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Conversion Van Pricing



  • It has 80k miles, it is a conversion van, extended size, 1500, holds 7 or 8 people, but it is a flat top, Sherrod EVO I. It has no TV, cloth interior, towing package, running boards. I'm not really sure why it's a conversion van, since it doesn't have so many of the extras, but it is one. It's well taken care of and I know the owners. I do not want to insult them, but the best I can verify is about $8000. KBB lists low, NADA is high, the loan folks don't care, and ebay has high bidders about 6600. has lots of folks asking about $10,000, but I don't know if they are actually getting it. Please. Any help is appreciated. :confuse:
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 974
    Hi, jah3,

    While we don't allow buying and selling in our Forums, you're likely to get some feedback about the value of your van in one of the discussions in our Smart Shopper Forum. You might also try the vehicle pricing options at -- just click the Used VEhicles tab to get started.

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  • I know this must be a age old question on this site. But I have a 2003 Gmc Regency high top package. It stickered for $57,100 in 2003 but we paid $46,000 for it. Now I want to sell it with 44,000 miles on it and it is worth nothing.

    Where do we sell our Fancy Conversion Vans????

    Tony :confuse:
  • Hello
    I am curious if you found out a way to find what the van you were looking at is worth. I have a 1998 Ford Mark III Conversion van that has been hit and the insurance company wants to total and we feel the are under valuing it. If you can pass any info on to me it would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You
  • I was recently at the Chicago auto show and saw Explorer conversion vans. The 9 passenger extended version seems to fit my needs but I don't know how to figure out the true dealer cost will all of the options. The salesman from Explorer only told me that the MSRP was 63K to 64K and they were doing a show special at 51K. Is there a way to confirm it on Edmunds?
  • joredsonjoredson Posts: 1
    I'm trying to price a 94 chevy gladiator high top conversion van for a friend. It has 135,000 highway miles, loaded, with tilt, cruise, pwr windows, pwr brakes, pwr steering,leather seats, capt chairs, am/fm cassette stereo, TV, VCR, bed. Garage kept.
  • We also have been looking to purchase an extended conversion van. Did you ever receive a response regarding an appropriate price range? We are also interested in most of the options (26" flat screen, GPS, leather,) but 63K seems out of the question. Any input about ordering directly from Explorer, a dealer, or online?
  • kotikdkotikd Posts: 1
    :cry: I want to but a motorhome, so I chose this 1988 Ford E-350, its a conversion van with shower and toilet, stove, fridge, sleeps 5, and has 126,000km on it. WHAT DO YOU THINK IS A FAIR PRICE FOR IT? the owner says it drives well. :confuse:

    Thank You to everyone who helps
  • I want to sell my 1998 Chevy Conversion Van and am having lots of trouble finding how to price it since Anaheim is out of business. Any help on what to price it at would be greatly appreciated. It is a low top St Regis Conversion and in good condition. Thanks.
  • bizzybmombizzybmom Posts: 1
    My husband wants to sell this van, but we have no clue what it is worth. The estate charged us $6500 off of his trust amount... It has 90K miles on it. Where do I find a price? Kelley Blue Book doesn't work for conversion vans....
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,850
    It depends on the company that did the conversion. I would look at NADA RV values. It is also a free service. You can also check traderonline for used RV prices. Good luck
  • kmoltegkmolteg Posts: 2
    does anybody know where I could find some info; on internet or personal exp; on how much is should cost to repair the connecting rods. I got a quote of $4000 but I really don't have that much $...I have a friend who is a
    "hobby mechanic" but pretty much knows his stuff and says that it can be fixed for about $2000 if you do it yourself.
    I know the engine needs to be removed but he's not too sure if the whole front end needs to come off. I really don't want to spend $4000 (don't really have it) and I really love my "old Betsy". I don't know whether it's worth it to fix or sell "as is" Any help would be grealy appreciated!
  • GM/Chevrolet changed their chassis in 1996.
  • You can try
  • bgnbgn Posts: 1
    Seems I was one of the latest victims of that place Just Vee Dubs - Jose Ortega. Now located in Albuquergue NM 4801 Ellison NE. If somebody had recently similar experience would appreciate an e-mail. Lost $3,5k and my core engine.
  • Hi all,

    Trying to figure out what the trade in value is for a 1993 Explorer Conversion Van on GMC Vandura 2500 Frame. The only sight that seems to address converstion vans is the NADA site, and for some reason, it only goes back to 1997 for the explorer vans. Any insight would be appreciated.
  • tom777tom777 Posts: 1
    Greetings! I have owned a 1993 E-150 MarkIII Conversion Van since new ... and can attest to a highway mileage figure of 14mpg. What has impressed me about the vehicle however is the durability of the engine. Mine is the 200hp V8 variety ... and at 148,000 miles ... still runs superbly!

    I did a few things early on to protect the engine ... treated it with Duralube, and was careful to use only one oil product ... a Synthetic ... MobilOne.

    Interestingly, my latest NJ MVB inspection scored a wonderful 114 against an allowable hydrocarbon level of 1510 ... and burns NO oil! Ford made a great product!

    The weight and height gives a great feeling of security and makes the miles go easily.

    We just purchased a Lexus 400h however, and will probably be selling the MarkIII Conversion, as we also own a Jag and a 40 ft Motor Coach ... and the van is seldom used.

    What do you feel would be a reasonable selling price for this vehicle?

    Cordially, Tom
  • nwraaanwraaa Posts: 159
    Between $4,000.00 to $6,000.00.
  • Why don't you just call your local Explorer Rep and ask him the invoice? You can find them on the net at www. explorervan . com or call 574 267 7666
  • Hi does any body no of after market products to get more miles per gallon out of my 1996 ford e150 conver,van.I have to use this to carry dissabled folks.cant afford
    new vech. I do change oil and air filter reg,and check tyres daily. any help would be great.
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