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To ResistAll or Not To...

gonzohgonzoh Posts: 1
Has anyone taken advantage of the ResistAll protective coating? It's the paint sealant to protect against gloss loss, fading, bird droppings, sap, acid rain, etc. and stain protection for the leather.

Was wondering...isn't this vehicle already protected??

Just closed on an 09 SL and very satisfied with the terms. F&I Officer did the usual pitch of all the additional coverage. Opted for none. But afterward, he took me aside and really suggested I reconsider it. During the presentation, he knocked it down from $899 to $499. Typical ploy but I still declined.

Any experience with ResistAll anyone? Thanks for any response. Gonzoh


  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,011
    Sounds like wax to me.

    And I'm not all that sold on wax either.

    Mr_Shiftright, "Teflon Paint Sealants Revisited" #7, 10 Jul 2003 9:33 am

    Congrats on the new ride!

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  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,251
    You can go to any major auto parts store and peruse shelf after shelf of paint protectants. You can pick the most exotic package with the best features and for 5-15 bucks take it home and put it on yourself on a nice day. You can also check with local car washes/detailers who will do a great job for about $100. Do it next year so they can get off the bugs and road tar. You can do that for 5 years to break even with the dealer offer. The finishes on the new cars don't need protectant but a thorough professional cleaning every year will keep your ride looking great. You can buy a can of scotchguard spray for the interior. That's all the dealers use.
  • Resist All is an amazing product. First of all it is the only product that I know of that provides a 7 year warranty on the exterior and interior. Second of all, the car industry is different than it was a few years back. Manufactures have placed a lot of importance on customer satisfaction. While dealerships are looking to make money where ever possible, they do offer products that do work! Also remember, we pay profit on everything we use, from a Big Mac or even a New York Strip from a fine steak house, such as Ruth's Chris. Keep in mind they are both meat, but one is certainly better than the other. As far as my experience has proven, Resist All is the fine steak of the the paint sealant world.I have had Resist All on my last 4 cars, a Lexus GX470, Lexus SC430, Acura RL, and my Corvette. The most remarkable experience I've had was with my red Lexus convertible. That car looked showroom new until the day I sold it 5 years down the line. The funny part about this car was that a buddy and I purchased the same car, same exterior colour, at the same time. Over time, his red car faded a bit, and mine was perfect (and I never waxed the vehicle, ever). In addition, my dogs have enjoyed a worry free experience when in the cars. Don't forget, the interior protection protects against punctures and tears as well, something Scotch guard does not. On my Vette, the exterior had a glass like finish, which is what I wanted. Now if you want that deeper looking shine, that only a fine wax can provide, more power to you, but personally, I don't have the time to wax every 4 to 6 weeks. The other HUGE benefit is that during the "love bug season" bug guts easily have washed off the car. The good thing is that even if they didn't, I know Resist All would pay for the repaint of the area. From personal experience, they do not repair just the little spot, they repainted the entire bumper, making the vehicle look like new again. I really like the product, and swear by it. I hope this helps... By the way if you do want Resist All, and you don't want to pay the price that your dealer is asking, then negotiate the price with the business manager. Trust me, they'd rather sell it for something, than for nothing at all. :)
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,011
    Your post sounds like a sales pitch to me.

    Funny, if you go to the ResistAll site, what jumps out at you is "Partners In Profit Award Program Enhances Sales for F&I".

    I can't think of anything that comes out of the Rip-Off Room (aka F&I) that's doesn't enhance profit. :P

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  • kjsmittykjsmitty Posts: 25
    After working at a dealership for 9+ years as well as being a very close friend of the attached detail shop owner,, All exterior/interior so called protection packages are profit machines for the industry. I'm not saying they don't help or work, just stating the fact that the price is enormously inflated to the actual cost/benefit of the product.

    As mentioned, you could buy enough of the best product on the shelf to last you 5 or so years and still not spend 1/4 if not a 10th of what they charge at the dealership etc.

    Take care of the car, wash and wax regularly and it will look as new 10 yrs later.

    But as always, that's just my personal opinion / experience.

    I would continue to say no - unless you get him down under $100 - where he is still making $50 in profit.... :-)

  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,251
    I don't know that any manufacturers recommend any special treatments.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,011
    Some owner's manuals don't even recommend waxing. Just occasional washing with a mild soap.

