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2010-2011 Buick LaCrosse



  • bobbob2bobbob2 Posts: 28

    Would appreciate reading your outcome. I may not be able to get help before ur appt.


    PS Is ur problem constant or intermittent like mine?
  • rainman5542rainman5542 Posts: 114
    On day one, Friday, the service required message was on constantly as were the icons in the mirrors. Today, Monday, the icons and service message are off but the system is non-functional and has been since Saturday.
  • bobbob2bobbob2 Posts: 28
    You make a good point about system off. I presumed when blinking icons and message stopped the system was OK. Never dawned to me it was out completely.

    How many miles on ur LaX.?
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Has anyone who has the 4 cylinder showed up in forum?
    Maybe it is the reason sales have fallen? That and 3.5L seems to be a bit of gas guzzler.
    The engine choices just seem way too limited for this vehicle. Especially with high gas prices. And unless you are looking at those with 3.5L standard, the upcharge to replace 4 cylinder is near $2000.
    GM stupidity has moved 3.0L to Cadillac, so I've read. I'd bet that GM would sell many more Malibu, Impala, LaCrosse, Regal, all appropriate models, than sales of Cadillac.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    Rider: The upcoming increase in CAFE standards requires that GM downsize the engine size across the product line. My view is the I-4 was installed to transition to the E.assist model in 2012. BIG improvement in MPG if it works w/o bugs and MUCH cheaper than the Volt approach. Per my prior posts on this board I also feel that GM was intentionally upgrading the Lacrosse to CXS sales with the engine choices. The CXL was a great deal in 2010 with the 3.0L and matched to the cars original design specs. Cadillac is a highly profitable platform for GM and if they wanted the 3.0L for the base CTS and SRX models they got it. Also E.assist goes across the various brands so it is a VERY important move to MPG and CAFE standards.
    I actually feel that GM knows exactly what they are doing and are exhibiting some long range product discipline and planning that the prior regime seem to be missing other than Bob Lutz ( who did not fit in with the phone guys due to an excess of car knowledge IMO). Lutz is the Exec that approved the Lacrosse so we have him to thank for a great choice. Total sales is the key to the current manic behavior with engines but GM is definately back, albeit still a little schizoid in the marketing area until it all has time to come together after the "fruit basket turn over" phase with the old guard and then the phone/government appointees. The survivors of the many purges that have true car knowledge will surface and deliver a stable of good car choices if the market gives them time.
    good luck with your problems- our 2010 CXL with 3.0L has been great!
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I took a look at the current Cadillac lineup. Engines available are the 3.0, 3.6, and a couple of V8.
    The only logic to moving the 3.0 that I can think of would be, wait, I can't think of a good one. There might be behind the scenes issues like cost or cost of maintenance. The final drive shown connected to Cadillac 3.0 is much different and likely hurts mileage.
    You seem to be off base on GM profitability. Chrysler has repaid loans. Not so with GM and the government looks like it will be out a big chunk. And the GM stock is still in the tank it seems since if the government sold its shares today they'd lose about $16 Billion.
    And it is just now on the horizon that we are expecting a double dip recession if not depression. Houses have lost a 1/3 of value and predictions are this year will be worse yet.
    Where will GM get money to hold on until they get it right? Unless economy changes drastically in just a couple of years I'd bet on bankruptcy. Unions will settle for pennys on dollar and be gone. Then GM will have the capability to compete with foreign names.
  • pasmpasm Posts: 6
    My beautiful 2010 CXS threw a rod on the interstate at 75 mph. My angels were looking after me and I made it to the side of the road without incident. When your car shuts down on a busy interstate, that's dangerous. A local dealer (I was not near my town) replaced the engine. Apparently, metal sprayed thoughout the oil system. The new engine makes a disturbing vibration sound upon start up in the mornings. I have been in contact with GM Customer Service since the incident occurred, nearly a month ago. They tell me I cannot expect any compensation until the car is fixed, so I guess now I have to take the car in to repair the new engine. My question: Has anyone else had a similar hazardous experience with their 2010 Lacrosse? I'm not sure how to proceed. Take it to my local dealer for yet more repairs? That's what GM is telling me to do. I was sold a dangerously defective automobile and now I feel stuck with it. Any suggestions.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    edited June 2011
    I believe I posted earlier that Cadillac used a higher final drive for performance not MPG. Cadillac owners indifferent to MPG in GM view due to higher price paid for same engine, trans, etc, available in other brands.
    Only my opinion that GM is on track for recovery. Double dip or other macro economic event makes that an unlikely scenario. I still see them as much stronger after tax payer bailout to protect voting union members and suppliers - not to mention the warranty holders with GM lame duck vehicles that also vote for somebody.
    The current products represent the bridge to recovery based on sales and products consumers want to buy - not government bailouts. No redux on that score. Houses are also a consumer choice- wrong area = wrong choice.
    If we double dip again GM will be the least of our worries with the current self serving political and business management/executives now running the show. U.S debt rating, self serving politics over country, Irag, Afgan, Libya, banks, SS, Medicare, States financials and give away deals to tenured "employees" , executive salaries & bonuses for lousy performance, individual scams, disability scams, etc. etc.
    Sorry for the rant - enjoy the new car - we do.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    What was cause of failure? If low on oil the dealer would have pointed that out. If coolant mixed with oil and took out engine they would also see that. 26,000 miles is a mechanical failure excluding the two previous concerns. sounds like you lucked out with repairing dealer.
    The 3.6 in the CXS has been around for a while and no prior posts on any catastophic failures- very concerning event. Hope it is a one-off problem.
    Sorry for your troubles and gfood luck with new motor.
  • pasmpasm Posts: 6
    Thanks crankeee. I wasn't told what caused the failure. I had no warning lights. Nothing but a bad sound, then no power. A GM dealer had done all the oil changes and maintenance work and we had it done on time. Yes, a very disappointing outcome, especially since the new engine makes troubling noises. Looks like more trips to the service dept. I was curious if other owners had experienced anything like this. We have bought GM cars for decades and were eager to buy the Lacrosse. I'm not so sure the news stories about improved GM quality have much basis in truth. Too bad.
  • ar15ar15 Posts: 58
    Yes, I have the 4 cyl model. It's a fleet vehicle provided my company, so I didn't have a choice. However, I am VERY pleased with it. The performance is more than adequate, thanks to the 6 speed auto. It could use some more oomph for passing, but get and and go is good for all other driving. The 4 cyl's biggest downfall is that it is louder than the 6.

