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2010-2011 Buick LaCrosse



  • edsusaedsusa Posts: 2
    From reading some of the posts, it seems that some GM customer service reps. monitor the posts. Could one of them contact me off line about a potential safety issue. I am not sure where the problem is, so I don't want to start a general discussion at this time.
  • mcd2515mcd2515 Posts: 2
    edited August 2012
    I'm look at buying a used 2010 Lacrosse but I've seen some serious issues on this and other forums. No one ever says if Buick resolved their issues. Can anyone tell me if solutions we're found for vibration issues and the vehicle pulling to the left. From the posts it didn't sound as though Buick found real fixes for any of the issues .
  • adpcsadpcs Posts: 57
    I have a 2010 with 41,000 miles on it, and have never experienced the problems that you have mentioned. In fact, its been one of the nicest and smoothest cars i have driven.
  • Same here, my 2010 has been praised for it's smoothness by many passengers. There is one particular poster on here who has posted many negative comments about this car. Many of the rest of us have been highly satisfied so you have to filter through that. Having said that I will also add that the Goodyear tires that come with the touring package are not the best, mine are beginning to cup at 27k miles. I really feel that Buick should have sent these upper level Lacrosse's out with Michelins on them. As with any used car purchase you should get it checked out thoroughly, buy from a reputable dealer, and make certain you have good warranty coverage, especially if you get one that's loaded with all the goodies and electronics. As reliable as they are, that stuff can go out anytime. I think you would owe it to yourself to drive several different Lacrosse's with and without the touring package to decide what is best for you. Personally I found that particular model to be the smoothest of them all with the electronic suspension system.
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    There is a good chance he is referring to me with issues, since mine is like they saved all the defective parts and built it. But there are others, and I'll bet you that I can tell you a defect on any of them you look at. I've looked at at least thirty that all had this issue. You might think it minor, but GM/Buick obviously don't give a rip anymore. They fixed some of the early cases by replacing defective part, but by time I approached them they would not and that was the case with nearly all issues I had.
    You can check what I mentioned very easily since you don't even have to get into vehicle. At the rear wheel, look behind it for the rear shock. The upper portion of the shock itself is supposed to be protected from the environment by a protective rubber boot held in place by the upper shock mount. They all seem to fall out in just a couple of thousand miles, hence that shiny chromed rod collects debris or corrosion leading to early failure of the shock. I can not speak for 2012 models, but 2010 & 2011 have this issue. Might seem minor, but I mention it as it is so easy to notice, and represents the amount of care that GM seems to have of many issues.
    As to smooth ride, only if the surface is like glass. (touring package). Among salemen, "A seat for every [non-permissible content removed], and a [non-permissible content removed] for every seat." That is I wish to mention the seat since it is a pretty basic item. I've found this to be true of all GM and Chrysler models that have available cooled seats. (Just because the seats are not cooled, it does not mean they did not use the same seat)
    On short rides you likely will not notice, but rides over an hour were a problem for me. I frequently wear jeans and at first I thought the areas where the pockets or other seams were sown were causing pressure points leading to discomfort. On a couple of long drives I made a point of wearing slacks that were quite smooth and although better, I was still feeling something, sort of like sitting on several marbles, maybe. Can I say, "Pain in the [non-permissible content removed]?" Did it. Then I suspected the heating wires in the seat. Finally I come across a review by one of the well known car magazines expressing their findings of cooled seats. They just are not comfortable as regular seats was their finding. Apparently they have to remove much of the prior used material so that air can be forced through. My conclusion was that I was feeling the heating wires and maybe even the springs or whatever they used in place of normal padding. When I got rid of the lemon, I looked at Cadillac coupe and Chrysler 300 in show room. After a few hard bounces on seat to settle in, I concluded they had same issue. Having decided to try to have a Detroit name, that only left Ford. I drove a demo Fusion with 5K miles and concluded it had been driven by a someone weighing 400# and all of it down railroad ties. No cushion left in that seat. And it was not a cooled seat, maybe the cheap option since it was cloth. I went next door to the Mazda, Lincoln Mercury dealer. Climbed into an MKS. Gave the seat the same workout. Wait a minute, let's try this again. Damned, seems they got it right! Check it yourself, please.
    I ended up buying a 2010 low mileage. I can not speak to the back seat since I rode in neither, but a cousin of mine did. Round trip from Chatanooga to central Wisconsin. Both seem to have roomy back seats. The Lacrosse was summer and the Lincoln was February. When I dropped her back after the last trip, she commented, "That is the smoothest, most comfortable ride I've ever been on!" I asked, "Better than the Buick?" She replied, " Oh yes, by far!" From the front seat, I agree. Now approaching 30K, I can tell you the passenger seat is better than the driver, but it is seldom used. And the driver is still very comfortable.
    Is it a perfect car? No. I find the carpetting of low quality. The 2010 3.7L lacks the power of the GM 3.6L and a bit weaker on gas mileage. (3.7 revamped in 2013, but still not direct injection. There is the turbo 3.5 option available.) I know nothing of the new MKS, turboed, electronic suspension, etc. Comparing what I know, Lacrosse with touring is quite tight on handling, if you like hanging curves like a cat clawing into the pavement. But not to be done on anything but dry great roads. (This assumes that somehow you steering linkage does not get screwed up)
    Some options were not available on 2010 that were introduced in phases, not annual updates, over a period of time. So don't assume that available options are the same from one vehicle to the next. Complaints of function with bluetooth/Nav not working or not available for early but changes for latter fixed or added functionality. External HDD would not work, plugged to USB port, in 2011 Buick, but works perfectly in 2010 MKS.
    Certified vehicle might be a consideration. Costs a little more, maybe. Likely better warranty coverage, if the coverage is any good. I don't know what GM did with all the bailout money, or even the portion that was for honoring warranties.
    Good Luck
  • My 2005 LaCrosse, like so many others of that vintage, has a steering problem which GM has known about from "day one" yet GM refuses to issue a recall. GM customer service: IF you spend your own money to determine IF your vehicle is worthy of post-warranty GM service, and indeed it is determined your vehicle has the steering problem, GM may or may not, at its discretion, decide to pay for any/all of the repair costs. This is my main gripe with GM: if they knew about a problem (steering), they should have issued a recall instead of letting its customers twist in the wind. Never again will my feet cross the threshold of a GM dealership.
  • My CXS with Touring Pkg and GoodYear Eagle RSAs is smooth as my past Mercedes E series.
  • mcd2515mcd2515 Posts: 2
    the car I'm looking at still has a lot of the factory warranty left, but my concern is weather or not there was ever a real fix for all these problems or if Buick will just keep putting a band-ad on them tell my warranty is out.
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 573
    mcd2515 is referring to an entirely different car. Starting in MY2010, the Lacrosse was an all new model.