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  • I use it b4! in a month or two you need to re-apply it again read the fine print! you have to reapply it again and again. Any Major car Wax off the shelf will preform just as well as directed.
  • rjoslin55rjoslin55 Posts: 1
    Question for Gonzoh: what kind of warranty do you get with waxes or Scotchguard? None. Some dealers may just use wax, which melts off on a hot day or when you go through a car wash (that's why they offer to put it back on), but many dealers now offer ResistAll, which is a great product. If someone waxes their vehicle every month to keep the pores of the paint sealed, they would not need a chemical sealant, but most of us almost never wax our vehicles. BTW: ResistAll is guaranteed for 7 years for both the outside and inside for all types of damage and stains.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,011
    edited June 2011
    Gonzoh hasn't posted for a while.

    Take another look at Kjsmitty's post above:

    "All exterior/interior so called protection packages are profit machines for the industry."

    Paint has an irregular surface, just like anything else you look at through a magnifier. But the experts I read say paint doesn't have "pores".

    And I've read that at the molecular level water is much smaller than any wax or paint you put on a surface.

    The mop and glow stuff just sounds like a bunch of marketing hype to me.

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  • yreddyyreddy Posts: 1
    ResistAll find reasons to NOT cover any claim you make. they are like any other warranty service, the less they need to work on, the easier its for them.

    take my word, get it cleaned through a detailing company if you cannot get it done. try to get the easy stuff like stains from spills removed as soon as you can. there are a lot of great products that will do the job.

    leave the heavy stuff to the pro's. you can get good deals for detailing your whole car.
  • We bought this warranty because my wife like her new car and wanted to keep it that way, also we needed to close the deal and leave the dealership for another appointment (i.e. a mistake).

    A few months later, at Starbucks drive-thru coffee got spilled on the headliner so we figured we were luck to have this protection. After calling them to file a claim, to our surprise, they told us it's not covered because they "cannot apply cleaning adhesive on the headliner". We even went back and read the fine print, there's nowhere it mentioned this exclusion, but there is a clause saying it's not refundable. What a rip-off!

    DO NOT BUY this warranty, it's a scam.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,011
    Perhaps you should consider complaining to your state's consumer protection agency or AG's office.

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  • Thanks for your suggestion. we did think about going back to the dealership and ask our money back. Before doing that, I decided to try cleaning it with household cleaner and paper towel... it worked like a charm... the coffee stain is barely visible. This goes to show how useless this warranty is.

    According to my experience, if you have a leather seats, the only covered area is the small carpet area underneath your feet.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,011
    edited February 2013
    Good to hear that you got it clean.

    And please consider writing up a Dealer Review and tell other potential buyers about your experience. Thanks!

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  • All warranty and protection products pushed in a dealer's finance office are designed to make profit for the source of the product and, most certainly, for the dealer. Those products are priced to cover all likely claims plus the huge profts. The small print is designed to limit the coverage. Really how many people actually understand, or even read, the small print?

    Common sense should warn everyone such products are a bad way to spend money.

    People should google F&I and read about how much money dealers make on these products. Most dealers look to make at least an additional $1,000 in profit in the F&I office on every vehicle they sell.

    The best approach is to buy a vehicle with a solid reliability record. Then compute the difference in monthly payment without the overpriced products compared to the monthly payment with the overpriced products. Finance without the overpriced products. Put the difference into a savings account each month.

    If an unexpected problem arises after the warranty period, the buyer will have money to pay the bill. However, if no problem arises the buyer, and not the dealer, will have the money for other things.
  • cp1986cp1986 Posts: 2
    your outlook is a little on the negative side, i got resistall and dent guard and have used them both more then once on my acura, i would say scaring people out of keepinga brand new car looking good is not cool.
  • For anyone considering it, there are things to know about ResistAll.

    1) It covers leather/vinyl/upholstery/carpets/floor mats, and the painted portions of the exterior. Some packages also cover glass/headlights and or an undercoating.

    2) Things it will never cover - (1)any moving parts in the interior (steering wheel, gear shift, etc.), (2)anything connected to the roof/headliner (will cause the liner to sag) (3) Cigarette burns - I don't know why, but this will not be covered

    3) If you ever file a warranty claim, I really, really think that you just noticed the issue a few days ago. After you tried to clean it up yourself, you filed the claim asap.

    4) If you regularly detail the car yourself, you do not need this. As far as the exterior goes, it replaces wax insofar as it protects the car the same way wax does. If it fails to, the company pays to fix whatever is damaged. It does not replace wax as far as aesthetics go - don't be surprised when its not "showroom new" for 7 years. For the interior, if you get stains, spots, small tears, small punctures - file a claim and it gets taken care of. Anywhere but the headliner and moving parts.

    It sucks that people are mislead - there is no need to lie or omit things when selling this stuff.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,011
    How much profit do you make when you sell this stuff?

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