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talk about hyundai

hyunhyun Posts: 2
edited March 10 in Hyundai
Ithink hyundai do the best cars in the world for


  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Are you speaking of the Accent hatchback model?

  • ACCENTACCENT Posts: 10
    After own a 95 Sonata GLS-V6, with no problems, and know owning a 98 Sonata GLS-V6, with no problems. I think Hyundai has come a long way since the first Excel's, Sonata's, and Elantra's.
  • billysbillys Posts: 11
    We have a great time with our Accent Hatchback - we own it for 3 years, drove 40,000 miles and did not have a single problem. Especially I like the gas mileage - we drove from PA to FL and spent only $80 on gas! Just for references, AmTrak ticket to Florida costs $299 for one person.

    I know Accent is a good nice car, and I want to sell it to good people. Sometimes they ask: Why do you get rid of this car, what's wrong with it?
    I don't know why they ask this question, but my answer it: NOTHING WRONG, it is a great hatchback.
    Perfect for driving, and acceleration is very good (always ahead of other cars and SUVs!). Anyway, if someone is interested to get a used good Accent, visit my site:

  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    I think hyun, billys, and ACCENT are all the same person. Maybe trying to use Edmunds to sell a Hyundai??? Not nice trying to fool us!
  • billysbillys Posts: 11
    pam2 - what is YOUR problem? Are you here to complain about everything? I checked your messages on the board and have not find anything related to automobiles. Are you trying just to spend time on the Net? Get a life!
  • This posting was good for a laugh! :) Not much in the way of info though. Good luck Hyundai owners. From what I've heard of Hyundais, you'll need it.
  • billysbillys Posts: 11
    I suspect that (s)pam2 and zhacharylaurie is just one person. You better laugh when you have nothing to say ;)
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    I don't see you denying anything. I guess that makes me right.

    Too bad this thing doesn't also have a grammar check for Billys.
  • billysbillys Posts: 11
    Sure, you are right (hope you feel better now). I wrote all messages on Edmunds boards, including message #9 in this topic.

    If you think English is the only language in the world, think again.
  • emmett1emmett1 Posts: 20
    Not only is English not the only language in the world( a VERY astute observation on your part), it's also not a language written by you. It was easy to see all of the postings were by the same person, due to the savage abuse given the written word in every one. The same grammatical mistakes were in every posting.....Good job Pam. Hyundais are what they claim to transportation with an extended warranty. The warranty isn't much of a selling point if the biggest claim to fane is that you'll always use it. Have a nice day
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185

    Thanks for the compliment! I like your description of his use of the English language!! At least I'm not the only one who saw it! :)
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Surely the Town Hall is not the place for savage abuse, grammatical or otherwise! :-) Let's talk about cars and not one another.

  • billysbillys Posts: 11
    carlady: I agree with you, that's what I was trying to point out in posting #5. I have not heard an opinion on Hyundais from somebody with the name pam2, except remarks about spelling and grammar.

    emmett1: I skip 2/3 of your remarks about YOUR savage abuse (well again, think thrice then if you think English is the only language people speak and learn). Regarding Hyundais: If it is cheap and acceptable transportation plus it has a good warranty - what's wrong with it? Also Accent is the same class as Honda Civic, but costs $4,000 less, and there is no difference in comfort and driving these cars (recent Hyundai design is much better than Civic). Your point: ... well, it's cheap transporation... well, it has a nice extended warranty... but I drive a car that costs twice more and has no warranty..., well, that's why Hyundai is not good enough. Have a nice day too!
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    OK, Billys, here's my comments about Hyundais.

    I think they're crap and would never buy one. Cheap, yes. But unreliable, definitely. You get what you pay for. If you don't pay much, then you don't get much. Resale value is horrible as well.

    And no need to play innocent with Carlady. You were the first one with a nasty remark to me. All I did was point out that I thought all the postings came from the same person. The reason behind my conclusion was the poor use of grammar that was found in all the posts.
  • Matty98Matty98 Posts: 2
    Hyundai is one of the fastest growing car companies, and with their recently redesigned Sonata, they now meet the quality standards of honda and toyota, (they said so themselves), i have a 98 ACCENT GSi and i am trading it in For a Tiburon FX this summer,
    my $0.02
  • billysbillys Posts: 11
    pam2, I respect you opinion even if you don't have one. I did not force you to say anything about Hyundais, it would not be good comment anyway. Since you have not driven it (I assume from your comments), you can't say if it's good or bad. Check out comments about Hyundais from other people on this forum and you'll see that you are alone. Also, you are not a good detective, pam2. If I would try to simulate responses from other people, you would not even notice that. And thank you for spotting a poor use of grammar - you really get excited about that.
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    Alone??? Hardly! Anyone with half a brain knows that Hyundais are crap. Try taking off your blinders and have a look around.

    And try to remember what happens when you "assume" something.
  • Actually, I'm not pam2. I have no idea who she is. Unless she is an 18 year old male who attends Miami University in Oxford, Oh, she is not me. Maybe Hyundai has come a long way in reliability, but I have had many bad experiences with Hyundais. I'm buying a car this week over spring break, and because of my past experiences, I will not buy a Hyundai. The new ones may be very reliable, but the older ones are not (generally, there may be exceptions.)

    Personally, I don't agree with pam2 completely. Some people love Hyundais. I won't call them crap, because many people feel that my dream car, a Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable, is a crappy car. To each their own.
  • billysbillys Posts: 11
    to #18:

    > Anyone with half a brain knows
    > that Hyundais are crap.
    LOL! Now I know that happens if the other half of a brain is removed or damaged! Well, it's a good argument for defense, but it does not prove that Hyundais are crap.

    to #19:
    As other fellow mentioned, there were problems with Hyundai Excel, which Hyundai has stopped manufacturing back in 1994. I personally have not heard of any problems with Accents, for example, and I know people who drove 150,000 miles on them without a problem.
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