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2010 Chevrolet Camaro



  • Thanks for the information. I live in Anaheim and a dealership that I inquired at in Upland had the Camaro I was looking for. They had it priced at $40k pluse the "5K fair market value" on it. So also adding taxes and other misc. fees we're talking about a car that's worth $50k? I think its just dumb for anyone to pay that price. Considering that GM went bankrupt, they're still jacking up the price on these cars, hmmm? Yeah I know, I know the demand of this car sets the value at where its at but c'mon give me a break that's just ridiculous. I'm still looking around, but I'm not giving up yet. I would LIKE to drive one instead of sitting in one but seems very bleak at this point. Thanks again for the info.
  • In response to: FYI - The 2010 Camaro was modeled after the 1969 model.

    Yes, I was aware of Chevy's intentions in creating the new Camaro; it's just too bad the execution wasn't quite there. I just found the perfect picture to illustrate what I mean; the link is below. Note the majestic lines of the '69 model, particularly the front grill; then compare that to the squashed looking grill area of the nose on the new model. All they needed to do was widen the height of the grill by a few inches, while getting rid of some of the unnecessary plastic below the grill, and they'd have really had something. Of course, as I stated previously, this is only my opinion (and that of at least one other person on this forum). Anyway, here's the link; judge for yourself..."

    New Camaro and 1969 Camaro Side by Side
  • "it's a sports car"

    I am interested ordering fender skirts if the back tires would allow, and Chevrolet provides.


  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    IMHO, the New Camaro is a perfect car to model as a futuristic style. Of course, I would not drive most future cars, as they are impractical. The New Camaro suffers some of the same ills of the New Challenger. FAT, is one word which comes to mind, it is simply too much everything. It is too heavy, too wide, too tall, too large wheels, too fat A pillar, with too tall door sills, making for a small window area, and a claustrophobic interior. Overall, the look is very nice. If I was only looking at it on the floor of a showroom at a World Car Show, no doubt, it is impressive.

    A wonderful V6engine, with 6 speed automatic or stick, the drivetrain is the right stuff. Make it look like the original, stop playing to the kids with monster wheels, loose some weight, a couple of feet in length, and a half foot in width, and give her some glass area, and I think it is a real winner. Alas, Government Motors doesn't care about what I think, and they may be right. If they can get people to pay over sticker for a car manufacturer by a company in bankruptcy, with a 100 year history of troubled first and second year new model cars, I say go for it. In Santa Maria i saw a side sticker of $7,500 for some lucky sucker to pay -- whoo-hoo, or yippee!

