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BMW 318ti



  • Thanks a lot for the feedback.. Appreciate it
  • gerry18gerry18 Posts: 39
    I have a '96 318ti, 1.9L, 74,000 miles and the starter suddenly went out. Sounds like it spins, but doesn't engage. I had planned on fixing it myself, but upon jacking the car I can't find the starter. Anyone have the same problem; know where to look; know what it costs for a dealer repair; any reason an independent can't fix it?

    BTW, I have owned my ti sense new and really enjoy it.
  • gerry18gerry18 Posts: 39
    I finally found the starter. Unfortunately it is buried under the inlet manifold and will require removal of much of what's installed on the driver's side of the engine to get access. Looks like more than I want to tackle.
  • I'm looking at a 96 ti 5-SPEED. with the m sports package. with 26000 miles on it/.. He's asking 12,500 and im not to sure what to offer him. I was thinking around $9,500 cash..because 12,500 is too expensive for that year. Any thoughts on how much i should first offer him. Thanks..
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Sorry, you have not gotten a response here yet. Weekends are usually a little slower around here, so perhaps give it another day or so for feedback from other members.

    Have you tried plugging your vehicle into Edmunds' Used Car Appraiser? Good luck and please keep us posted on your purchase.

    Host/Hatchbacks & Wagons
  • the 96 with M package and only 26k miles should bring in a premium. I can almost guarantee that the car is one of a kind. If everything is as perfect as it should be with those low miles, you should only have to worry about seals that may have dried or rubber parts cracking.

    I don't think $12.5k is too much for the car, considering the conditions and milage and package. It everything is true and sound, you are buying a car with a long life ahead of it and a very desirable grouping of packages (5speed and M-package).

    That said, if you start putting 15k miles on it a year, the premium you will pay will dissolve faster than the resale on a new Kia. My '95 75k 318ti 5-speed without M prices at a fair $9k at the dealer, 7-8k on the driveway...

    With a model that sold at a slow pace (50k units over 5 years?), you are buying a one-of-a-kind car at that year and condition. Hope you got your price...but if it was my car, I would not take 9.5k for that way.
  • I recently purchased an automatic 98 318ti and it did not come with an owners manual. I do intend to order one but I have a question in the meantime. What is the "A M" switch next to the gear shift, and how do you turn off the rear wipers after you have activated them?
  • rhmassrhmass Posts: 263
    You can register with BMW USA site and then access the manual of your model through owner's circle. It is a very easy process. Just make sure you have your VIN numbers ready.
    A, M switch used to change between auto and manual mode of your transmission.
    To deactivate the rear wiper, just pull the wiper control up toward you. the opposite of activating it.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    In both tis that I've owned you turn off the wiper by pushing the stalk away from you(the same way you activate the wipers.
  • kr76kr76 Posts: 1
    hi all i'm looking into purchasing my first car looking at something used and I really like the 96' bmw 318ti model... but since it carries the bmw name I wanted to get a general idea of what maintenance costs would be?

    Also I saw an ad for a '96 318ti with 50,000 miles going for $8750 in good condition (according to the owner) but the blue book value is only $7900.

    If there's anyone out there that knows about this model I would appreciate your comments

  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Have you had a chance to check in Edmunds' Used Car Pricing Guide? Also, plug your vehicle (model/year) in Edmunds' Maintenance Guide to see what the manufacturer's recommended maintenance costs would be. Others here may have more to add.

    Btw, here's another discussion that you may find helpful: A good first car. Use you copy/paste so you don't have to re-write your message. Good luck, and please keep us posted on your purchase.

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  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    I've owned a 318ti Club Sport since 1995. It's been very reliable. In 80000+ miles I've replaced a fuel sending unit(under warranty) one set of front pads, and the serpentine belts(simply as a precaution). Note that I also track the car from time to time, and I usually wind it to the redline at least once every time I drive it. My wife drove a 1998 ti from 1998-2000 and she only sold it because she needed a larger car. The most desirable tis have the sport package as well as the five speed manual transmission. As for service costs, a good BMW independent shop will be your best bet. Upkeep costs are very reasonable; plan on paying @$150-$200 for the Inspection I(minor) service and @$350-$400 for the Inspection II(major) service. If I were buying the car, I'd expect to see a full service history-was the DOT 4 brake fluid changed every two years? Was the coolant replaced(using BMW coolant ONLY!) every three years? If the owner has been taking the car to Jiffy Boob and/or other national chains for service, then it is almost certain that he/she is a clueless moron and you should look elsewhere for a good ti. I'd also want to have the car inpected by a good BMW tech in order to verify the condition of the car. The ti is a great car; anyone who tells you otherwise is a fool.
  • hey guys im looking at a 95 318is that is a trade at the dealership i work for its a great deal and this forum has really helped answer some of the questions i had. But i live in an area where getting a foot of snow or more in one day isnt uncommon? does anyone know how the car handles in the snow? i had a t-bird with a v8 in it which was great in the snow so im used to rw drive. but any advice would help the 318 is alot lighter than a tbird. i could put weight in the back if i had to. but anything will help even if its not what i want to hear
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    If you are familiar with driving RWD cars in inclement weather you should be OK-IF... you fit winter tires on the 318i. A little weight in the back won't hurt either.
  • jgbjrjgbjr Posts: 2
    looks like i'm a little late in responding , but, does anyone out there know how to access the pre-wired cd changer cable in a '96 318ti?i checked on the right side of the trunk where the prewired tag is fixed, but didnt find any loose wires. my 95 525 wires were easy to see on the left side.
    i plan to install the alpine changer from my 95 525i, which is supposed to be compatible, but i may need a different kit.
    does anyone have a changer installed? does it take up a lpt of room?
  • potemkinpotemkin Posts: 196
    Didn't get the CD changer for my ti, but I know that although the tag is on the right (passenger) side in mine, the wires are actually on the left.

    Go figure.
  • bjulsonbjulson Posts: 2
    I have a '96 ti which I LOVE! The changer in mine was installed on the left side.
    Try looking behind the panel in the left side. I also have a prewired tag on the right side like you, but the system is on the left.
  • meg44meg44 Posts: 1
    I own a 97 318 TI. I purchased in used in 2001 with out an owner's manual. This morning my ASC+T dash board light came on seconds after I started my car and stayed lit during my entire commute to work (about 30 miles). This has never happened before. Is this something I need to have looked at immediately ?
  • blank312blank312 Posts: 1
    This will be my first BMW and i wanted to get some outside input on the car. I found a good deal(or i think it is) on a 96 hatchback. Its white with sports package, a 4 cylinder manual transmission with 198,000 miles. Although that is a lot it of miles the exterior is perfect. I know that Maintenance on BMWs are a lot because its german made and I'm not sure if my mechanic can fix it. The seller is only asking $4,500 but i am going to offer him 4,000. Would this be a good investment or would i end up pumping money into it from the start. I don't have the money to be spending a lot on upkeep. How long do BMWs last before something major goes because 198,000 is a lot of miles on a car. Would this car be worth the investment, or would i just end up getting soaked with money? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    On any car with that many miles it is crucial that you have a qualified BMW tech inspect it. A well cared for ti will not be that expensive to run. I have owned a 1995 ti since new and my maintenance/repair costs(including three sets of Z-rated rubber) have averaged less than $35/month.
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