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Hyundai Veracruz Tires, Wheels and Suspension



  • becykbecyk Posts: 28
    I know alot of people with the same problem with tire pressure sensors. Seems to be they are affected by temperature.

    Friend of mine with a FX45 has the same issue...those things should take into consideration stuff like outside temperature and tire temperature IMO!
  • ajm25ajm25 Posts: 7
    Likewise I have another friend with an FX45 and she has the same issue whenever it is cold.
  • becykbecyk Posts: 28
    So, some would say FX45 are junk.

    Hell no! I think they're absolutely great cars.
  • The tire pressure warning sensors are located inside the wheel and are attached to the tire valve.
    If you have a flat tire removed from the wheel or a new tire installed by a non Hyundai tire vendor be SURE and warn them about the sensor.
    The air powered mounting machine can ruin the sensor when the metal dismount bar sweeps around the wheel.
  • Update on my Veracruz TPMS problem. After 4 trips to the dealer, they finally fixed the on and off TPMS light. The problem was not low or high tire pressure, or the codes needing to be reset, it was the COMPUTER MODULE.
    After one week, so far no problems with TPMS light.
    My wife and I love the car, and now have 10,000 miles on it.
  • broochbrooch Posts: 18
    Does anyone know if the TPMS needs to be reset after a tire repair? Tire shop had the proper machine to work on rim with TPMS, however after putting tire back on I still have the warning light for that particular tire still showing. Do I need to wait a bit for it to reset or is it supposed to reset right away? Your input is appreciated!
    Keep in Cruzin!!
  • The reset typically occurs after 30 to 40 miles of driving.
  • Hi All,

    My 08 VC Limited had about 1500 miles on it when purchased (manager used it to & from work). It has performed more or less flawlessly in the intervening 10 months. I have, however, noticed gradually increasing tire noise/ vibration at highway speeds. After a 700 mile road last week it was annoying enough that I took it to a good tire/ alignment shop to get the tires rebalanced.

    After inspecting them, the mechanic pointed out that the inside edges of the front tires were badly cupped, which probably caused the noise & shakes. He insisted the problem wasn't balance or alignment but a problem with the front suspension and I would be well advised to take it to the dealership for a warranty repair.

    I'll caveat here by saying I never rotated the tires in 13000 miles, but feel that if I had rotated them, I'd now have 4 cupped tires instead of 2.

    I'm inclined to trust the mechanic's opinion because he had the opportunity to sell me $100 worth of bal. & alignment but didn't.

    Before I go face the dealership I was wondering if any of you have had similar experience?

  • TirePressure:

    I'm from the 'old school', and here is my opinion for what it's worth.
    Years ago an old mechanic where my father brought his car for maintenance, said a 'rule of thumb' is tire pressure should be double the rim size. Therefore, my Limited with 18" wheels has 36 lbs even though the door label indicates 30 lbs. I have never had any problems in 50 years of driving using Charlie's 'rule'.


    I lived in western MA and used to put 4 snow tires on my cars and never had a problem when I tried to stop or turn a corner. I have seen cars continue straight ahead when the driver applied the brakes and tried to take a corner. Enough said!
    I am getting a package deal of 4 STUDDED snow tires and wheels for my Limited, but I am getting size P245/65R17. Take it from an old guy who has never been stuck or out of control in the snowy Berkshires.

    So, here you are with my unsolicited opinion, and yes, I know the 17" wheels are OK because the GLS has them, and the 18" wheels are just an upgrade for the SE and Limited.
  • Be careful here. I have a 2007 Veracruz. I had a horrible problem with front end/tires.

    After 12,000 miles, my tires roared so loudly that I could not hear the radio. I had Michellin check the tires and they said they had never seen tires worn this unevenly.

    The tires were trashed due to the front end being so badly out of alignment the day I drove the car off the lot!

    Per Wal-Mart (believe it or not) they reccomended trying to re-mount the tires on the rims in the opposite direction as a last attemp before I spend $1100.00 on new tires.

    It worked like a charm. I now have 59,700 miles on the Michellin Latitudes though I will be replacing them in the next month. The roar went completely away and the tire wear issue evened out over a month. I did have to have the car aligned a the dealership though.

    I am hearing from others that this Model Hyundai is difficult to keep aligned!

