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Toyota Venza vs Lexus RX 350



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I like my '01 AWD RX300 but if the Venza were available with a DFI I4 and F/awd that's where I would go.
  • I've test driven both and I must say, Toyota did a very good job with the pics on their website. The car just feels and looks cheap and the drive is nowhere smooth or quiet as Lexus and I was disappointed after mere few minutes into the test drive. There is just no comparison. Lexus is of a better quality by far.
  • jkenleyjkenley Posts: 64
    I sat in a Venza to check it out. As soon as I got into the car, it felt too small for my needs, no where near as big as an RX. The cargo space is very small. It was nice but in my opinion, not as nice as the RX.
    I believe the 2010 rx is basicly a fancy venza but don't quote me on it
  • @ GuessWho, I dont know what Venza, you got in; maybe the one you can drive from your computer chair?.... But that is not at all true. I have driven both and they are both whisper quiet, and the only main difference in the interior is the placement of a few electronic components, and very VERY slight design differences. And, as far as power goes, they both use 3.5 liter engines, and the Lexus gets 275hp vs the Venza's 268hp, so again, virtually no difference there. Maybe you're comparing a low-end Venza with gray interior to a high-end Lexus with an upgraded tan leather interior, I dont know, but it sounds like you wanted to be disappointed just because of your preconceptions of Lexus vs. Toyota.

    This is proven by how you say "there is no comparison", when the car interior AND exteriors are nearly identical. Similar to if you bought something in a retail store for $200, and the next day you find a comparable model with high ratings for only $50 that people say is just as good, if not better. Oh well, I guess what it mainly comes down to is if you have an extra $10,000 dollars to blow. I'm not at all saying the one is better than the other, but for the money and for people who are looking to get good value out of their car, I'm just saying you can really get the same thing with a few design differences for $10,000 less.

    @ jkenley, did you adjust the seats? I am 6'1" and feel there is plenty of room; of course, I dont really need anything else in the backseats in the car, but Venza actually has more cargo space than the 2009 and 2010 RX 350; Lexus has 38 feet of cargo room and 84 total cubic feet of interior space, whereas the Venza has 42 feet of cargo room and 94 cubic feet of interior space.
  • Venom,

    ok, it's rather obvious. which toyota dealer do you work for? there's no need to be defensive and insult a regular joe consumer who's done a totally unbiased comparison of both vehicles. I was actually excited about checking out venza after seeing it on the toyota website and test driving the rx. I test drove the top end venza. sure, you'll get a fairly good value car in venza, but if you want high quality end, you just cant top lexus. ask any lexus owner.

    also, you'd have to be pretty blind if you really think "the car interior AND exteriors are nearly identical." nice try, but that was a pathetic attempt. come up w/ a better sales line next time and if you want to earn any credibility, prepubescent insulting is the last technique you should use.
  • I dont work for any Toyota dealer, I'm a consumer who can fairly look at two cars, ignoring the names, and state which is the better value for the cost. Its when people make BS statements like "The car just feels and looks cheap and the drive is nowhere smooth or quiet as Lexus and I was disappointed after mere few minutes into the test drive" that I come with the response I did. You keep talking about how much better the Lexus is with "high-end" this and that, when they literally have the same features. Did you not see this post?

    Unless by high quality you mean 'The Lexus has wood grain on the wheel, and the Venza doesn't', you must be flat-out "blind" to not see the similarities in the car. Especially after looking at the side-by-side pics in the post above. There is nothing cheap about either car, they both have the same features and options available; the layout is the only difference. If you want to argue that the Lexus is better because the placement of the center vents are horizontal rather than vertical, have fun talking to yourself.

    And as far as the exterior differences...:


    Okay, connect the Lexus headlights to the center grille, add some more curves and smooth indents to the car body, and you have what looks pretty damn similar to a Venza. Or vice versa. Your argument really has no grounds.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..feels and looks cheap..."

    Isn't Lexus marketing oriented to make exactly these points..??