    The Ford Mustang is the truest to a Pony Car, with a little less fat and pretty clean lines, which make it look lower. The Camaro and Challenger look like they have an extra 6" of skirt now to them. Looks like the Hyundai Genesis Coupe is a real winner. Pretty good over the left shoulder views to pass, some actual glass area, and thus you do not feel like sitting in a bathtub. The lines are crisp, and almost new -- well a bit Infinity G37, but with a little more racy look. If I went Pony car, it would be Stang for 2010, and the Hyundai is also interesting. :shades:
  • yh8myssyh8myss Posts: 17
    Been away from the site for a few days. Out enjoying the ride... I was interested in reading all of the posts, and I felt that this post needed a response.... I know everyone has their own opinions, and I respect that, but the fact is that the 2010 SS Camaro has a height of 54.2 in. The 2010 Mustang GT has a height of 55.6 in. The Mustang is actually taller than the Camaro. The length of the Camaro is 190.4 in. The Mustang GT-188.1 in. A 2.3 in. difference. The width of the Camaro is 75.5 in. The Mustang-73.9 in. Another 2 in. difference.
    I have two good friends that live on my street, one owns a Challenger RT, one owns a Mustang GT. I've driven the Challenger, and I've ridden in the 'Stang. NEITHER of those cars can touch my Camaro. Mine looks better, runs better, sounds better, and you couldn't give me both of those cars for my Camaro. The guy that owns the Mustang actually stopped by my place to ask if he could take pictures of my car.
    Ever driven a Porsche? How about a Vette? 350Z? Ever wondered why there is little room inside? They're sports cars, they go fast. They aren't SUV's. I've never had an issue with visibility, nor has the weight of the car been an issue. Especially when I smoke an RT or a GT.
    I think aerodynamics could have played a part in the size of the windows. I mean, I could sit up alittle higher, have more glass to see through, so I can watch people drive-off and leave me in the dust. Might as well by a Volkswagon so you have more glass and less skirt. Oh yeah, the skirt kinda gives your car some downforce, helps with handling and blazin' around tight curves. To sum it up: DO NOT BUY A CAMARO if you want an SUV, station wagon, or you need extra glass to see through. The SS is a hot-rod with great gas mileage and it likes to go fast. PERIOD.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Well, park a new Camaro next to an older one, and you will see what I mean. It is like you take the older model, then add on another six inches to the bottom section. I suppose it better accommodates the larger wheels these days. Inside, you feel more confined than in a Miata. The extra thick A pillar, and the enormous door sill height leave you sitting inside the bath tub, with little glass area, much like the 350Z or 370Z. The Porsche and Vette front and side views seem a lot better to me, as does the roominess - feel at the least is better. As Pony cars go, I agree it is not too much larger than the New Stang, but the New Stang is already feeling the super-sized movement over the years. Car should be getting lighter, and not heavier. Light is more toss-able for handling, and you be kinder on the brakes, tires, while going even faster. Buy skirt, I mean to say, it has some added lower bulk - nothing to do with down force. As for blazin' around tight turns, I guess so - take your word on that one. Usually on a race track the Miata does that, then the Camaros scream up and pass on straightaways - good muscle. They do have the good engine(s) and drive-train,& good gas mileage, which is better than the current Ford. Still, I think I will look for more of a sports car. The Hyundai Genesis Coupe is pretty good - balanced looks, performance and roominess / inside feel, with enough glass area and over the left shoulder view for passing. And for Pony, still like the bit smaller, and less fat look, Stang. A Corvette would be nice too. Of course for steering feel, and true sports car engaged drive, the Miata still shines. Then there is the BMWZ4 & Porsche Boxter, if you don't mind supporting Germany come repair time = ouch! Anyway - agreed, Camaro goes fast, looks good, has great gas mileage. Have fun with your new Camaros, guys and gals, and be safe on the public roadways across this great land of ours. Race on the track. :shades:
  • I remember when my brother had his '83 Z28, what a sweet ride that was. Fast forward 26 years and i finally get a SS. Wow is the first word that comes to mind everytime i see her. RJT is such an awesome color, at least that's what people tell everywhere i go. Fact is i can't go anywhere without getting the compliments, and folks taking pictures. A real conversation piece i am coming to find out. A car that brings people together, and make them feel good just looking at it. Hey, i call it as i see it and the Camaro is doing just that. See ya on the roads peeps... for tomorrows ride i think i'll cruise down Woodward Ave.
  • yh8myssyh8myss Posts: 17
    Good taste! We have the same ride. Did you get the 6-speed? Feels like everyone is checking the ride out every time you go out. Oh, wait, they ARE checking it out. I had a guy come up to me and tell me the car looked like a four-seater-Vette. I kinda liked that description. Anyway, saw your ride and wanted to give you props
  • ck90211ck90211 Posts: 129
    Was wondering if anyone was able to buy a LS or LT without pre-ordering and at MSRP (or better)? Or is pre-ordering (or paying way above MSRP) the only way to get them right now?

    I am in SoCal. Thanks.
  • jmarounjmaroun Posts: 139
    I'm selling my 08 335i in a few days. Its refined drive and generous low end torque will be missed dearly.

    My plan was to purchase a cheaper car till this economy gets better. The idea was to get a reliable car with good resale, so that I could sell it in a year or two and get the next version 3 series. :) Now, after finding out about this new Camaro..looks like I'll be spending a little bit more than and I've forgotten all about reliability and resale.. :shades: I'll still be lookin to spend less than a 3series, and yet getting a really cool car! I'd bet this Camaro will have very good resale value too. I'm a bit weary about reliablity though.

    Over the past week, I test driven the latest versions of MazdaSpeed3, Mazda3, and Honda Civic Si. In a nutshell, MS3 still has torque steer. I felt it had too much hp for its FWD and chasis abilities. Mazda3 is probably the most sensible.. and the Si offers a more entertaining engine that tries very hard in vain to overshadow its anemic torque curve. I can easilly see how an Si can get tiring fast. Oh God, I almost pulled the trigger on the Si this afternoon. Paperwork was ready and everything! Thank goodness I didn't!!!

    It's funny, until tonight, I've been totally unaware of this new Camaro! I guess, I was pretty content with my 335. Now that I'm selling the 335.. I just stumbled upon reviews of this new Camaro at Edmunds and now after a few hours of further net research..I'm absolutely amazed and excited at how much more this car offers! I mean, the V6 spanks the Si and even MS3 in torque and hp. The V8 is just amazing. The exhaust sounds incredible! This Camaro has a very tasteful style since it backs up an aggressive look with real performance. Ok, it's more macho muscle than BMW's business suit look but I'm very pleased with the overall visual experience the Camaro offers. The SS version is a bargain.. far less than a typical $45k 335i..and $60k M3. I'll be test driving the SS version tomorrow and I can hardly wait! I don't expect the Camaro to be as refined nor as nimble as a BMW..I just expect it to be more fun than an Si, which I'm sure it will be, and have decent handling capability. Sure I know an Si is a full $10k cheaper than the SS, but even the LT offers more torque than the Si.

