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Isuzu Axiom cold weather problems

I have a 2004 Isuzu Axiom I love the vehicle & have been happy with it, however last winter & now this winter when the temperature gets below zero the truck will start & I will let it idle for 10-15 minutes & then it dies & will not start again unless it sits for a while & then it does the same thing, has any one else had this problem?


  • ricradoricrado Posts: 1
    that hapen to me all the time and I need to wait not lest than 15 seconds and try againg i have alot o problems. like black glue dripen by the doors i tink is from the spekers all doors, and some knocking sound wen I turn the car on, the oil just go away no sings off drip and I park on the same spot, not smoke. and one day It was cold and raining, I turn the car on and pull in to a busy road i feel that the tire spin so I take gas off, and the truck automatic acelerate for like 4 seconds and couse the car to make 360 i just wen back to parking lot, now i know how works, I just be carefull and some times it wont take gas only go up to like 25 mph it says engine power lose I wait and go away it will doit againg like every 6 monts, I well not spend money on fixit if it go i will get another I love this truck but I will not buy anoter one
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