    So why do you find it surprising that someone takes that position...??
  • jkenleyjkenley Posts: 64
    If the 2010 rx is a fancy Venza then the size of the 2010 rx has shrunk. I know the Venza looks like the RX from the outside and that is the very reason I went to look at the venza. Once we got into the venza we immediately said that it was too small and never took it out for a test drive. We have ridden in an rx, we have an es 330 and when it's in the shop we get an rx as a loaner. No comparison in size, the rx is definately bigger.
  • Yes, Lexus marketing probably does aim to make those points, but I dont think that necessarily means that the Toyota designers just have to "accept" the role as the obviously lower-priced version, and with this specific model I think they blurred the line a bit. I'm sure maybe next year Lexus will add a bit more to differentiate itself from the Venza after seeing how Toyota stepped their game up, but as of now I don't think they were expecting this type of competition. Either way, I like Lexus, and I like Toyota, just saying there is not a significant apparent difference between these two specific models.
  • terry79terry79 Posts: 27
    I haven't driven the Venza mainly because of the 20" tires. I've heard comments that the ride could be smoother if they had 17" or 18" tires. I mean what's next,
    22" rims with spinners. Some people that have bought the highlander don't even like the 19" tires because of treadwear issues and only two or three tires that
    are currently available. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I'd rather more rubber than more steel.
  • berriberri Posts: 4,142
    I don't like those big wheels on the Highlander and Venza either. Not only will they probably wear faster and be expensive to replace, but they likely hurt ice and snow traction as well. I think a smaller dimension wheel would allow more rubber and a better ride, as well as much lower replacement costs.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Yeah, but those 20" wheels make an otherwise fairly ho-hum cross-over look pretty hip. That was my reaction when I first saw a photo of a Venza. All I saw was those huge wheels, and thought, "what the hell model is that?" :shades:
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    I like the Venza, but the difference between it and the RX is more than just "the layout." The RX is simply more luxurious and the 2010 model differentiates itself quite well from the Venza. The 2010 RX will likely start at least $10K higher than the base Venza V6. It should look and feel more expensive because it is.

    What this means to you all depends on your expectations. Those with "Lexus" expectations are likely to conclude that the leather isn't as soft, the woodgrain trim far inferior to real wood, and the ride much too rough. Those with "Toyota" expectations will probably find the Venza to be one of the better interiors in the Toyota lineup.

    I'm sure the product managers at Toyota and Lexus mull over positioning extensively when planning their respective products. Even the wheel choice probably reflects the differing target audience. The Venza has 20" wheels that look great.

    The 2010 RX has 19" wheels (with 18" standard) -- sacrificing appearance for what's probably a quieter, smoother ride. I saw a 2010 RX with 18" wheels in person today and was disappointed with the way it looked, especially when it was parked near a Venza with those 20" wheels. ;)
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..look pretty hip.."

    You can ride in comfort on 17" or 18" wheels are you can have perfect strangers think you are "hip".....
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If I could buy a new F/awd 2010 RX with the Venza'a upcoming DFI I4 my order would already be in.
  • jkenleyjkenley Posts: 64
    Venomshot, are the 2010's out already? I'm curious to see one myself as I will be turning in a vehicle in May.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    You can ride in comfort on 17" or 18" wheels are you can have perfect strangers think you are "hip".....

    Vehicle appearance can be an important factor and wheel choice can play a big role in the overall "look" of the vehicle.

    There are a lot of other factors, so the question isn't as simple as you posed it. Personally, I like the way the 20" wheels look, I think the ride quality is firm but still very acceptable, and I'm glad Toyota took some risks on the design that they wouldn't have on a more general-purpose model such as the Camry or Highlander.
  • macpromacpro Posts: 52
    People have mentioned (not just on this forum) that replacing the 20 in tires are very expensive. I did a quick check on

    17 in tires are $98.000 each and 20 in tires are $102.00 each. Not a significant difference.

    As far as ride goes, I'm very pleased. Just for reference both my wife and I have owned Lexus vehicles for the last 10 years.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    The 2010 RX 350 goes on sale in February, I believe. They are starting to arrive at the ports now. I saw at least a dozen of them awaiting processing at my local Lexus receiving area.

    I don't think pricing has been released. On other message boards, the Canadian pricing and packaging was shared, but nothing yet for the US. The rumor was a $1.5K increase over 2009 MSRPs. The 2009 base MSRP is $38.5K, so I would guess a base of $40K + typical options.

    The RXs I saw looked better in person than the photos and it'll have all the features of the Venza plus more. I'm guessing a $8-10K premium over a similarly equipped Venza, though.
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