    I'm very pleased, finally, at the real prospects of buying an American car. I can't wait till tomorrow. I hope they're not hicking up prices and that inventory is good since I'll need to buy in the next few days.

    San Diego
  • jmarounjmaroun Posts: 139
    I stopped by a local Chevy dealer that had a white 2010 Camaro yesterday. Indeed, the car is a looker from the outside. It brings back personal nostalgia I haven't felt in a long while. I'm sure it's different for every American but for me; thoughts of riding in the back seat of my dad's 69 Camaro..with my brother and sister on the way to uncle Mike's house, flash across my mind. Random images I instantly remember. Looking out the window as we passed cars, looking up at the cage like structure as it passed while crossing the Brooklyn bridge, there's something about the lines of that car that never loose effect. Although I was too young to ever drive one, I did watch the Duke's of Hazard (although that was a Charger) ..and I miss Daisy so much. I also had at least one hot wheel Camaro I think. I have black and white pictures of me in bell bottoms and with hair :) freshly combed by my mom. I remember that car and that time and think now smiling how well this new Camaro holds a part of my American experience. It's an errie breathe of fresh air. The inside looks cool too! I love its rectangular analog gauges. What a simply fun and smile evoking car inside and out, uh, cough.. I mean in a masculine kinda way of course :shades: .

    Then, after some time, while contemplating seriously the prospects of owning and driving the car for every day purposes.. practical considerations invariably set in and the result.. they kind of crash the good feelings. Pretty soon, the emotional attachments I just moments before had for the car, slowly yet promptly, and I truly feel sorry about this, it's just that my joyful anticipation and excitement for the car has dwindled to a sad disappointment. I realize, I can't buy this car.

    Although I admire Chevy's effort and I want them to succeed, I fear, they got it wrong on this one if they think it'll be bought on mass like the old school Camaro. I can't help but think that they should know better. I'm sure this Camaro will sell well to those who want the car for their collection; as it certainly will go down as a classic piece of art. Reality however, is that, just like 2010 Challenger and Shelby GT500, this Camaro wont be bought by most reasonable folks in the market for an affordable yet practical and fun 8cyl muscle 4 seater. And perhaps, I hope, that is what may have been intended.

    The 2010 Mustang GT just makes far more sense. And I really believe, not just for macho wanna be tough guys like myself..but I believe it can and does appeal to a wide range of all kinds of people looking for a sensible car to have a bunch of fun in while getting their daily life's tasks done all in a practical way! The Camaro unfortunately, is simply too heavy and visibility poses serious issues for everyday driving. It'll be bought by those who can comfortably afford to buy it, without even test driving the car, for the pleasure of just owning it and, no doubt, the thrill of driving it. And their's nothing wrong with those types of people. It's just that not everyone can do that. Most people buy a car because they need one for everyday in addition to desiring that it be a fun car to drive.

    In the next few days, I'll be buying a 2010 Mustang GT. I found its V8 rumble, ever present torque, and smooth clutch/stick engagement irresistible and I was impressed with its handling ability. I was really impressed with this new Mustang's driving experience. That's not easy to do after parking a BMW 335 moments before. Even after driving away from the dealership, in a more refined 335..I felt reassured and even more excited about buying this new Mustang GT. Compared to the 335, this new stang's performance and driving experience is on par and even superior(engine sound) in many but not all respects.

    I'm also very proud and happy to say that it'll be my first American car. :shades:

    San Diego
  • Joseph,
    I don't get it!

    I bet you knew how much it's specs (dimensions and weight) before you went to look at it (if you did personally look at it at a dealer) because of "now after a few hours of further net research..I'm absolutely amazed and excited at how much more this car offers!" comment.

    I just don't get it. If you thought it was a 'looker' and knew all (or most of its) information, how could you change your mind and complain about its weight?

    I hope you do know that for its weight, the 6.2V8 gets better mileage than Dodge's Challenger and Ford's Mustang (with their V8). Also, the 3.6 V6 is rated at 29 MPG on the HWY, which is also better than the V6 on the Dodge or Ford pony cars. How can a 3.6 V6 Camaro NOT be a 'daily' driver?

    Any ways, I am with you on the Ford Mustang GT. That's a great alternative for those who don't like the General. :P

    I am still debating between the Challenger, Mustang GT and Camaro SS. Good luck. ;)

    Bruce Lee (in San Francisco - home of the import lovers). :shades:
  • yh8myssyh8myss Posts: 17
    Joseph, I'm sure you'll enjoy your Stang, hell, if I couldn't afford, or wait for, the V-8 SS, I might have gone out and test driven BMW's, and then gone and bought a ford mustang... Please.

