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Mitsubishi Montero Sport Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 2000 Montero Sport that is doing the same thing. How much did it cost to replace the solenoid valve?
  • How did you solve this problem? More importantly, how did you get the drum open in the first place to get to the brake pads? I went to change the rear pads yesterday for the first time (I bought the Sport used) and was surprised to see that kind of assembly on disc brakes.


  • Seems to be similar problem re: 4X4 light flashing, 4X4 not engaging after changing cables, spark plug wires. Tried to track down "PT # MR263723" 'Freewheel Clutch Solenoid Valve' thru Kragen, no luck. Also checked Mitsubishi website. Can someone confirm part #/description and elaborate on what this part does and why it would fail? Possibly related to work on ignition system? Oh, and where to find it? Appreciated. Thanx, Frankie J
  • I called my local dealer here in Atlanta and he told me that he would change that part for $310. I plan to have it done later this month on my 2000 Montero Sport Limited. We will see what happens. I gave him the part number and he looked it right up and quoted the price to change it. Hope this helps.
  • How do you get the drum open on the rear wheel hubs to to get to the rear brake pads on a 2001 Montero Sport? I went to change the rear pads yesterday for the first time (I bought the vehicle used) and was surprised to see that kind of assembly on disc brakes. I see there is some type of plate on the front, but even with pentrating oil and a couple of taps from a mallet, it didn't want to come loose (I'm reluctant to hit it too hard lest I break something). As an aside, what's the purpose/advantage of that kind of design?

  • I hate to seem, uh, dense but...I searched the name 'Freewheel clutch solenoid valve', the Mitsubishi dealer and part sites and the part # (MR263723) and still can't find anything. the person in Atlanta that had the part installed (or anyone else that can answer): If you have the box that the part came in, would you mind listing the manufacturer of the part as well as any part number and/or manufacturer link that is on the box? Much appreciated, Frankie J
  • I am changing the timing belt on my Montero Sport and rotated the crackshaft counterclockwise several times before I read the manual which cautioned against doing this. Anyone know what damage this could cause and any tips on correcting before I finish installation??? HELP!!!!
  • Mine was replaced at 84,000 miles with the same shutter.. The computer was not the problem.
  • Well How did you get the drum on there? I have mine sitting up to the jack right now and can't get it on!
  • fredy1fredy1 Posts: 1
    i had the same problem and replaced alternator,sparkplugs and wires , belts and so so . at the end the problem was the the clogged fuel injector throotle . 2 cans of carburetor cleaner will do it. try this and you will thank me . and the transmision will work properly.
  • timo5timo5 Posts: 4
    That isn't as bad as I thought it would. Thanks for the info. She is out of town this week so I will give it a shot next week. I really appreciate this!

  • I have a 1998 montero sport 4x4 xls 3.0 liter v-6 about a week ago it started not wanting to idle the alarm was activated and im not sure how but i kept the drivers door open and unhooked the neg battery cable for 1 minute and then hooked it back up to deactivate the alarm and then cranked the car but after that it woundnt idle when you first crank up the car it runs fine but after u drive it for a few seconds it wont idle anymore ive tried cleaning the throttle body out for deposites but that didnt help any help on this matter would be greatly appericated


    Bud Mckay
  • HI I have been a professional auto tech for over 20 years and i have access to a lot of info including factory tsbs and i had no luck with this problem and this forum solved the 4x4 light flashing on my custermers car and he is very happy
    Thanks and best regards to all
  • chris891chris891 Posts: 1
    Hi, I notice you have no replies yet, so you probably have resolved your issue. I am in the middle of changing timing belt myself and also did the same thing. I have not taken off the timing belt cover yet, will finish it today. What did you find was the result. I am also concerned. Did you find any problems and if so how did you resolve them. My research has found only one possible issue so far: The timing belt may bind because of reverse tension and therefore can skip a tooth on the belt. Hopefully this would not be enough of a change to bend a valve on the next revolution, and the solution is to simply reset the camshafts to their index marks after the timing belt has been removed and the crankshaft is set to TDC?
  • chaikachaika Posts: 1
    does anyone know how to remove the rear wiper assembly so I can take off the plastic lens below (the one with the mitsubishi logo and the lock for the rear hatch on it). I need a new lens and to replace the wiper arm as it is bent.
  • blavertueblavertue Posts: 1
    My husband changed my plugs, wires, and gaskets last night on my truck because I had oil in my plugs. Wow what a mess.. When he finished he started it up and now it will run if you keep on the gas but it stalls as soon as you put it in idle. As it stalls, it lets out this mild sound like wheeew ( air compression or something) ..Please someone help.. I really love my truck ... It has 168,000 miles on it and is Very reliable... until now... Thanks so much... ">
  • I have an 01 montero sport close to the same as yours but the same problem started for me earlier i think, but i took mine to a private mechanic and he just gave it a routine tune up and changed my brakes, sparkplugs and everything and i haven't had a problem since, except for the fact where he unhooked my cruise, which i'm fine without
  • Anyone know of a repair manual for the 2000 Montero
    sport LS 4WD. I have searched Amazon, Ebay, etc?
  • syrussyrus Posts: 1
    I have a 1998 Montero sport and the only manual I was able to find was the dealer service manual which costs about 200.
  • Thanks for the info.
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