    My 2011 Lacrosse has 11,000 miles on it now and has been perfect in every respect.
  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,163
    but my concern is weather or not there was ever a real fix for all these problems

    Can you give an example of the problems to which you refer? I have a 2011 CXS with the Touring Package and it has been bullet proof. To make these disparaging comments without evidence is disingenuous to say the least.
  • crankeeecrankeee Posts: 297
    bwia: Methinks the ole bashers are back. We had the one joker that complained about EVERYTHING on his Lacrosse. I thought he had GM "take it back", but he still posts complaints. Strange behavior unless he gets paid to post untruths for some reason. Some people are just unhappy and can not move on.
    Our 2010 CXL has been great and really a lot of value for the money. We are truly fortunate to have good cars and good roads to drive them on. Enjoy!
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
    Why not just take the questions at face value until proven otherwise? There's no evidence to support that this person is a "basher." The best bet is to post your OWN experience with the product, and if the member returns and posts specific concerns, address them then.

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  • vuenetvuenet Posts: 1
    edited September 2012
    I have a 2010 Buick LaCrosse and many of the CD's I've recorded onto the hard drive don't record with the names of the albums/artists or tracks. All that comes up is the date it was recorded and number of tracks. Can't exactly remember something by the date I recorded into the hard drive. Any suggestions?
  • Vuenet,

    Hope an answer pops up as I am stumped also on a 2011 LaX
  • The only way you can get it to do that is to rip the CD to your computer, then name the folder on the computer that contains the CD, then name the track ( if they are not already) transfer that to a zip drive or blank CD/DVD then save it to the car. I wish the technology were far enough along that the car would sync to a server which automatically pulled the track names in and also backed up the hard drive and vehicle customization settings to a cloud server.
  • ab348ab348 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CanadaPosts: 1,744
    There are credible reports of Hyundai, among others, paying agents to troll message boards such as this and to do exactly what those posters here are doing. I don't know if the bashers here are on someone's payroll or not, but the pattern is similar.

