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What are your thoughts on the RamBox on the 2009 Ram?

Good idea? Good execution? Convenient?


  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,931
    The 2009s are just starting to come into our area, and none of the RAMs I've seen have the RAM Box. Looks like a great idea and I know of a couple of tradesmen that have mentioned it. I'm not sure I could get use to a break line across the side of the box, but then I wouldn't be buying a truck for commercial purposes anyway. Still, once I see one I could become swayed, depending on how well it was executed.

    In general I have to say the half dozen or so 2009s I have seen so far displayed remarkably high fit and finish. Kudos to Dodge. Not sure about the dash layout, though.

  • SpinnerSpinner Posts: 2
    I'm starting to like the look of the Box.
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