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Hyundai Accent Hatchbacks



  • hsohso Posts: 9
    Accent is simply better car than metro!!
    No doubt about it.
  • I've had my Accent for almost a year now, and it
    seems to be what you pay for so far. No problems
    yet, a very comfortable car (especially after my
    previous car - 88 Pontiac LeMans). The whistling
    sound is always present when the car accelerates,
    but it is not much of a problem because once you're driving, you have a good amount of road noise inside the cabin. The ride could be a littl smoother, also. But other than that, it is a nice little car with huge expandable trunk. And you can change oil only 5-7,000 miles (owner's manual). Although, right now I would probably buy a Toyota Echo because of its resale value, or a Ford Focus hatchback because it looks like a real hatchback. But Hyundai makes more sense if you plan on owning the car for a long time.
  • I noticed that all hyundais use the same size oil filter. The 1.5 L accent has the exact same oil filter as the 2.4 L sonata. I assume that the big oil filter benefits the accent the most since it has the smallest engine.
  • I have found that the original tires on the accent don't function well in heavy rain, slick and snow covered roads. I am talking about a few inches of snow. Has anyone else had this experience? Your feedback is greatly appreciated. thanks
  • I bought my Accent early in 1997 and have had no real problems. I've got 30k on it so far and the only problem I can identify is an annoying rattle that comes from inside the wall on the rear passenger (right side) area. Like any car, every time I took it in to the dealer the rattle was no where to be found (and came back as soon as I left). Other than that the car has been a good value for the money. As for the Metro/Accent debate I have owned both cars and believe me there is NO comparison. I'd pick an Accent over the Metro without hesitation. The Metro just isn't as as well put together. Guess thats why I'm on my third Hyundai and only owned 1 Metro.
  • Slava,

    That whistling is the resonator on the exhaust system. There is a Technical service bulletin on it. I took mine back to service and they took car of it while I waited. In and out in maybe 1/2 hour.

  • Dose anyone know if the Acents are capalble of towing, I mean like little 4 x 6 travel trailors. I know some compacts can tow up to 1500, while others will state that towing will void the the warranty. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated
  • I read in the owner's manual that towing your accent will VOID your warranty. That's the last thing that I would want. I have a 99 Accent that I really enjoy, except that I wish it had a little more power.
  • that also voids your warranty
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    That sounds strange, chrees. I can understand that they don't want you towing with an Accent. What happens if your car breaks down and has to be towed? That voids your warranty? Do other manufacturers do the same?

  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    mzn: a lot of cars cannot be towed, not a drawback anyway. Most "wrecker" operators have "tilt-bed" trucks and simply winch it on board. much more desirable than being towed or loaded on a "dolly" type device.

    I have been looking at the 2000 Accentsa and am very impressed with the fit and finish and overall quality for such a inexpensive car.

  • jtnettjtnett Posts: 4
    After some research and much test driving, I just bought a 2000 Accent GS. I love it so far after only 200 miles. I've gone 175 city miles on half a tank which is far better than the 89 GMC Jimmy SUV I traded for it could ever do. My only concern is that the dealer had to look out of state for a GS w/ a 5-speed. He found a really sweet charcoal gray one with far more options than I originally wanted but I liked it anyway. Back to my concern - he had a driver pick it up and drive it 200 miles to here. I noticed there were suction cup marks where the driver undoubtedly used a radar detector. I'm concerned that the first 200 mile break-in limitations were not followed. Should I be worried?

    Also, I test drove several Metros (new and used, manual and auto), a Honda Civic DX, two Kia's and a Mazda Protege and the Accent was the best pick for me: style (I like conservative sportiness), options (CD, pwr steering, spoiler, custom floor mats, a/c, pwr windows and locks, intermittent front and rear window wipers, rear defog) and a killer warranty. I couldn't get near the Metro for what I paid for the Accent. The metro may get great mpg but, in my opinion, it has little else. I was going to order an Accent and the dealer offered me a program car off the lot until mine came in, and finally I get free lifetime oil changes every 3k miles. I couldn't pass it up. Well, yes I could have but there was a $500 rebate on top of my trade. So I'm satisfied for now except for the concern above so any comments on this are welcome. Thanks.

    Oh, I also found that the CD/radio is the temporary fix for the whistling and road noise :)
  • jtnettjtnett Posts: 4
    I hope you're still looking for some conversation about Accents. I'm willing to talk about as much as I know and I have more questions, like, has anyone put an aftermarket stereo in a late model accent? Is there much modification necessary? Is the whistling fix necessary? Where the heck is the cruise option?

    I'm sorry if I don't seem like the type to own a computer. My 75Mhz Pentium is still playin a mean Tiberian Sun and Chess game. MS Office 2k works great too. Even so, I might have to go get a new computer with all the money I saved on my new car (and gas).
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Thanks for the explanation, floridian! I appreciate it. I wonder if the cruise package means cruise control, jtnett.

  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    What did you end up paying for the car after tax, tag, and license? How much did they give you for trade-in? I'm curious as to what kind of deals 2000 Accent owners have been getting because I will be looking at that as my next car within 6 months. It seems like the best deal out there, though I would rather have the Elantra. Also, how is the power of the engine when mated to the stick and how does it shift? How does the optional CD stereo sound? Does the car feel solid, especially when you close the doors? How loud is the engine when accelerating and cruising?Thanks ahead of time for any input.
  • poconojoepoconojoe Posts: 42
    Thanks for owning a computer. I was just trying to stir up some conversation in a very slow forum. I enjoy conversing with other Hyundai owners. Thats why I include my e-mail address on my profile.

