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2010-2011 Buick LaCrosse



  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    One more event that just came to mind.
    Fortunately it was not an emergency or short stop. When I applied brake it veered to the left as if a caliper stuck. I let off brake, corrected, and cautiously applied brake again. It did not stick the second time. It makes me wonder if GM has lowered the standards in that area thinking the other systems will take over. If the road had been slippery, it could have thrown me into a skid or oncoming traffic. Those backup systems can only do so much and in the 09 Malibu I found they did not work very well.
    The only times I ever had such happening before these two new vehicles was in high mileage/time vehicles where the brakes and fluid had not been serviced in a very long time. Never in a new vehicle before these two.
    And though I've mentioned the sun hitting the screen before, it was particularly bad on this trip. For hours each day the sun would make it hard to see.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I'll say that Buick did a fair job of implementing Bluetooth but it is lacking in some profiles. Profiles being the specific things it is capable of such as pairing address books or being able to transmit to wireless mike/earphone or specifically to stereo headphones. But then some of them are not needed in some cases. It would seem easier to use the chip that handles all profiles.
    As to cellular, they apparently use some proprietary profiles, that is they don't follow the profile according to the official bluetooth specification, which should work for everyone unless there is a mistake found post release.
    Intel seems to be quite bad in the USB area. They totally mucked up USB 1 and it was at USB 1.1 they finally got it straight. And when USB 2.0 came out, many hardware makers messed it up. In the spec was a new specific about shielding connections and almost everyone got it wrong when making the hardware. Just by luck most of it worked anyway. But now that USB 3.0 is out, although greatly delayed, some have it right. Latest word is Intel is again having trouble and if it is an Intel system it only works with the very latest chipsets because earlier ones that were supposed to, don't!
    And such is the trouble with Bluetooth. Some trying to jump out ahead of the specification or even trying to force the committee to change to their proprietary methods.
    In my opinion, Apple is terrible about implementing bluetooth and other compatibilities, even their iPod software to PC usage has had problems.
    I'm not familiar with Sync other than it is a MS product. Hopefully it is done on widely accepted standards, nothing proprietary.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,056
    edited June 2011
    My oil change yesterday cost $10 more than the last one, so in response to my inquiry the dealer said that dexos synthetic oil is now the required standard for all new GM cars. I did a brief internet search and at this aol website they discuss dexos oil.

    In part the article makes this cautionary statement: "Further, GM says that if a customer has an engine failure that is traced to oil or lubrication issues, and if the customer does not use dexos 1 oil in their gasoline-powered GM vehicle, that act alone could void the warranty."

    Since I am a novice at this I am hoping that readers will share their experiences with dexos oil and why the dealer also added a "solvent w/w cleaner"?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,691
    >solvent w/w cleaner

    I think that is related to the yacht payment the dealership owner has coming due. It's an unneeded extra. In fact, if you look in your GM owners manual, it most likely says that no additional additives are needed nor recommended.

    The dexos requirement is available in most brands now. Read the label on the bottles at Walmart. Look for the dexos rating on the info on the back or front. The rating for GM in the for synthetic oil quality was GM 4718 IIRC. Now oils have improved a step.

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  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I had noticed that one dealer advertised dexos oil change, non-synthetic. What I remember of the dexos spec is the oil did not necessarily need be synthetic. Things may have changed since then. To meet the dexos requirement at that time oil jobbers had to purchase the ingredient(s) from GM and that is why many chose not to market dexos or only in a few of their brands or weights.
    Perhaps your dealer found a source for dexos oil that is cheaper than GM?
    Supposition was that dexos was created because of the high gasoline content showing up in used oil analysis from direct injection motors.
    I agree on boat to some degree.
    That is not an oil additive. That is for filling your windshield washer tank.
  • bobbob2bobbob2 Posts: 28
    e net rider

    Sorry to hear. BTW we all appreciate ur many notes on this site.

    A few points I learned may help.

