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Hyundai Accent Hatchbacks



  • syd44syd44 Posts: 1
    ----This would be my first car. I wanted to get info from previous owners. The car im looking at is a 1997 Hyundai Accent Hatchback. it is a 4cyl., automatic. it has 71k miles on it. power everything, moonroof, upholstery, tinted glass, no cd. the dealership is asking $4995. is this an appropriate price?? how much should be offering? what are some problems associated with this model and year? thanks alot.
  • treybradtreybrad Posts: 2
    I know there has to have been some discussion on this topic, but where is it? I have searched everywhere I know but can't find anything, it doesn't help that the t-h-c board has been down for a couple of days. The problem I am having is with the cd player. It is a 2000, 5-speed L hatchback and as you know, the goofy thing has a oval opening. I used to have a '97 and that was no problem. What I need is a dash kit. I have found the pictures of the car in Australia, but is there a kit available in the states? If not, can I get one from Australia or can I make my own? I have been to all the local shops and they have all never heard of a kit for our cars. Is there a place on the internet? Crutchfield doesn't have any... any help is appreciated greatly!

    Trey Bradshaw

    BTW: if this has been discussed just give the the message number. Thanks.
  • icebonesicebones Posts: 3
    I'm looking at buying a 96 accent. I relativly pleased with the little ccar, but it has 119k mi. and that concerns me a little. does anyone out there have any comments on how the engines hold up after they reach this point. It's a very clean little car and if I new it had the same reliability as a nissan I wouldn't think twice about it. I put 230k on an 81 datsun 510 and abused it badly, so thats why i mentioned that.
    any advise is helpful and greatly appreciated
  • njbongonjbongo Posts: 66
    Wew, let's see if I can help ou guys out.

    Snoopy, thanks for the info...that makes more sense why they only put a 1.3L in, 14K for an Accent...I just paid that much form my fully loaded Focus ZX3 last month !!!!! If you do harass Hyundai about your problems, let me know what happens. Good Luck.

    Destro2001...congrats, and good luck with your new Accent...that's a pretty decent price!

    Syd44...NO WAY is that a good price. Check out the book values on, and here on edmunds. Unless the car is in PERFECT condition, that's a little steep $3K would be better. If your going to spend $5K, get a new 2001 GS or GL, they are way more refined than the previous body style, and a little roomier,

    treybrad...there is no kit in existence that I know of...if you order a HU from Crutchfield, they will give you the harness and tell you how to install it, but there will now doubt be cutting involved (I did this on my own, it looks kinda weird, but I couldn't live with the stock audio)

    Finally, ICEBONES....I have a 95 with 90K miles and I beat the living snot out of it...still runs great. Keep in mind that the timimg belt MUST be done every 60K miles or so on ANY Accent, otherwise you risk major engine damage. Buying one used, you have no way of really knowing wiothout having it looked at (this applies to you too to syd44). HOWEVER, it's not a super expensive job to have done (like $300). Anyway, my 95 (which was the FIRST model year) had only one recall, and was and still is 100% problem free. If the price is reasonable, go for it. Remember these models are STILL Hyundais, and don't have really good resale values, so don't pay too much !!!!

    Good luck everyone, hope I can help
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    a 1997 Accent is only worth $4995 if it has less than 30K on it. You've got to get him down to about $3000-$3500 to be a deal. And remember, I bought the 1997 Accent I had for $1300, with 95K, as a repossession, and it wasn't TOO beat up until I wrecked it. Check the papers, the trader magazines, you'll see Accents for much less.

    As to the 119K mile Accent, mine had what, 102-103K when I got rid of it, it had been wrecked twice and beat to heck, and it still drove perfect execpt for the brake rotor warpage and the deployed airbags getting in my way. The 1.5L engine is fine, granted you've done the timing belt and kept the oil changed regularly. Have a mechanic look at it, the $60 is worth it if you don't know what you're doing, unlike me, I'll take the dipstick out and try to light it on fire. If it flames up fast, gas in the oil, has blowby, engine's worn out, if it burns slow, fine, if it won't hardly light, water in oil, needs work. Don't do this at home, kids, do it in the driveway, AWAY from the car, and not while standing in a pool of flammable liquid.
  • icebonesicebones Posts: 3
    thanks for the info, I've checked it out frontwards and backwards and aside from some very minor seepage it appears tight and drives fine. I check the oil, rubbed, smelt it, etc. It seems fine. I feel that the asking price of 3k is a little steep, but it is on a lot and not an individual. basically it's the best car i've found for 3k and under that's an auto, and my wife can't drive a stick so I HAVE to get an auto. The only other thing i noticed is that there is rust around most of the bolts and hood latch, but it doesn't display any of signs of being under water, it still seems sound. The dealer says that he's sold a few hyundais and they all seem to have that problems, can anyone confirm or deny this? Aside from not being able to resale it for that does anyone here feel that i will get 3k worth out of the car? especially compared to the 90-94's that I'm having to look at with similar mileage. I'm not worried about resale value but want to get at least a few years out of it if possible. Does ANYONE out there have an accent with 110k+ on it that can give me that kind of info. AS things sit now I'm going to get it, probably saturday, he guy says he will hold it till then since my work doesn't allow for any other time. anyway, that's what I would like to now
  • njbongonjbongo Posts: 66
    like I said, my 95 only has 95K miles on it, but it does not have a spot of rust ANYWHERE on the car. The only visible defects on my model year was that the drivers and passengers outside rearview mirrors have no paint left on them. They are not body color, they were painted flat textured black. This is a common problem with the 95-97 years (depends on the production date). It's something that a little can of flat black spray paint can fix !!!