    2011 Buick Regal Turbo, 1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass S Holiday Coupe

  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,163
    edited September 2012
    I have a 2010 Buick LaCrosse and many of the CD's I've recorded onto the hard drive don't record with the names of the albums/artists or tracks.

    Perhaps the CDs were not original. If that is the case you should do what joelippard3 suggested.
  • Has anyone installed an aftermarket GPS unit in their 2010 - 2013 Lacrosse? More specifically I am interested in how well this aftermarket GPS product works and if it was easy to install. The model number of the equipment I am considerin to purchase is OCG-5068R Radio DVD GPS Navigation Headunit for Buick Lacrosse and it is made in China; which makes me somewhat nervous. I would be interested in hearing your comments even if you are not the owner but know of someone who has experience with any aftermarket GPS equipment.
  • mike189mike189 Posts: 23
    i feel really stupid , i have a 2011 buick lacrosse cxl awd with all options less nav and rear entertainment , i love the car , but one thing i cant figure out is the memory seats , i do have keyless entry , and have memory seat position set on position 1, seat and mirrors work perfect , but when unlock d/s front door , the seat does not move to that position , but i do have seat set that when you open the drivers door , the seat will go back all the way , easy exit function
    now i am a work for a bmw dealer , and bmw has this mastered in reference to memory seats , and car key memory , and i am not putting down buick, the lacrosse is a awesome car , i could have had a bmw 550 xi for the same amount as the lacrosse , but i wanted the buick , i set bmw car key memory easily , so what is it that i am doing or not doing, i looked on u tube but they ise a car with nav, the settings are not the same , been there done that ,
    other than that my lacroose is awesome , no complaints here
    if gm customer svc can help ,id appreciate it
    btw i have personally wrote a letter to mr thompson at buick marketing how happy i am with the dealership and the car , i made a great choice
  • e_net_ridere_net_rider Posts: 1,380
    As I recall, on the 2011 there were separate settings for it to move back for easy exit, and that setting is called that, and the settings for it to move into place for driving.
    If you can get it to move to your settings with the settings button, you may be happier with that option. Try it and see. The reason I say that is GM programming has been ultimately stupid and they refuse to fix at my last experience. Originally the seat started moving the moment you pulled the door handle, using passive entry. They eventually introduced a 1 second delay, but they could do better. That was demonstrated by a loaner the dealer had me in which had a full 3 seconds. That vehicle got reprogrammed to the 1 second. Dealer told me GM wanted them all alike at the 1 second, otherwise they may have to fix all to the 3 seconds for free.
    Also CXL AWD may function somewhat differently. Early 2011 seat memory issues were to be fixed by module replacement. Then GM changed that to reprogramming if it was a CXS with blind spot monitoring, if I remember correctly. You can find it in the TSB listing if interested. The reprogramming was crap.
    Did GM ever fix the boots falling down on rear shocks? I have not yet seen that correction. You can easily check yours by looking behind rear wheel, as look inward from side. You will see a shiny rod oriented mostly vertical if the problem still exists. I presume you will be doing salt and snow driving with the AWD. Dirt, dust, corrosive salt, etc. will get on that shock piston rod and cause an earlier failure of the shocks piston rod seals. GM has probably determined that failure will not happen within warranty. So you will get bit with both shock and boot assembly if not taken care of within warranty.
    There were many changes coming part year as they were available. There may have been GM literature errors on top the rest of mess. H-arm rear suspension was originally standard on AWD and CXS, that is according to GM papers available from about JAN 2010. 2011 models were available from around JUL of 2010. Shortly, the H-arm became an option on CXS with package including Touring (full time electronic suspension) and different wheels/tires.
    I had presumed the H-arm was listed on AWD because of rear drive shafts. That is, it may not have been possible to add rear drive with the other suspension.
    Would you please post back if the boots have fallen on the rear shocks? It seems to be a near certainty on other models. AWD is less common and nice to know if they are affected as badly.
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