    When I took my LaX CXS '11 in, the service dept asked questions such as when, how often, which side... the icons (dis)appeared. I wasn t really able to answer as specific as I wanted to. I thot they wud hav a diagnostic to run down the trouble. Sounds like u have some good ground data to help.

    I'm surmising this is a generic flaw and Buick shud by now ack and have a solution and maybe a recall as this is definitely a SAFETY RISK.

    When I drove mine in for fix naturally it worked fine. SO it s an on again/Off problem - the worst kind. Fortunately my dealer took it out for a test drive and found I was of sound mind. You may need to press for a test.

    My recall is that the signals seemed to be random and misplaced ie inconsistent and either seeing ghost cars or missing the real ones.

    So far the fix seems OK but u kno how it is once something like this goes wrong there a drop in confidence while we expect a revisit of problem. I'd like to hear form someone who had a fix months ago and problem was permanently corrected.

    Good luck.
  • bobbob2bobbob2 Posts: 28
    Anyone come up with a good solution?

    I found that when I had my cellphone plugged, laying on passenger seat and charging in consol of my LaX CXS '11 I cudn t put the arm rest all the way down for fear I wud damage the cord. If I kept the fone in consol with rest down the fone seemed to get hot not surprisingly.

    A second outlet in the rear consol is not easy to get to from drivers seat and leaves an unanswered question where to set the fone during charge.

    Any suggestions?
  • bobinorbobinor Posts: 63
    Yes. You'll notice the tray that sits above the deep storage space has a hole in the back left corner. There is also a depression in the plastic that the tray sits on at this same position. Feed your cord through these slots and you're good to go with no cord damage.
  • daluchedaluche Posts: 2
    I have been to several dealers and each one tell me different GMAC offerings for leasing this vehicle - impossible to get to the truth. Im close to signing a deal for a CXS with every option except touring and sunroof and with $1,675 out of pocket my payment will be $449 for 39 months. Anyone know if this is realistic to be paying? To me this seems rediculously high considering Buick has a Regal lease special for $329 mo at just about $2,000 less than of my CXS purchase with less money down. How could this very little change in purchase price add up to $120 mo increase X 39 months?
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,056
    edited July 2011
    "LaCrosse retail sales [for June] were up 2 percent over May, but down 3 percent through the first half of the year. Total LaCrosse sales grew 25 percent month over month, but were down 4 percent calendar year to date. LaCrosse sales are expected to return to growth this fall with the introduction of the 2012 LaCrosse with eAssist™, which is expected to deliver class-leading highway fuel economy of 36 mpg.

    About Buick
    Buick is a modern luxury brand offering vehicles with sculpted designs, luxurious interiors with thoughtful personal technologies, along with responsive-yet-efficient performance. Buick is attracting new customers with its portfolio of award-winning models, including the Enclave crossover, LaCrosse sedan, Regal sport sedan and highly anticipated all-new 2012 Buick Verano compact luxury sedan. Buick is one of the fastest growing majors in the U.S. and remains a best-selling brand in China, with continuing record growth. " - s/us/en/2011/Jul/buicksales
  • cooleyddcooleydd Posts: 105
    edited July 2011
    Remember lease rates are determined on the length of the lease, how many miles are included in the lease, the total cost of the automobile, the amount of expected value to the lease holder at the end of the lease and the interest on the money involved. Also pay attention to how much the per mile cost is after you have gone over the miles allowed on the lease.

    You may also want to look at the buy out of the lease at the end of the lease.

    So with all of these variables and if by bank or GMC or other - all will make a difference. Shop around to what makes the best deal for what you want.