    As far as the whistling noise, it was worth it to me. The noise was annoying.
    I was thinking of getting aftermarket cruise. I drive 83 mi. each way to work and could use a leg rest.

    I have always been concerned about buying a new car with miles on it already. Nobody will baby it like you will during break in. There is a topic about "Break in periods" I think under the maintenance section. The opinions run from one extreme to the other.

    With the money I saved on the Accent my wife bought a Sonata.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Well, I am the proud and happy owner of a new 2000 Accent L hatchback. The only option on the car was A/C. Don't even bother asking what I paid for the car, cause I know I paid way too much for it. But the dealer was the first one that could finance me without a cosignor. Considering I have no car credit and am a 20 yr old college student, I am still in shock they sold me the car, though at a pretty penny. Anyway, this car is one solid car! The doors close with the same solid thunk of my mom's Honda. It drives ultra smooth and is peppier than I expected. The clutch is smoother and easier to engage than the Focus or Sephia I drove. The black color makes the car look sporty. The seats are very firm and comfortable, and the car is very quiet cruising down the road (the main thing heard is tire noise). The engine isn't even audible at idle and doesn't shake the steering wheel at all with the A/C on. The interior is well designed and is made of some very nice looking plastics. I could not even find a single production fault on the car. I think the whole crappy Korean car image, especially with Hyundai, is undeserved. Based on how solid the car feels and how well it drives, I have faith that it will last me for many years with little or no problems. The only complaint I have about the car is its ridiculously weak sounding horn. Overall, I think the Accent is a great buy, as long as you come prepared to buy a car, unlike me, LOL. As they say...

    Driving is Believing!!
  • jtnettjtnett Posts: 4
    Well, I'm over a thousand miles into my Accent experience and I'm still loving it! 1ngtonge18, sorry I didn't reply until after you bought your car but I think you made a great choice. I ended up paying $9900 out the door after getting a $2200 trade on my 89 S-15 Blazer. I think I could have done better (don't we all)if I would have read more on this website about dealing, but I got in a hurry and was intimidated by the dealer. Oops. I don't know how much lower I could've went but I'm satisfied for what I knew.
    As for the engine, there's not much power off the line. I see a lot of cars run up on me while I'm getting going. Then again, it isn't a race car and I've never owned such a small car but the Accent gets the job done. I am impressed with its ability to accelerate in 3rd, 4th, and 5th gears. It's smooth and quiet up to 65-70 mph. After that, the engine remains smooth but I can begin to hear it working although it isn't straining. I just finished the break-in period so I'm wanting to take it up over 70 mph to see whatit'll do.
    Shifting in and out of 1st and 2nd is slightly rough and I get a little grind every so often and sometimes it does not like to go into 1st from a stop, but all the other stick operations are smooth. I wonder if the grinding can be taken care of with an adjustment? I'm also not sure how smart it was to mount the alternator only an inch away from the catalytic converter. I think there's too much heat in that location.
    I'm also not sure I'd spend any extra money for the CD player. Mine skips and the rear speakers are way too cheap. I havent looked at the front ones yet. Does anyone know what size they are? Crutchfield says the back ones are 5-inch but my 5.25's fit prefectly. I'm in the process of buying a Sony Explod system to replace the factory one. On the good side, the factory radio pulls in a ton of stations. I wish it had more output power.
    What I'm truly amazed with is the gas mileage. I just went 370 in-town miles on 9.43 gallons. that's 39 mpg!!! I have pretty level roads and moderate stop and start but still. I think it's great!
    Poconojoe, is there an aftermarket cruise control for these cars?
    Gotta go for now.
  • poconojoepoconojoe Posts: 42
    I'm not sure if there is a aftermarket cruise because I haven't really looked into it yet. If anyone finds one, Please let us know. I wouldn't think there'd be many choices because Hyundai doesn't offer cruise as an option for the Accents.

    My 99' Accent now has 27k miles, and it seemed to break in and run better after about 12k. Gas mileage got better too. I like how it climbs hills in 5th gear, without downshifting.
    Also those Kumho tires are actually holding up pretty good for a brand I never heard of before. Still have decent tread left.

    As far as the shifting Jtnett spoke of, I never had that problem. I have noticed that it has a long throw shifter. When mine was new I would sometimes not fully put it into gear because I was used to my last car with a short throw. That would make a grinding sound. I quickly got used to this.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    My first impressions of the Accent still stand at 600 miles. I was a bit disappointed with my first tank of gas as I only averaged 25.5 mpg. However, my second tank average jumped to 31.7, under the same mostly city driving. I was impressed, but I hope it continues to rise a bit more.
    I have discovered a few annoyances with the car. First, there is some kind of buzzing sound coming from the passenger side of the car, but I can't figure out what is causing it. I don't always hear it and it is a relatively soft noise, but it still aggravates me a bit. Second, the handling is too soft on this car. It begs for larger performance tires and the rear end feels skittish, like it is trying to swap ends on you (an odd feeling considering it is front drive). It definitely lacks the precision and firm euro handling of my VW GTI. I am wondering whether the sport suspension package that came on the Accent GT and Gsi models would fit the new 2000s. Anyone know whether it would?? I definitely would like to get the 14" alloys that came with the Gsi or the ones on the Elantra. I plan on adding the rear spoiler and alloy wheels as soon as I can get some money (possibly fog lights as well). I too am interested in adding cruise control! If anyone hears anything about how to add cruise, please let us know!! Overall, the Accent is a great car and I am glad I chose it instead of a used car, the tiny and less substantial feeling Metro, or the less known Daewoo. I would recommend this car to anyone on a tight budget in need of a well built, solid car.
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