    Anyway, I got my SS June 5th. I had to order it. I didn't test drive it. I saw the concept car like everyone else in 2006. I tried to keep up with any info that ever got out about the car. I knew the car was a mix of existing, proven technology. I did what I had to do for three years to have the ability to purchase this car, win or lose. Luckily, someone like me can let others know that the car is pretty damn nice. I drive it thru rush hour traffic. I drive it on weekends. I drive it because it's awesome to drive, and I have other vehicles to drive. I would own mine if it was my only vehicle. I hate it for ya cause you sounded pretty jacked about it, if you drove it, you wanted it, just seems like somehow the cards didn't fall in place and now the SS just doesn't measure up....Did they allow you to drive one? Did they even have an SS on the lot? Probably not. They tell you you had to order one? Had to wait for a car? I know that sucks, but that doesn't change the car, just the $hitty way the deals are being handled. The car is worth it if you can wait and you aren't overcharged. But, as I always say, "to each, his own.."
  • mcribb
    "Who would be stupid enough to pay a 5000$ mark-up. I would just wait a few months. I do not believe anyone needs one that bad."

    As they say "One born every minute". Or is it 'every second'?

    I am waiting until the second year (2011). I got my money, but I am not in a hurry to spend it, especially at + $5,000 more. :mad:

    BL (in san francisco - home of the import buyers) [lower case on purpose]
  • nastacionastacio Posts: 370
    Just received an email from the local dealer. Not one, not two, not three, but *six* SS models already sitting in the parking lot at MSRP.

    Two weeks ago, they had only one loaded SS stickered at $36K + $12K markup. It is one of the six being listed at MSRP now.

    I will still wait until 2010, sticking to the "never in the first year" lesson.
  • Well, here in Pa, I just made a deal with a local dealership for a 2010 Camaro 1SS Transformers edition at MSRP not above minus my supplier pricing discount of 1,100 dollars. The total out the door price with trade in loss was $35,500. That is the SS model with the V8 and the upgraded packages like the Transformers, RS, and Audio package. Pretty cool price but I want to see if I can do better. I love the yellow w/black racing stripes though. Maybe you should consider buying out of state if they are marking them up in Cali.
  • The only thing new about this car is the design. The engine is a revamped version of the highly acclaimed LS3, while the transmission is a proven leader for chevy in the vette. Once again these parts are slightly revamped but they are built on the same basis of prior successful models. It also sits on the same chassis as the Pontiac G8 which is a very nice chassis. I wouldn't say don't buy it because it's new, when really it is just a new version of the old scene (so to speak).
  • Walked into a dealership on Sunday to check the Camaros on the lot.

    I was stunned by the car looks, bold, futuristic, with the large wheels, fat tires and everything.

    Backward visibility was the dealer killer: anything with that kind of rearward visibility needs a back up camera or back up sensors. With 3 small kids in the house, wife was very accommodating of the idea of a 2-door coupe, but not of how easily the C-pillars could hide 4-year olds. :-)

    Otherwise, wonderful effort by GM.
  • For your information - you are an idiot who has probably driven [non-permissible content removed] cars since you 1st got your license. The only similarity between the 2010 (ugh) Camaro & the 1969 Camaro is the fact that they both have 4 wheels. :mad:

    No matter what the "2010" is, it is not a Camaro. I think after GM took a good look at this grotesque new car "someone" said "maybe if we call it a Camaro, someone will buy it." :lemon:

    As the former owner of a 2002 Z28, I resent anyone referring to this hideous Russian designed vehicle as a Camaro. :sick:

    When Dodge brought the Challenger back it was even better than the original. The Mustang has just gotten better, altho they did produce a few duds during the middle years. :)

    The "2010" may be a better car ... but it's embarrassingly butt ugly! :mad:
  • I'm alittle confused about the remark you made about the 2002 Z28 you used to own. Did you think it was hideous? Did you think the 2002 z28 looked more like a Camaro should than the 2010? HMM, wonder if you put that 2002 Z28 next to my 2010 Camaro, pulled 100 people off the street, and asked them which car was embarrassingly butt ugly, your 2002 Z28 would win, hands down. I haven't liked the look of a Camaro since around 1976. Granted, not everyone likes the look of the 2010. Can't please everyone all of the time. All I know is I have NEVER had the reaction from people concerning my ride as I have because of the new 2010 Camaro. You would think I was a rock star in my BUTT UGLY Camaro. Hahaha. Don't hate, the car is HOT and you probably can't get one, so you're pissed.... Besides, the car had to be redesigned to contain all those horses and still get GREAT MPG. The '69 is and will always be classic, but we're not living in '69. So, GM says they designed the car after the '69, who cares! The car has a style of it's own and that's what selling. It's too bad the car is so ugly to you, which leads me to believe that you haven't driven one. Ugly or not, the car kicks a$$ on the road, and that's the fact, jack.............
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