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Conversion Van Pricing



  • solvesolve Posts: 5
    The 83 Chevy StarCraft is a Limited Edition and on the StarCraft paperwork it says the model is a SE301. Thank you again for all the help jboater, it seems you come to a lot of peoples rescue.

    I wish I could get some of the Explorer owners to chime in with some info on there dealings. The Explorer rep all of sudden disappeared when I started asking for some pricing, so I called HQ and they won't talk, they say I have to talk to the regional rep.
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    I'll check the book Monday and post for you.

  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    You're welcome!

  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    NADA lists a SE 300 for '93 and a SE 301 for '94.
    The '93 300 whsle 1920. retail 2430.
    The '94 301 whsle 1790. retail 2260.

    check Edmunds for cargo chassis value.

  • solvesolve Posts: 5

    Thanks for the information on the StarCraft.


    For everyone else that is looking for a new Conversion van here is my experience(opinion/information) on Explorer.

    1. If Explorer treats customers they way the treat prospects, don't buy one! Here is why.
    I sent e-mails to HQ, and to the regional rep, I also called HQ and the regional rep, I paged the regional rep. And guess what. No one would call me back and no one responded back to my e-mails. I finally reached someone at HQ on the phone and they would not talk to me they said I had to talk to the regional rep....who doesn't return calls, e-mails or pages.

    2. Quality - the van does seem very well made, and I have not heard anything to change that feeling.

    3. Price - I was looking at a 2000 GMC with the X package (fully loaded all the bells and whistles) sport top. The sticker price was $46,900. I got the GMC dealer in Manassas, VA. down to $39,500. He told me his cost on the van was $37,000. If he went below 39,500 he felt he was not going to make any money on the deal... lets see, GMC has a $500 dealer incentive on the savana, and I was going to order my van so 3% holdback was another $750+ I guess this dealer wants more than $3000 profit on each van they sell. Lets see if their tune changes closer to the end of the month. But I must say, at this point I am no longer interested in owning an Explorer Package.

    My current van the 93 Starcraft I also bought new. The sticker in 93 was $38,000 we paid $25,000. I hope all this information helps anyone else that is looking to purchase a new Conversion van.
    P.S. StarCraft answers e-mails and phone calls.
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    I too once owned a Starcraft and found the company to be very good to work with.

  • My wife and I have 4 young kids and one on the way. We are interested in a conversion van that seats 8 or 9 comfortably. Any suggestions as to models? Is there such a thing as a conversion van with 4 bucket seats and two bench seats? Thanks in advance for the info. John
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    I've never seen the configuration you are looking for.
  • Jordan Ford in San Antonio Texas recently had a Ford extended conversion van with 6 captains chairs and a rear bench. Don't remember the conversion company, and had never seen one like it before. You might contact them for more information about a coversion van that seats more than 7.
  • I currently have a 1990 Ford E150 Explorer conversion van. I have been extremely pleased with it. It was recently totaled in an accident and I am looking to replace it. My experience with Explorer has been very good so far. I contacted the company, and got the name of the local rep. He called me immediately, and has been very responsive. I have identified the options I want, and will have to order one from the factory, but the rep has been very easy to work with. I have looked at all the conversions around San Antonio, and, am still a big Explorer fan.

    I have four kids, and with the exception of one overhead light, everything on my 1990 still works. I have been very impressed with the quality of the conversion, and that's the main reason I am looking at replacing it with an Explorer.

    The only difference is that I am looking at a new GMC Savana instead of a Ford this time around. Anybody have any input on the Savana? I'm looking at the 1500 with the 5.7L V8. Occasionally, I tow a utility trailer and a 3000 lb. pontoon boat.
  • Due to a change in personal circumstances, I am not using my 97 Econoline E-150 with the Glaval Hightop conversion, and want to sell it. I won't be trading it in - just selling it, sad to say.

    My questions are -

    1) how do I find out what a reasonable price is - (20,000 miles, properly maintained, 5.4 V8, Electric Seats and Windows, running boards, and a stupid little TV that we never use.)

    2) what is the best way to go about selling it?

    (I should add that I tried taking it to a local CarMax here in Gaithersburg MD and got a price which I desperately hope is too low (14,800).
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    The conversion wholesale can be estimated at 41-43% and the retail at 55-57% of original msrp. Glaval chooses not to release price info to the likes of NADA.
    You can check Edmunds for cargo van values.
    Absent the msrp, if the CarMax price is a wholesale price you could add 2,500 to 3,000 for retail price.
  • Quinn - thanks for the info re Jordan Ford. I called but the conversion they had in stock had six captains' chairs but no rear bench. I emailed some of the coverter companies directly; it can be madeon an extended version van; but it may not be worth the extra price. Thanks for your assistance, John
  • dalegadalega Posts: 2
    I've been shopping for a late model used con version van for a few weeks now and have run across a few companies that I don't have any information on. Anyone have information on quality, owner satisfaction, web site address, etc. on these converters? Eclipse, Sherrod, Regency, Jayco, American, and Gulf Stream. I can be contacted at Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • solvesolve Posts: 5

    Thanks for the input on the Explorer. It is good to hear from a current owner that feels highly of the company and the quaility. I guess I have just had an unresponsive sales rep, I will see if they start calling me at the end of the month. I would like to trade pricing info with you further as we both seem to be attempting to order a new GMC. I am looking at the x package on the GMC with the 5.7. I have posted my first go around with the sales people.

    I currently have a 93 Chevy with the 5.7 and It has been very reliable and durable. We use it for trips heading from VA to WVA and Arkansas, lots of mountains etc. I set the cruise control and let it roll, no problems pulling either. Only problem I have had is that it is rough on brakes, but that is normal on a full size van.
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199
    NADA has no data available for Regency. A review of three other mfg's indicate whsle at 36 - 42% and retail at 50 - 58% of original msrp.
    NADA '97 Ford cargo van whsle 12,000. retail 14,400. Deduct 975. for hi miles.

    Suggest you compare cargo value with Edmunds.

  • jfallonjfallon Posts: 2
    Quality Coach, Elkhart, IN built the used 1994 conversion E150 I am interested in and I would like to know:
    1. Quality Coach reputation and
    2. Current value of their 1994 orig $11,000 MSRP Conversion.
    I have the Chateau van-only value from Edmunds, just need the Conversion value or an approximation.
  • jboaterjboater Posts: 199

    Here are 3 possible models;
    Limited msrp 8,900. whsle 2,700. retail 3,420.
    Limited HiTop 11,900. msrp whsle 3,630. retail 4,600.
    Trendsetter HiTop 8,995. msrp whsle 2,720. retail 3,440.

    I recommend using Cargo van values. Club Wagon or Chateau vans are fully finished oem vans. The converter does not use these type of units for conversion but rather an "RV" ready version.

  • Hi, I am new to this board. I could use some help. My Dad purchased this van in Nov 98 so he & my Mom could take some trips in comfort. He got to make two trips. He passed away March 1 99. The problem is this is the only vehicle my Mom has & she can't drive it. I am trying to get a rough idea what to sell it for or trade in value. It is loaded - leather seats, tri fold bed, tv(lcd), vcp, 2 cd players, nintendo hookups, hot/cold drink holders. Really nice vehicle real clean less than 16,000 miles. We really love it but not real practicle since I am the only one that can drive it. Any Advise? MSRP was over $46,000.
  • jfallonjfallon Posts: 2
    Based on your help and information, Jerry, I was able to come together on price and now own the 94 E150 5.8L with Trendsetter Conversion and 67k miles. Paid $12,400 and am happy with a spotless, well-serviced, ready-to-go van. Thanks.
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