to meet minimum for steering at idle. Engine running faster created an excess and was partially handled by a pressure relief/bypass valve. This meant the system was using more energy rolling the highway than necessary.
    Does anyone know details of current system on Lacrosse, besides having Magnasteer?
  • If it's the one I am thinking of, it moves left or right depending on the feature you have in the center display. The ring on the turn signal stalk moves up or down and controls the feature like avg. speed, trip odo. If you change the display, you should notice the bar gets larger as there are only three features to display.

    Hope this helps.

    2010 LaCrosse
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