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Hyundai Accent Hatchbacks



  • baber1baber1 Posts: 49
    Well, I took delivery of my new Elantra gls today. I ende up getting the Elantra because with the $2000 rebate the difference in price between the two cars made the Elantra a better deal. I still think the Accent is the cheapest real car out there. I can also say that my Accent was economical and reliable. It was also safe. The airbags saved me from a bad accident that I walked away from without a scratch. I wish all you guys the best with your Accents. Always wear your belts, you never know when you will need them!!
  • juliansjulians Posts: 42
    I have an 2002 Accent. Auto trans. Has 27,000 miles. Has been perfect, but lately in stop and go...sitting on freeway, it will rev up to 2000 rpms seemingly on its own. Called service guy and he said sounds like throttle body assembly sticking. Does not feel like a sticking, rather a running on its own. He quoted a $ on throttle body of like $180.00...if that is the prob, shouldn't it be under warranty? Maybe it just need its 30,000 service early? He quoted like $380.00 for that service.
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    Unstable idle speeds are caused by the Throttle position sensor or the idle speed sensor. The throttle body itself is covered under warranty so dont let him get away with quoting you a price. My dealer quoted me $450.00 for the 30K tune-up so $380.00 is a decent figure .
  • juliansjulians Posts: 42
    Thanks for the sensor info. Did you spend the $450 on the 30K. I have heard that you can do what you can do (change fluids and such) yourself, then have a shop do the stuff you can't do at home.

    It also seems from the sensor stuff, that doing the 30K will not influence the idle sensor or the throttle sensor, as these are not part of the service?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Any idle problems would not be fixed by the 30k service. They would actually need to fix the idle separately as a warranty repair. I would be careful with the 30k service. If you just ask them to do the service, you will end up paying more money for stuff not required in the manual (like a fuel system cleaning). I would just ask them for a quote on how much it costs to do the things required by the manual (spark plug change, flush coolant, auto tranny flush, oil change, replace fuel and air filter). If you know anything about cars, you can do the air filter, coolant flush, and change the spark plugs and oil on your own and save quite a bit of money.
  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    Intonge18 brings up a good point. Tell them to do ONLY what is needed to maintane the warranty and do the rest yourself will save money.They tend to add-on things like injector cleaning. Since I add techron once an oil change thats not needed.

        The problem with doing things yourself is having proof it was done. You can also use a licensed mechanic to do the work and have him sign your maten book.
  • baber1baber1 Posts: 49
    The most important service is to have the automatic trans fluid and filter changed every 30K miles and the timing belt (along with all other belts) every 60K miles. Because I had the trans serviced at the dealer every 30K they didnt give me any trouble when my Auto trans failed at 94K miles. They had to replace it under the warranty. This induction cleaning is a fip off. I had 131,000 miles on my Accent and I NEVER had the induction (injectors) clesned. My car ran perfect up until a careless driver ran a stop sign and totaled it. A lot of the service listed in the owners manual can be done by a private shop that charges less then the dealer. Remember to keep all records and you will be ok under the warranty. My Hyundai dealer was always very good about honoring the warranty. If you have trouble with one Hyundai dealer with service try another, you dont have the same dealer you bought the car from service it.
  • juliansjulians Posts: 42
    Have you ever changed Auto trans fluid/filter yourself? The radiator fluid yourself?
  • baber1baber1 Posts: 49
    It is easy to change the antifreeze. I wouldnt change the auto trans fluid and filter unless you have a good lift. If you do change the auto trans filter yourself make sure you get the fluid from a Hyundai dealer the Hyundai cars take special trans fluid.
  • juliansjulians Posts: 42
    Did it! Did the entire 30,000 service in my garage. Cost about $50.00 rather than $400+. The Auto trans has a drain plug and I could only get out about 3 quarts of Hyundai Fluid, but it seems to make a small difference (that method seems to go with the warranty requirements). Coolant was not too tough either. Really everything went very smooth and only took a couple of hours. I did the plugs last as the manual says to let the engine cool so you don't hurt the alum was still a bit warm, but after two hours, if figured it was not too hot.
  • baber1baber1 Posts: 49
    The manual has a nice section on do it yourself maintanance. I replaced my plugs with new Bosh platinum plus 4's at 30,000 miles. They were still like new when I replaced them at 60,000. I put anti sieze compound on the sparkplug threads to make them easy to replace. I always put a little gasket sealer on the trans and oil pan drain plug threads when I change oil or trans fluid. This seals the plug and keeps it from comming loose. Dont forget to use Hyundai auto trans fluid. The Hyundai oil filter is a high quality piece too, I always used them with my oil changes. Walmart has some excellent 10w/30 100% synthetic oil for less then $3 a guart that I always used. Dont forget to get a new gasket (washer) for the oil drain plug for every oil change. As long as you take care of your car it should take care of you. Dont forget to keep reciepts for all the parts and fluids you buy and keep a record of do it youself maintanence with the date mileage and description of the work you did. This will keep the Dealer from giving you any trouble with warranty work.
  • mamajakemamajake Posts: 1
    I am looking at buying a 1995 Hyundai Accent for my daughter. I have a friend who is a car salesman and said never to buy a Hyundai - they are nothing but trouble. Any comments?

