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2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport just dumped a lot of coolant

I hope someone here can give me some advice. I know NOTHING about car mechanics and I'm sick of car repairmen (and salesmen) cheating me.

I bought a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport with 45k mile (yes, that's right) three days ago. Had them change the timing belt at the dealer before I took it. Have driven it 200 miles. Pulled in the driveway just now and fluid (I think it is coolant) pouring out from under the front.

Of course, dealer now closed and I'm without a car until Monday or Tuesday.

Any ideas would be helpful. I've read on other sites that the water pump should have been changed when they changed the timing belt. Would that cause all the fluids to pour out?



  • amaryamary Posts: 1
    So my 2000 Sport was doing this too. I looked under the hood one day after I saw some leakage and steam coming from under the hood.

    Turned out anti-freeze was just pouring out of a hole in the hose. I poured a bucket of water in the reservoir cause it was hot outside and i went over to Auto Zone and got a new hose for $16 and some clamps and grease they offered with it.I bought a funnel and a container of anti-freeze as well.

    The hose was clearly pouring fluid, I could see the hole. So i disconnected it and put the new one on. It was kinda easy. Then added new antifreeze and it did the trick. I was overheating for a while and didn't even know why but luckily learned from that. It's definitely something to nip in the but asap!
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