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2010 Acura RDX

rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
edited July 10 in Acura
2010 RDX will get a facelift. It will get that Power Plenum grille that Acura really likes. The Power plenum grille is the same grille as the 09 TL, RL, and TSX. Acura has decided to build a cheaper FWD model more more sales. That would make a nice base model. The gadgets should be upgraded. The Navigation system is all new for 2010. Features a 8.0" WVGA display thats much better than the current one that has some really nice features like XM NavWeather, Scenic routes, revised backup camera, better hardware and a 40 GB HDD,. The maps are stored on a 40 GB HDD that has a 12.4 GB partition for your favorite music.

There will be a USB port for your 5th gen and up iPod's and USB storage devices. Bluetooth will now have A2DP on tech package models so you can stream music from any phone that's A2DP compatible. There might be some more new changes but this is pretty much it. The 2010 Acura RDX will hit showrooms sometime in July to August time frame.


  • Wondering more about the 2010. I have read the same info about the exterior and FWD but the electronics info you posted only seems to appear here....

    When does Acura typically release "official" info on model changes?

    I'm trying to make a decision between a 2009 and a 2010. Given the changes you think are in store for the gadgets, I would wait... Of course one also wonders what incentives will look like for a new model year.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    August-September might be when they announce information. Thats when Acura announces details but they have launched some stuff earlier. You may never know.
  • fred_1975fred_1975 Posts: 8
    Do you believe is worth to wait for the 2010 model or should I just go ahead and lease the 2009 version? I have the feeling that I will not get the good deal for the 2010 model as the one available now for the 2009.
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    I think you can get a good deal for the 2010. I've seen a pic of the 2010 and it looks ok. If you can wait for the 2010 then it might be great. It's going to have some new improvements like USB/iPod integration and stuff like that.
  • It depends on how long you want to wait to get into an RDX. Seems like the 2010's won't be here until Sept/Oct. I thought by now we would have more details on what the changes will be other than the couple of spy shots and rumors.

    You could also pick up a used 2008 and forget about the 2009. There isn't much difference between the 2007 - 2009. Then when the 2010's come out and you like the enhancements - upgrade. That's exactly what I'm doing. Saved a lot of $ (in my case @$10K) buying nice used 2008 a couple of months and enjoying the vehicle now - and won't take a bad hit to upgrade to a 2010.

    I'm hoping keyless entry, iPOD integration (although I installed a DICE kit in my 2008), and whatever other techie upgrades (better NAV screen would be nice)
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Sooner or later, maybe by 2010 MY, they will convert the engine to DFI w/CR of ~12:1, and either completely drop the turbo or simply detune/derate it, and thereby improve FE by up to 30%

    Maybe even an Atkinson/Miller/West cycle engine with ~50% FE improvement.

    One can hope/dream....
  • aellinsaraellinsar Posts: 3
    Can you please stop posting in every thread with this same argument, wwest?

    Same post just yesterday o another forum:

    Long thread you started just two weeks ago on the subject:

    Same post on a Mazda CX-7 forum:

    Different Mazda forum, identical post as to this forum:

    2008, actually about Acura this time:

    Here's a quote on, guess what, the same subject from May 16, 2007: "Yeah, I guess I'll just have to go ahead and do it to prove my position"

    So go do it already, or send a resume to Honda/Toyota/Mazda. In the meantime, please stop spamming every car forum.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I'd find it troubling if the same person posted contradictory views on different forums but none of that is partcularly relevant here. Let's stick to the designated topic and avoid making a topic of each other. Thanks!

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If you can educate 15% of the population of interest in the validity of an idea.....
  • bgillette79bgillette79 Posts: 17
    I want to know 100% what is going to happen to the Navi and interior options.

    I want to know if there are any engine tweeks.

    I want to know if what we have seen in Dec/Jan will really be what it looks like.