    The CXL has a special lease deal too.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    If you check carefully, you will find a small cutout on left side of tray near rear for cords.
    If charging batteries, most any device will get quite warm. I have not yet found one that got too hot, but then I have been unable to get USB portable HDD to work.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Dang I'm cursed or cars I buy are.
    Daughter was out of town and needed AC work so I headed out yesterday morning to let the man in. Low tire pressure so stopped at station to get air. Then car would not start. After an hour they jumped and my wife took on the AC man.
    I headed straight for dealer and on way one of the front calipers stuck again momentarily causing pull to left.
    Dealer announced the exhaust system came in. I told them of issues I had on trip. But, you know how that is. If they can't duplicate I'll have to take it in the next time it acts up.
    They put me in a blue CXL that has some options. At least it has the remote start, HUD, HID lamps. It might not have seat memory or maybe it is not turned on and it does not have NAV so I don't know how to config it off hand. But I noticed that the bezzle around the display area is the same as with Nav screen and rear camera. To fit that bigger screen it is at a much greater angle, not vertical. And that is probably why there are issues with sun light.
    Stopped for awhile and drove. Now all features are turned on but not sure of function of seat memory or blind alert yet.
    But after those long rides, my back side seems to be sensitized to the slightest thing in the seat. That is I feel the same stuff in this one with only 1900 miles. And I suspect my dealer has had previous complaints of that issue because they described part of the process of replacing the padding in the seat. That is the heaters, padding, etc. are all bonded together and replaced as a single unit.
    After leaving the dealer yesterday and driving part way home, I decided it was time to start looking for another vehicle because of the long arduous process of finding this one. That is a just in case, but I want to have some forethought to that event if it happens.
    It certainly will be nothing in the GM line unless they can dazzle me. I rode by Lincoln thinking American made. Since Mercury is gone, I presumed the Lincolns may have been taken over by Ford. Wrong, but I glanced at some while I was there and the one thing that stood out was their Bumper to Bumper and powertrain warranties. I scolded the salesman, "that they did not think much of their product if they could not do better!"
    I looked at a Lincoln MKS, only one they had on showroom floor. Quite loaded, much better warranty, but much pricier as well. The one thing I noted was the comfort of the seat, much better. But still terrible headrests, and a common complaint.
    The MKZ is much lesser price, but I did not even get in. It will take much more investment of time. Not a pleasant task.
    All for now.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Thanks for the Kudos Bob.
    Did any of you with system issues start with it being intermittant?
    I now have to wonder what will be next and hang my head in disappointment.
    I am so befuddled I did not complain much that they put me in a Chevy Aveo. Now that is truly a bare minimum car. Sort of like a roller skate with an enclosure. It did have a nice armrest, but I certainly would not want to be in an accident of any magnitude.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    Of those of you that had it replaced, did they put the same thing back?
    Through my dealer, GM has recognized the problem, and it is related to no flex joint transitioning from engine compartment to pipe under vehicle. As I recall, I can see that corrugation created by pushing pipe together on aft side of motor. I will have to look again, but they may change it.
    I decided to give this one a look, and don't see that at rear side of engine. And looking underneath there appears to be something like a flex joint. But what I don't like is the diameter of the pipe at that location. It is what I'd expect to see on a four cylinder of less than 50 HP. It would be quite restrictive on this 6 at WOT. I can't help but wonder if this was last minute engineered like the fuel rail replacement recalls. That was a terrible design laden with potential down the road problems, and likely the cheapest method they could get by with. Certainly not to the level of the original design.
  • ab348ab348 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CanadaPosts: 1,540
    I currently drive a '09 Allure (Canadian Lacrosse) CXL, the last of the older style. Silver, titanium leather, nice car, but for a variety of reasons I have never really been in love with it. After owning it for a couple of years I am starting to become tired of the styling, which is similar to the same model going all the way back to 2005, so it is looking a bit familiar. The car itself is pristine and has only about 12,000 miles.

    GM is offering some model year discounts at the moment and I can pick up a V-6 2011 Lacrosse CX for a decent price as they are offering over $3000 in incentives. The ones on the lots locally all have an option pack that includes dual-zone climate control and remote start which I gather is not standard. Most also have the machined 17" alloys versus the standard somewhat unattractive wheels. As near as I can tell what I am giving up on the CX are the fog lights, the exterior mirrors with the puddle lamps, chrome exterior door handles, and the memory seats.