    Good Luck
  • My GLS FWD was built in April of 08 and it has the Kumho 789 Plus tires. Seem to be decent tires and so far I've had good luck in the midwest snow and ice, altough it's better on the highway than in town when it's slippery. Winter tires are certainly the way to go, but I hate to pull these already - not to mention the TPMS hastle if I change something out right now.
  • The GLS trim is equipped with either Hankook or Kumho tires. Its not uncommon for Hyundai to offer both of these Korean brands. The SE and Limited trims are only equipped with Michelins.
  • hiestandhiestand Posts: 10
    About the "squeak" in the rear of the vehicle. My 2008 Veracruz LTD AWD has 24,000 mi and has had the squeak since the beginning. I was told my rear tire had cupping, my service rep, said it was because I probably had driven over something like a curb. But I also hear a thumping syncopated noise from the rear tire area. Probably from the cupping defect. Last Sat. as I pulled into a parking lot off a busy street, the entire spare tire fell out of the bottom of the storage area all over the street. I looked for the "bolt" that holds it into place but it was nowhere to be found. No bolt, just a cable mechanism. Today when I took it in to be put back up into the storage area, I was told the cable holding the spare in place had frayed and broken. Anyone else lose their spare when the cable frayed & broke?
  • jmaulsbyjmaulsby Posts: 54
    At around 30,000 miles, my 2007 SE started making noise due to all four tires being cupped out. The Hyundai dealer has rotated them every 7,500 miles and I keep 32 to 35 psi in the tires. The dealer told me that they did not find anything wrong with the tires! Two separate tire service company reps told me that they were cupped; one man said it was alignment issue and the other man said it was weak shocks or struts or both. Since alignment is not covered by warranty, I paid $115 and the alignment was only slightly out of spec.; a few hundredths of a degree. Struts and shocks were not leaking. Michelin tires do not cup by themselves; not even the OEM tires. Tires still had 7/32" tread. Michelin offered to give me 50% off on a new set of tires for a walk out the door price of $400. I am worried that the shocks/struts will ruin this set of tires as well. IF this was a big issue, more people would be complaining and apparently they are not.
  • ls1993ls1993 Posts: 10
    My 08 VC Limited (3300 miles on it) vibrates when it reaches 70 Mph. It usually last for 5 to 10 seconds then the car comes back to its normal, smooth self. The annoying thing is most of the time when it accelarates to 70 Mph, the vibration returns.
    My first thought was the wheel alignment and balance, got both of them taken care of but the problem persists. Any thought??
  • laweaglelaweagle Posts: 2
    I have a 2008 Veracruz. At about 22,000. miles, I started getting terrible noise vibration from the Michelin tires. I have taken it into the dealership 3 times. The second time, they said the tires had worn improperly and there was cupping on the outer edges due to bad alignment. They realigned the tires 3 months ago. Problem is still as bad if not worse. Looking at these posts, it looks like others have had the same tire problems with the Veracruz. Has anyone determined the cause and if so, is there a fix for the problem?
  • jmaulsbyjmaulsby Posts: 54
    Once the tires are cupped, there is little that can be done to make them ride quiet again. They will only get louder. There is a tire store in Dallas, TX that for $100 will shave off each tire until they are round again. Very few tire stores have this capability anymore.

    How much was the alignment off? Did they provide you with a copy of the printout? If the struts and shocks are not leaking, I am not sure how to prove that they are weak and the cause of the tire cupping. Discount Tire will now be watching my new tires for signs of improper wear as I don't trust the Hyundai dealership to catch it in time.
  • mltgjgmltgjg Posts: 1
    Hello, I am having the same problem with my 2008 VC. I took my vehicle to the dealer, and was informed that a alignment was necessary due to the feathering/cupping on my tires. I have 28,500 miles on my tires, and I have been consistent with maintenance on the vehicle. I have the dealer change the oil and rotate/balance the tires on a regular basis.

    My wife drives the vehicle to and from work ( highway miles) , and the repair tech suggested that pot holes or bumpy roads would cause the misalignment...

    Needless to say, all of this occurred prior to reading this forum. I did pay for the alignment. Now, I'm feeling a sense of being taken advantage of. Furthermore, I am concerned that this will continue to be a costly process. Especially, the wear and tear on tires and having to replace them often.

    If you don't mind me asking, what was your outcome and what recourse have you considered?

  • laweaglelaweagle Posts: 2
    Fortunately, at the urging of the Hyundai Service Manager, I contacted Michelin and Michelin agreed to replace the tires with a generous concession even though there were 31,000. miles on the tires. The tires would have been warranted for 65,000. miles if they had been purchased from a Michelin dealer instead of being original equipment tires. Now, I will watch the tread wear closely on the new tires and perhaps routinely get a wheel alignment check. It sounds like this Veracruz model may have difficulty in keeping the wheel alignment correct. I will update this post as the facts develop.
  • jmaulsbyjmaulsby Posts: 54
    Did your Hyundai dealership provide you with a copy of the wheel alignment printout so that you could look at it and ask questions? Unless the alignment numbers were several degrees off the recommend specs, that is not the problem. My alignment numbers were off the Hyundai recommended specs by a few tenths of a degree and my tires were cupped. There is still a good possibility that sets of weak struts and/or shocks were installed and they are not holding the wheels to the road firmly enough to prevent cupping. How much did Michelin agree to discount the new set of tires? They gave me 50% off of a new set; as I had 31,000 miles on my tires.
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