    I have exceeded 30mpg on an all highway trip driving about 72mph. I'm averaging a little over 26mpg.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    We also have had GM for years and some problems with all the moving parts. One cadillac had a broken rocker arm that was properly R&R with no other failures up to 103,000 miles. Earlier engine failure is rare but if it your car it was 100% to you. Wonder if the ole timing chain failure pointed out by Rider on this board was the cause. For long term durability, I would like to know what the cause was for a rod failure if I owned the car.
    75MPH would not drive high RPM's so if oil level was OK and the intake did not fail and let coolant into oil it must have been mechanical per my prior comment. GM will definately tear it down enough to determine cause of failure if the dealer will keep you updated. Makes you sick with new car.
    Good luck.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Yes to the Caddy posting. I forgot.
    I see you are aware of our surroundings as well. ;)
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Wow, really sad that such major work needs doing on low mileage vehicle.
    And then new engine is questionable?
    What sounds is the new one making?
    You are remembering that break-in applies again.
    Supposedly timing chain issues should not be problem with 2010 and up models. Do you have a very early 2010 production?
    It seems that GM is aware of some issue with these engines or they would not have reduced oil change interval and reprogrammed OLM.
    Here's hoping the installer just left something laying on the engine, not internal.
    A couple of years after the year they built no Corvettes, I toured the assembly plant. They rolled one off the line that had knocking rod sound and into a pit area. The good ones, maybe, went out the door. That pit was full of cars. The mechanic that got that one doodled, wasting as much time as he could, looking frequently at his watch. It was about 45 minutes till quitting time. Out of curiosity I asked if they'd put a new engine in. No, they'd fix it. I'm pretty sure I'd not want that car.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055

    I apologize for the problems you are experiencing with your new vehicle. Glad to hear you are in contact with GM Customer Assistance. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us directly.

    Thank you and have a great weekend!
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • pasmpasm Posts: 6
    Yes, my Buick was an early 2010 model. I saw a picture in a magazine and finally replaced our old '97 Riviera, which is still on the road, btw, being driven by our gardner's mom. I read that GM halted production on the new Lacrosses for quality purposes. I didn't read why. The noise on start-up with the new engine is a 30/40 second series of vibration sounds at different tones. My local dealer will look at it next week. Maybe something simple, though nothing about this disappointing turn events has been simple.
  • pasmpasm Posts: 6

    My last conversation with GM Customer Assistance did not end well and they did not address my questions or concerns. I probably won't be speaking to GM Customer Assistance again. They had no answers for what to do with my bad Buick other than to become a regular at the local service department. Forgive me if I'm being pessimistic but I no longer trust that car. After the engine blew up on a busy freeway, I can't help but ask myself what's next?
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Although you may not know, did the 97 Riviera ride and handle as nice as the Aurora? How would you compare to Lacrosse?
    I had 96 Aurora and find that everything else disappoints in the ride and handling catagories. I have to attribute it to the very different design of suspension components. I have often heard the Riviera of that time was the same in 2 door version but with different powertrain.
    One unique thing was the power steering rack with tie rods. It was one solid cast steel rod so any movement from center would actually gently tug the lower end of each front strut off center. Very unique.
    Do you feel the vibrations or just hear them? Are they high pitched or low? Make sure you note as much as possible and point out to service so they don't miss anything. Mis-diagnosis could result in many trips.
  • pasmpasm Posts: 6
    Wow, I'm no expert like you. I just know we loved that Riviera. Had some problems with the transmission, which had to be replaced, but all in all, a joy to drive and ride in. Plus, it was really beautiful. I have to say I would choose the Riv over the Lacrosse, but the CXS we bought is mighty close. And it runs on regular, which my supercharged Riv did not.

    I recorded the vibration noise this morning. I'm calling it a vibration noise because it sounds a little like my Samsung washer, but also a buzz saw. I figure something isn't getting oil pumped up to it for a minute or so. Maybe the recording will help the service people, though they shouldn't have a problem hearing it. Just noise so far. Maybe something needs to be tightened.
  • rainman5542rainman5542 Posts: 114
    Dealer ordered ONE new sensor, the other side is apparently OK. I need to go back for a repair in a few days once the part arrives.

    The system started to work all by itself yesterday.

    Electronics are NOT the dealer's strong suit.
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