    None of these are particularly troublesome to me except that my current car has leather seats and I really do like that. Does anyone have a CX with cloth upholstery who cares to comment on it?

    I would prefer the CXL with leather but the only ones available locally all have black leather and I do not want that. I was looking at one earlier today that is the same color as my current car but the new model does not look as good as the old in Quicksilver IMO and the black interior looks drab. At least the color combos available here with the CX models are somewhat attractive (dark blue, crystal red and mocha steel with titanium cloth, looks good). It seems that getting the 3.6 engine for this price might be an opportunity not to pass up. Thoughts?

    2011 Buick Regal Turbo, 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Holiday Coupe

  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    Ab: We have a 2010 Lacrosse CXL not the CX. We chose the CXL for various reasons that included;
    1)Leather interior that included electric seat adjusters for BOTH sides. 7" height difference and wife's demand for good seat support and my bad back made this a priority and it works-great seats with total adjustment.
    2)Bluetooth and other electronic controls including dual HVAC controls that also work as designed and allow for individual adjustment.
    3)Suspension choices at the time allowed for 18" Michelins (NOT 19" GY with touring setup) and also H-arm rear that may not be available now. also
    included alloy wheels in package that go well with most exterior colors.
    4) Upgraded lighting package (mirrors, puddle lites, fog lamps that we use, and other features that make the car more friendly to live in.
    5)Total upgrade price of ~$2000 for CXL over CX that has less comfortable (adjustments) cloth seats, less desirable suspension and only 4-cylinder choice in 2010. You can get 3.6L V-6 now for more $.
    In conclusion, lots of useable features in the CXL package for not much more and the car is much more friendly and has a better resale with the leather and trim upgrades that buyers value. Well worth the money!
    Ours is silver exterior with titanium leather trim (no kids) and looks great!
    Outstanding car for the price with 22/28 max MPG with V-6.
    good luck -hope these points help in your search.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    These are insertions for the original poster.
    And I drive a CXS where 3.6L is standard, not added. It seemed the price of the engine, comparing CXL to CXS was a freebie plus added features standard on the CXS. Also there was one option that was actually cheaper priced for the CXS than the CXL. I'm guessing the price difference was because more people might purchase it on CXS than CXL sort of making it a special consideration on CXL line.
    Some of this pricing may also make sense comparing CXL to CX.
    1) I also have spinal issues and was prompted toward leather assuming that these would just be better than basic cloth and easier to clean. Be careful about assumptions. Note the passenger seat has no lumbar adjustment like some top end vehicles. Also I am now disappointed with the seats. They may have fixed the memory issue on new production or are still playing with that. I have had multiple problems of lumbar seat adjustment and it rapidly deflating intermittantly. And the most recent one to show after a 2500 mile run, I feel pressure points in seating. The heating wires are suspect at this point and dealer has said that the padding, heating element, etc. is one assembly and changed as such. But now that I'm sensitized after the long run I feel it in the CXL loaner with only 1900 miles on it. I have been in several other vehicles recently, including loaners, rentals, and OPs. Everyone of them had more comfortable seats and better support including cloth.
    2) Bluetooth worked absolutely great on mine including exchange of information with Navigation system. Until I used OnStar the first time. Something obviously mucked up. Sometimes it will hang up, especially if I hit answer button. Also it now no longer transfers between phone and vehicle as it should. If I'm within a hundred feet of vehicle, vehicle being off, and I call on cell, it transfers to the vehicle immediately. I'm hoping reinstalling my phone cures, but it could be some other crazy programming or updating they've done on my vehicle. I like the dual HVAC, but it has not always been accurate, sometimes showing wild swings requiring a reset of temperature. And one time on 96 degree day it blew only heated air. Not sure they got this fixed. For sure they do not have the CAF system working as advertised. And when driving or sitting in area of high bug populations, they get into vehicle. I noticed the bug problem on the CXL loaner as well yesterday. I'm uncertain that the filter removes pollen and odors as well on this one. My passenger yesterday just came back from trip, totally tore up with sinus and resporitory problems to the point he went to emergency. His front wheel drive Lincoln may not have filter and I experience similar issues when I travelled north through the same area. They had gotten back the night before and spent the night with me because their AC broke. After driving 80 miles north for a party yesterday he started getting some relief as did I, but it continued once there for the entire afternoon, so it was likely the outside air changing, not the filter doing its job.
