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Hyundai Accent Hatchbacks



  • toni7toni7 Posts: 1
    HI I have a 2000 Hyundai Accent. Just last week it started to makeing a noise in the back area. When I'm driving or when I stop the car. Lots of people tell me that it is just air in the gas tank but I really don't know what to do. If you'll can help me e-mail me @ thanks.Other than that everything is good
  • phillbillphillbill Posts: 93
    have you noticed that your fuel consumption has increased too?

    most likely to be one of the following: a vacuum leak, one or more of your fuel injectors leaking or a hole or leak in the car's exhaust.
  • jcolejcole Posts: 1
    I just bought a good used 2001 Accent 4 door automatic with 80K. My daughter has had good luck with her 96 with 150K and it is still running strong so I thought this 01 would be a good gas saver.

    My problem is that if I go up hills (many here in upstate NY) and keep the accelerator down so it stays in 3rd I get a very Hot smell. The engine does not overheat, it smells more like an hot exhaust pipe smell. It only does it going up the hills, when I crest the hill and the trans. goes into overdrive the smell clears up. Any thoughts on this?

    The car did not come with a book. What is the life of the timing belt. On the old 96 we would change it every 60K. How much does the change cost?

  • vinnygvinnyg Posts: 57
    Hey, jcole, I have a '99 4dr Accent auto with 186,000 miles on it and it still runs like new. No squeaks or rattles, burns no oil between changes (oil changes done every 25,000 miles with Amsoil synthetic), ice cold air, and 34-36 miles per gallon. I bought it new in Feb '99. I also have noticed a "hot metal pipe smell" since I have owned it, mostly when parked in my garage after my 70+ mile commute to the city. I'm also in upstate N.Y., dealing with some hilly terrain. I don't get the smell inside the car, only when I park it in an enclosed area and get out, but it definately has the smell as if I just had an exhaust pipe or muffler replaced.
    As far as the timing belt goes, the manual recommends replacing it every 60,000 miles, which I have done as well. My '99 has an interference motor, which means it will be destroyed if the belt breaks. I am not as sure about the '01. The dealer here in Orange Cty. wanted $350.00 to do the timing belt along with the 3 drive belts as well, which I always do together. My mechanic did them all for $250.00.
    If you have proof that it was done at 60,000 then you are good until 120,000.
    I hope this helps and good luck.
  • kar060kar060 Posts: 1
    so im 18, and i just bought myself a Hyundai Accent GSI 1999

    I am looking for an economic car, one's that good on gas, ect. i guess i got what i was looking for..

    anyways, my question..

    When should i have my "economy button" on? Should it be off when im on the highway?


    When should i have my O/D button on? Should it be on when i have my economy button on?

    please help me, im absolutly uliterate when it comes to cars....
  • admpilotadmpilot Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Accent GL and the most I've got from a fuel tank is 200 miles in the city. Could anyone tell me how big is this tank so that I can figure out my MPG? Thank you to all of you.
  • altair4altair4 Posts: 1,469
    You don't need to know the size of the tank to calculate your MPG. You simply fill-up and record your odometer reading, then drive. Then the next time you buy gas, you fill-up again. Record the amount of fuel purchased and the odometer reading again. Calculate how many miles you drove then divide the miles by the amount of gasoline purchased. That's your MPG.

    You will need to know the capacity of the tank to determine your driving range. lists the tank capacity of the 4 door Accent GL as 11.9 gallons. 2 door models apparently have the same capacity. I'd use 10 (leave yourself a safety margin) times your MPG to calculate your range.
  • I had a problem with brakes on my honda before. Turns out the shop but the wrong pads on. They made a noise though and I felt a clunk when I would press on the pedal. However, if you got these put on at a Hyundai dealership then that shouldn't be it. How soon after did it start happening?
  • with all the accent & small car buzz because of the gas prices.. I thought it cool to show you guys hyundai's little guy from europe _640.jpg
  • I love it! It is almost as cute as the Yaris! It feels very european!
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    I have heard of Horra stories when some so called even good mechanic replaced a timing belt for the first time on the car , my car runs so good Im tempeting to push it and its emissions are california which in the manual says 100K replacemnt , and its made of kevlar ,stronger
  • 99accent99accent Posts: 232
    Who has gone over 100k on the accent water pump and still going? :D ">
  • phillbillphillbill Posts: 93
    The belts wont break dead on 100k, but when the engine belt and the water pump belt go past the 4 yr (40,000 mile) mark, they're more prone to breaking with age / perrishing / wear and tear etc.

    Only cost me an extra £100-£135 to change the belts as part of my 50,000 mile service, well worth it if it saves your engine.
  • djdublmdjdublm Posts: 19
    This is for a friend of mine her check engine light is on we took her car to AutoZone and they checked the code and its a P0441 which states the PCM has determined that the purge flow in the evaporative emission control system is incorrect for the current engince operating conditions. So what do we do for this is this something i can possibly fix or is it going to need a mechanic with more diagnostic tools that what a shade tree mechanic might have? Thanks for any help
  • vlj1vlj1 Posts: 2
    My 2002 Accent GL gets horrible gas mileage. Any ideas as to what the problems could be? :cry:
  • phillbillphillbill Posts: 93
    how you drive has a large influence on your cars mileage. If im just driving round town, i sometimes get less than 270 miles out of my 44 litre tank of petrol, however when im doing long distance journeys at a steady 55-60 mph, i'll get over 500 miles out of the tank. On average i get about 350 miles out of my 1.3 Accent per tank.

    have you changed the air filter within the last 2 years (20,000 miles)? If that's clogged up with muck it'll affect your mileage.

    Your petrol injectors, they rarely, if ever need changing, but they can get clogged up. try mixing a bottle of petrol injector cleaner in with your next tank of petrol.

    Fuel filter, if that's clogged up with grime it'll affect your cars mileage. This filter should be changed every 4 years (40,000 miles). Unless your confident at car maintenance i'd leave this job for your garage, as you have to get rid of the pressure within the fuel lines before removing it, i believe... not done it myself though.

    Tracking... if you're wheels aren't aligned up correctly: toeing in / toeing out, it not only increases tyre wear and causes excessive wear on suspension components, but affects your mileage.

    Hopefully it'll be one of these, as none of them are too hard / expensive to fix.
  • vlj1vlj1 Posts: 2
    Thanks so much phillbill. I am definitely going to do the things you suggested and see if that helps.
  • krose68krose68 Posts: 1
    I have a similiar noise (generally during low acceleration) with my 2000 Accent. Did you find out what the grindng noise was with your car?

  • phillbillphillbill Posts: 93
    No, i've just put up with it. my cat passes it's MOT every year, so it can't be that serious.

    If you would like to find out what it is, maybe try jacking the car up and spinning the wheel round. I've heard of the rotor (part of the brakes) rubbing against things before. If this is the case, you could take the rotor off and put it on the grind stone so that it doesn't rub anymore.

    It could also be your C.V. joint(s), but when they go it's usually more of a clicking sound.
  • buddygleebuddyglee Posts: 20

    I have a 2001 accent 2 door auto w/78800 miles. Sometimes when at a stop or slowly going around a corner the transmission feels like it loses power for a second and then catches. Fluid level is full Any Ideas?

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