    Anyone out there has has information???
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,074
    The render was shown to dealers so they probably have seen it. The engine tweaks will likely be the same. Might see somoe more HP but not too much. The FWD option is the big change though. This will help improve mileage. The Navi will likely be upgraded to the new Pioneer HDD system that uses a high res WVGA display. The Navi will use a 40 GB HDD that allocates 13 GB for music. It will definitely have the USB port for plugging in a 5th gen and up iPod. Of course the USB port can be used with flash drives and stuff like that. What I've shown you on vtec is what it's going to look like.
  • hgileshgiles Posts: 66
    I wish they'd moderate the suspension some. My wife love the 09 RDX in terms of amenities, looks and interior but absolutely hated the jittery, firm suspension. She passed but would reconsider if Acura softens it some.
  • bgillette79bgillette79 Posts: 17
    The point of the RDX suspension is to set it apart from soft riding BODY ROLLING SUVs.

    I loved how it drove and didn't think it was harsh at all even on rough roads. If you want a softer suspension you belong in a RAV4 or a CRV.

    The only CHANGE I thing the RDX needs would be a fuel economy boost. Especially Highway numbers.

    If the RDX got 20 city, and 27 highway it would be a small SUV killer!
  • hgileshgiles Posts: 66
    Would never touch a CRV. It is ridiculously slow.

    Don't care for the quotidian interior of the RAV4.

    My wife would be interested in the RDX if the suspension was somewhat softer. It is a matter of degree. Wouldn't want a soft marshmallow ride either.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    RDX would see a really significant improvement in FE via adoption of DFI, Direct Fuel Injection. Also, the use of a well designed VVT-i system would allow stardard Otto cycle mode for part throttle operations, base CR of maybe 15-16:1, Atkinson cycle mode during WOT turbo spool up, and then Miller cycle mode at full boost.

    50% improvement in hwy FE..??
  • So basically she wants the CRV with the Turbo 4 of the RDX. LOL

    Have you considered this:

    What you could do to "soften" the ride might be to actually put a set of 17inch rims on it with THICKER tires (maybe 65 profile). That would give you a little more added cushion over the 18inch tires with a 55profile.

    Maybe a cheap and easy way to make the RDX how you want it, while still maintaining what is good about the RDX...Its Handling.
  • Ya....I think you have been called out for repeatably offering this idea.

    If only honda was as smart as you are. You should fill out an application for them and see if you can get the 2011 RDX to 30+mpg on the highway while still maintaining 240hp and 260lbft of torque. Oh ya...while being a 4000lb SUV.


    In all seriousness if they could just tweek things a little bit and get to 26-27mpg HW that would be good enough over 24mpg HW that people see right now.
  • At what price would you buy a 2009 tech instead of waiting it out for a 2010 tech?

    Right now they are at 33700 for a new 09 tech.

    That isn't bad, but I don't think it is great.

    If I could get them to $32000 on their car do you think that would be WAY BETTER than I could get a 2010 for? Would you do it or wait, or even try to get them into the $31000 area. Remember I want a TECH model!
  • ebcarbuyerebcarbuyer Posts: 17
    I wouldn't pay anything over $32k for an '09 Tech. $33700 is over priced based on what I and others have gotten for a '09 Tech. A 2010 won't be as aggressively priced initially. So if you can wait till the '09s are cleared out, you might get a decent deal but there's no guarantee you'll do better on a 2010 model. If car buying picks up then the dealers may be less willing to cut their profits. I'll guess you'll be able to get something close to dealer invoice on a 2010.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If the 2010 should turn up with DFI ("shades" of EcoBoost), as well it should/might, the value of new '09's will then drop precipetously....worth the wait...?

    And with a new VVT-i design using Otto/Atkinson/Miller/West cycle modes the new leftover '09's might become virtually worthless.

    The new Prius and RX450H engines use Otto mode, 13:1 CR (12.5:1 RX) for part throttle operations and then transition into Atkinson mode (10:1 CR..??) as engine loading increases.
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