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Ford Escort Hatchback



  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    It was once dubbed Ford's "World Car" but now it's part of world history. Gone but not forgotten, read about how this nameplate carried the Ford compact car banner for 20 years only to be replaced by that cross-pond rival, the Focus.

    Here's the full story from Edmunds' Generations section: A Ford Escort/Mercury Tracer History, by John DiPietro. Let us know what you think.

    A 1991 Ford Escort GT (Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Company)

    Thanks for your comments. ;-)

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  • jchan2jchan2 Posts: 4,956
    We use to have an Escort LX. We drove it in the harsh winters of North Dakota (we later moved) and the hot summers of Alabama before that. It was an economical car and when we moved to Wisconsin, I cried because we sold our most dependable car we had ever had (it still holds my title of best dependability) and replaced it with a 97' Honda Accord Special Edition. The Accord needed more repairs than the Escort. All we did on the Escort was normal maintenance and changing the timing belt at 59K miles. On the Accord, we had to get a new Power Door Lock Actuator (what's that) and it broke down once in our driveway. Sounds like we should have bought a 97' Escort instead. My kid drives in 6 years and we think we'll be handing the keys of either a Mini Cooper or a Ford Focus to him.
  • dave6977dave6977 Posts: 3
    has about 201,000. Still running well. About the only things that i have put into it is timing belts, alternator, radiator, clutch, battery. And, especially delivering pizzas, brakes. Still getting about 28 MPG city, 37 hwy. Take care, later.

    Dave J
  • wipeout9wipeout9 Posts: 2
    My son purchased a 96 Escort hatchback privately a month ago. 102k km's. Today the check engine light came on, but the car still runs okay. I've looked on the internet for a gizmo to read the fault codes, but it seems like they are for 1995 and earlier vehicles. For Ford 1996 or newer a code reader seems non-existant. Can someone advise of a code reader that is available within the $$ range for a home mechanic, or of another procedure to get the fault code from the computer?
  • I own a 93 Ford Escort GT, 1.8 liter, and recently was not able to start the car. The engine turned over but would not start. I was able to determine that I was not getting spark to the plugs or fuel to the cylinders. Has anyone else experienced this. (It's so weird because my Dad had driven the car into our garage without a problem and then the next day it would not turn over.) Could this be a electrical problem? Could this be the failure of the crank shaft sensor?
  • That happened to me with a Volkswagon. It may be the timing belt broke. Open the oil fill cap and see if the cam shaft is turning.

    Hope that helps
  • rogerm4rogerm4 Posts: 10
    I just purchased a 1998 Ford Escort SE for my daughter, but it does not have an owners manual with it. Any web sites where I can purchase one? I tried the Ford web site, no luck there. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Have you tried asking the Ford Motor Company's customer service? I would think they would be able to direct you to the right sources. Here's a direct link to their contact information page. Scroll down that page and you'll see their 800 numbers. Good luck.

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  • jimbeaumijimbeaumi Posts: 620
    The queen of all Escort/Lynx models is my beloved Betsy 2, a 1987 Lynx GS 5-speed. Purchased new in late 1987, she racked up over 227K miles, and was sold in mid-1998 with original exhaust, original clutch, original radiator, original starter, original wiper motor, and first major repair did not happen until 190K miles or so (head gasket). Beautiful black turned into black-over-rust, but the gray cloth interior was fine.

    That 1.9l engine continued on essentially the same for a few years in later Escorts, so I hope many of you had the same good fortune that I did. Maintenance helped alot: timing belts every 60K and oil changes every 3-4K. My baby!
  • rogerm4rogerm4 Posts: 10
    Thanks for the advice, but I found one fairly cheap on E-bay. I did try Fords online "help" with out any luck. Thanks again.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    To jimbeaumi- Thanks for your message. I'm sure other owners passing through here will appreciate reading about your good Ford Escort experience.

    To rogerm4- Glad you were able to find an owner's manual. It's amazing what one can find on Ebay! Thanks for the update.

    Happy motoring!


    Hatchbacks & Wagons Host
  • Hi all,
    I just bought my 1989 Ford Escort LX with automatic transmission 140000 mi. Everything is fine, except two things. a) Air Conditioner doesn't work, and b) Tachometer is not alive.
    I tried to change tachometer to a "new" one from Junk yard, I checked all wires which going to tachometer. Everything looks fine, but tachometer doesn't move. Did somebody have same problem? Can you help me?
    I do not ask about A/C - it will be my next step ;)
  • Hello,
    I had my Escort for last 10 years and now has 95,000 miles. Engine starts well but when I change gear from part to drive position car moves very slow or some times takes long time to move. Has any one experienced similar problem? Any idea how much it will cost to fix.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    rinat- You may also want to post your question on our Maintenance & Repair Message board. If you can't find an appropriate discussion there, feel free to start up a new one.

    ghates - In addition to posting on our M & R board, you should plug your vehicle (model/year) into Edmunds' Maintenance Guide to see if there any technical service bulletins (TSBs) that might be related to your vehicle problem. Good luck.

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