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Hyundai Accent Hatchbacks



  • bednashaccentbednashaccent Posts: 2
    edited June 2012
    So a few months ago I bought a 2003 accent gt with 78k for about 3400. I love it. Honestly had no problems at all! Except at around 81k the valve spring went bad inside of the cylinder and we had o replace it. I'm at 83k now and I'm in love <3 but I feel like its getting not so good gas milage :c any help? Also has anybody done any sort of mods to the car engine wise? I want to beef it up to around 180-200 HP. It's a 1.6 L 4 cly auto. Help? :)
  • Try looking into a bad valve spring inside one of the cylinders. Mine sputtered for a while like that, although mines an 03
  • carfreak09carfreak09 Posts: 160
    There really isn't much you can do to improve the output of the 1.6 Alpha motor. You can only improve output by about 10-15 hp max. A short ram air intake will improve throttle response and add a little pep. Improving the exhaust will net a few horsepower. But that's about it. Turbo kits are extremely expensive and unreliable. It's unfortunate but there really isn't a tuner market for the Accent :(
  • aldagaldag Posts: 81
    The most interesting part of your sputtering problem is the connection with the heater use. I am thinking a bad ground problem. Turning on the heater causes a fluctuation in the electrical ground at some location due to the extra current flow. What I did with my 2000 Accent was to remove all locations where wires were bolted to the chassis for ground. I replaced the black anodized bolts (insulated) with zinc plated bolts. I cleaned the terminals and bolt holes with sandpaper and reassembled. Especially critical is the ground for the fuel pump located under the fuse box below the dashboard. A bad ground on the fuel pump will stall the car.
  • aldagaldag Posts: 81
    In a previous message I noted that it had become difficult to pump gas into my 2000 Accent. The mechanic determined that the vapor canister was shot. Carbon pellets were leaking out and clogging the associated plumbing. Hyundai supplied a kit including the canister, an air filter, and a liquid-vapor separator valve. This repair completely solved the problem and now I can get gas on even the most sensitive gas pumps. Total cost $510. Recommendation - do not overfill the tank as getting gas into the vapor canister will destroy it.
  • My son recently purchased a 2005 Accent - auto trans, with about 105,000 miles on it. He has had a bit of bad luck with vehicles and he knows absolutely nothing about them. A few weeks after purch (private owner) the car started overheating and dying on him. He had it towed 2x to the mechanic. First it was fuse, then got really bad and they said his head gsket was leaking so they replaced the head gasket (had to have the head resurfaced), water pump, themostat, radiator & bypass hoses and timing belt (since they were in there).

    That was Aug 17 and it just died on him again and he had to have it towed again. I think he has run out of tows with his insurance at this point. Initially the mechanic said it ws the fuse again but the haven't looked over the whole car yet. We have (or I) have already spend $1500.00 in repairs for this thing and needless to say he is paranoid as hell about driving it. Can't say that I blame him. I am now scared that they will find something else that they will deam unrelated and it will cost even more.

    Any ideas of what this may be??? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  • aldagaldag Posts: 81
    With regards to this problem which seems to include over heating, one item you might check is to make sure the radiator fan comes on when the radiator becomes warm enough. It is true that when these small cars overheat there can be problems with the head gasket which is why it is so important to find the cause of the over heating.
  • aldagaldag Posts: 81
    Today I said good bye to my 2000 Accent as I traded it in on a new car. The Accent was great and exceptionally versatile, with a good record of reliability. The final odometer reading was 155,656 miles. Everything was still working correctly, even the air conditioning was cold. But the wear and tear of being outside in the New England environment continuously took a toll and it was finally time for a new car.
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