    I've also experience these wild temp swings on some of the other loaner Buicks, including new Regal.
    3) H-arm was once standard on all but CX. Now it is included in option package for CXL & CXS. Standard on AWD. The package includes full time electronic monitoring of suspension, self adjusting, and a sport mode which I find very useful. Also the move to 19" wheels which has been automatically including GY tires. Horrible tires. They are very noisy compared to Michelin and very slippery when 1" of new snow hits otherwise clean pavement. Definitely a tire you do not want in your part of the country. Maybe you can do some deal with your dealer if that option is chosen.
    4) Lighting - I do not have a fog issue, usually, and if it was frequent, I'd consider changing the bulbs to amber. Otherwise they are quite useful at slower speeds for close in visibility in poorly lit areas. Especially for turns since this one does not have cornering lamps. And the articulating HID headlamps I now consider a must. They are much brighter and better focused having a tighter beam putting the light where you need it horizontally to the point high beams don't interfere with oncoming traffic on divided highways (those that have a median). I've driven Lacrosses without it and don't want to anymore. Also not available on the CX is the little directional signal light on mirror, an added safety. I also love blind spot alert, but this may be a problematic system and in the current loaner I question it. Yesterday I had a vehicle coming up the inside lane and the front of it was at my backend/side before it lit. Not so on mine. Not specific to lighting, but I also love the HUD, allowing me to keep eyes on road at all times. But I do wish they had done better in the area of voice activation with Nav. The LED tail lighting may be a plus.
    5) Much agreement here. Unless you are specifically looking for base transportation, I'd not consider the CX unless it had extremely extensive dump discounts. There are some features I'd want that just are not available on the CX, period, items I not only want but find good for safety and quite useful.
    From my prior dangerous experiences, I chose to stay completely away from anything with electric power steering. Although listed as standard on CX and base CXL, it is a bit confusing in option chart. Upgrade listed for CXL but still it may only be with the four cylinder.
    I do like the hyper-strut for handling and driveability, which is only available and standard on CXS. But one of the claims for it includes less, better control of torque steer. I ask, compared to what? One of my previous GM vehicles, a 96 V8 FWD had absolutely no torque steer, so I wonder why do any of them?
    And crankee has a 3.0L which sounds like a very good choice of engine and getting much better MPG than me with 3.6L. Unfortunately that engine now seems to be reserved for Cadillac.
    Again, without demanding base transportation, I found similar to crankee on pricing. The discounts available then were across all model levels. So when I added what I wanted to CXL I was at the price of CXS and was getting freebies with items that were standard on the CXS. They may not have been available on CXL or were another added cost.
    Good luck with your shopping.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    I was unaware of the 7" height difference. Exactly how is that? From ground or top of vehicle or what? From wheel or suspension differences?
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    rider: Sorry for the confusion. &' refers to me being 6'1" and wife is 5'4" not the car height. Bench seat is out but also the seat travel distance is a big issue. Many cars go way up close but not back enough for the long legged folks. The Lacrosse is great for that with the ultra large rear seat leg room. Rear travel is not a problem- I have much to spare on ours.
    We keep cars a long time if they are dependable, so we check out the details and make very deliberate decisions regarding cars but still get stung every often. not this time - so far - great service,MPG and value IMO.
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