    I would be leary of this dealer telling you 'they all have rust there'....THEY DON'T !!!! Unless you live VERY close to the ocean in really salty air, then I could understand that.

    And by the way, the price is still really steep. I'm selling my 95 to next month and the best offer I got was $1500, and my car has a new timing belt, new brakes, new struts, new tires...etc. Even with the AUTO trans, it's still steep...add $300 for an auto on a used car.

    Good luck
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    According to the NHTSA site, there have been five recalls on the '95 Hyundai Accent. One is a cold weather region recall and does not affect the entire country.
  • njbongonjbongo Posts: 66
    Yup, one was a wiring harness only on auto's and the other was to install an additional bracket under the wheel-well in case of the springs rusting too soon and damaging tires (only applied to 'snow-belt' states. The other three only apply to PR and fleet (rental) vehicles only.
  • njbongonjbongo Posts: 66
    Sorry, correction to the above post...the wiring harness was only MANUAL trans models, not auto's. I typed it backwards
  • HI, just wanted to put down the update of my car. It now has 10,000 miles on it. I am averaging 35 MPG. It is running great. I had to have my driver side mirror replaced. Was replaced under warranty. Cruise control is working great. So far, I don't regret buying my car..
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    What I am about to say goes for anyone who has work done on their car and not just for Secretblend. If you have to have something replaced, let us know why the part had to be replaced.

    In other words, what happened to the mirror?
  • since the day i got the car, the mirror handle would be all the way up and the mirror would be set a little too low for me to use it. When they replaced the mirror, they said the cable was broken. So they replaced it under warrenty and it has worked great since.
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    Now if anyone else has that problem, they will know what is wrong with the mirror so thanks for telling us.
  • boofyboofy Posts: 4
    Hello, everyone. I've spent a good deal of time the last two months researching economy cars (namely the Accent, Daewoo Lanos, Kia Rio, Saturn, Toyota Echo, and Dodge Neon). I was mainly interested in the Accent GS, but then was initially turned off somewhat by a few of the negative comments I read in this discussion board. So I decided to research some of the other cars I already listed here and found that every vehicle, no matter how highly some people thought of it, had its detractors as well. So I returned to the Accent discussion and found that complaints seemed to be fewer and further between than most of the other cars.
    So I looked into the Accent GS a little further and test drove it. I was really impressed by the little car. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of power it had.
    I also test drove the Lanos and Saturn. I liked the Saturn, but the Lanos was unacceptable. It seemed like a good deal until I took it out for a spin... My right leg was rubbing against the bottom half of the dashboard. And the Saturn was a little too expensive for me.
    So, I decided on the Accent GS. I liked the warranty, gas mileage, and the color of the only GS the dealer had left on the lot (coastal blue). I just bought it three days ago and I already have over three hundred miles on it. I really like it and I hope it gives me very little trouble.
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    a recall only affect PR or a fleet vehicle? Aren't the vehicles sold that way and sold privately made on the same line.

    If I had a vehicle and there was a recall, but the maker said it only applied to fleets, I would demand an explanation as to why it didn't apply to mine.
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    Just remember to follow the break in guidelines. Much like children, how we treat cars early in their life affects how they act later in life.
  • njbongonjbongo Posts: 66 2000 is Coastal Blue, I think it's an awesome color. On a really bright sunny day, it starts to look 'purplish'. I found that both of my Accents are more than acceptable for the price I paid.

    And, majorthomecho, back in post # 510 you are the one that brought up the recall issues on the 1995 Accent. If you actually did go to the NHTSA website and READ these recalls, you would see this information. Look for "VEHICLE DESCRIPTION: PASSENGER VEHICLES SOLD TO FLEET OPERATORS ONLY."

    Both of those lines were quoted directly from 2 of the four recalls. Only ONE of those recalls affects ALL US Accents, and only models with manual transmission.

    Hyundai is a pretty big company with a couple production plants around the world. To assume that all cars are built on a single production line at the same time is a bit silly, isn't it?
  • njbongonjbongo Posts: 66
    by the way, anyone else that wants to check out your Accents or any other car...the web address is

  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    I did not know what PR stood for, but I still have a question about the recalls being only for those to fleet sales (from any maker), but I think you answered the question for me. I guess you are saying that the car makers use one production line for all fleet sales?

    Like I said before, if a car (from any maker) had a recall that supposedly affected only fleet vehicles, I would call the dealer up and make sure my car was not one of them.

    A lot of people do buy former fleet vehicles as used cars. Not me you understand, but a lot of people do.
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