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Pontiac Torrent door wiring harness problem



  • Hi everyone. I have also been searching for a fix for the drivers side door window and lock/unlock switch. What exactly do I need to ask to have done to get these wires replaced?

    I also have had MANY other problems. I have gone to the dealership and paid for services that DIDN'T fix the issue.

    Other issues that I still have with my 2006 Pontiac Torrent iclude:

    -I have had to replace both catalytic converters for the Torrent, which I had done prior to the warranty expiring even though I was told they shouldn’t go bad so quickly -I have taken the Torrent to 3 different AC places on at least 6 different occasions and still have an issue with my AC. Unless I leave it on the highest fan setting, it stops blowing cold after about 5 minutes. No one can tell me what is wrong. They have replaced the fan, hoses and more. I took it to a dealership because I read on a blog that it could be fixed with a system recalibration. That didn’t work either but the dealership happily took my money. -My driver’s side window no longer works and after having the motor replaced because we were told that was the issue, it still does not work and they cannot seem to figure out what is wrong. -The lock/unlock switch on the driver’s side no longer works even after having it replaced. -I have had to rev the engine for about a year when starting it up in order for it to actually start. Otherwise it acts like it is going to start but immediately dies. Noone even knows what that is about except my check engine light just came on with a code of PO120.

    Has anyone else had these issues with their 2006 Pontiac Torrent?


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