  • aldagaldag Posts: 81
    This has been a very economical car for the first four years. I had one problem crop up recently with the MAS sensor becoming intermittent, I replaced it myself rather than going back and forth to the dealer to have the check engine light reset only to have it come on again. The original Kumho tires were quite good, I kept one as a spare on a rim I bought, I like to have a full size spare. I replaced some bulbs today, the marker bulbs were out. Engine runs great, manual transmission works well, getting about 40 mpg on the highway and 32-34 MPG around town. The car has clever design features, I like it.
  • juliansjulians Posts: 42
    Had a 1992 Excel which was very good. Now have an 2002 Accent which is very good. If you can get the 1995 for very, very it. If not, get one a few years newer, they to are very cheap. If it has been maintiained, it is just as good as any used car in the price range, if not better.
  • baber1baber1 Posts: 49
    I had 131,000 miles on my 99 Accent sedan when it was totaled in an accident by a careless driver. The only major problem I had with the car was the Automatic transmission failed at 94,000 miles. The trans was replaced for free under the warranty. I didnt get a scratch from the accident because the airbags saved me. Here is a link to my crash photos and a photo of me and my new 2004 Elantra 5 speed. mp;.src=ph&store=&prodid=&.done=http%3a//
  • player4player4 Posts: 362
    I recently own a 2003 Hyundai Accent GL 3-Door Hatchback, its been a great little car i bought it in August 2003, and no problems yet. The only thing is that when i bought the car new the car was suppose to have standard Side Airbags and it didnt and the bad thing was i noticed that a week after i bought the car, i went to the dealer and told them and they said that i should've checked the car before i bought it i was very upset and mad because every other 2003 Accent on the lor had the Side Airbags, it really sucked!!, The car is great i really like it, i like the fact that if i turn the car off and leave the lights on while the key is still on the ignition, as soon as i take the key out of the ignition the light go off !! also the auto down drivers window, and the AM/FM CD stereo is really good, kick [non-permissible content removed]!!! the car's great and also i get the good fuel economy specially right now when gas is so high!! The car is real nice i love it!! I paid $12,700 GL Hatchback, i lked the GT but it was $13,500 so that was too high. I have a question i want to install fod lights on my Accent likethe ones on the GT, because the GL have the little hole there to put the fog lights but i havent find any that are similar to the GT one's and Hyundai does not offer them as an accesory, but please if someone could tell me that would be really nice!! Thanx!!
  • Could someone please explain to me why the manual transmission Accents get worse gas mileage than the automatic ones? The sticker states only 33 mpg for the manual, while the automatic gets 35. Isn't this backwards from every other car out there? Any ideas? Thanks.
  • baber1baber1 Posts: 49
    The way I understand is the Automatic has taller final drive gearing then the Manual. The trade off is slower accelleration over a manual trans. Hyundai probably chose the gear ratios in the manual more for performance then for economy there is always a tradeoff with this. Autos are also more efficient now then they have been in tha past. The auto in the Accent is a 4 speed with overdrive and a lockup tourque converter. This is pretty much state of the art as far as automatic transmissions are concerned. I ended up getting a 2004 Elantra sedan with a 5spd manual. I average 29 to 33 MPG. This is about the same as I got with my 99 Accent sedan with an automatic. I got the Elantra over the Accent because of the $2000 rebate, it just was a better deal then the Accent at the time.
  • hi all, first i woud like to say how much information i have gotten reading past responses these last couple hours. you have basically clinched the fact that i am going to an Accent. however, i have a few- first time car owner/buyer questions.
     1. is there any way to tell by visual inspection how well a used car has been treated in its past life? or at least any visual cues?
     2. i was considering 2000 and up years, and was wondering if there are any issues i should be aware of for this time period?
     3. any advice for first time car owner would be greatly apperciated-especially in the negotiations part of it.
      i guess i am just petrified of car dealers as both my mom and sister have had bad luck with them. my sis especially. i think thats one of the appeals of a used car-i feel there isn't a whole lot of room to muck about in, in the negotiations part of the deal. it either is or isn't.
      by the way i want an automatic with a/c. power stuff would be nice but beggars can't be choosers. umm i plan on driving it from florida to virginia 4 times this coming school year. and to ohio once (for thanksgiving break). after that it will probably be an almost exclusively local car.thats one of the other things against buying new- whats a break in period and wouldn't that
    (the long distance trips) hurt a new car? also i am probably going to go to australia for vet school and having a brand new car sit in a garage while i make payments on it for those years would seriously suck. (thought just struck) unless i could get my sis to take over the car when i leave
    but thats all at least 2 years from now, the more i think about it the more i wouldn't mind driving it into the ground. but again i am still leaning on the side of used because i can always get a new one later if i find out how great it is.
     okay enough! comments appreciated, hoping to be seriously shopping in a few weeks ( by the way i did LOTS of research on the different cars and this is the last bit to clean up). i am just not a spur of the moment kind of girl when it comes to such big $$$ exchanges. thanks in advance
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