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Volkswagen EuroVan



  • mdennismdennis Posts: 1
    My wife and I are considering purchasing the Volkswagen turbo diesel camper van for traveling in Europe. We drove the turbo diesel for a month in Europe back in 1990 and were impressed with it. Any comments about the reliability and up keep costs of the Volkswagen vans would be appreciated.
  • jamie01jamie01 Posts: 9
    Just checked out VW's website, and they have the Eurovan listed as an available model. They do say it has limited availability, and may need to be specially ordered. They also list the prices! It looks like they are only offering it fully loaded, inluding automatic, and only w/the VR6. The GLS lists for $29,900, and the MV lists for $31,400. The Weekender package (pop top w/bed, fridge, screens, etc.) is available on the MV.

    The VR6 develops only 140 HP in the Eurovan, which seems a little low, considering it produces so much more in the VW cars. I guess they tune it more for torque, but still--140? At least it gets decent economy--they list it at 22 city, 28 highway.

    They also have a good selection of pictures, in the "Gallery" section of the site. Check it out at
  • bostnwhalrbostnwhalr Posts: 128
    I'm currently looking at a 94' Eurovan GL with 80k miles and a price of $9000 from a local used car dealer. Am I safe to assume that parts for it are very very $$$. Anyone had any experience with the 93-96 van?

    I love the size and uniqueness of it. Am I nuts to buy one or will it be a great adventure?
  • dbaxdbax Posts: 1
    Not likely the Sharan (the Passat-based minivan) will be available in the US, at least as a VW. I have heard that it may be the replacement for the Mazda MPV in 2000. Ford and VW developed this model together for the European market. Since Ford owns 25% of Mazda the MPV replacement seems a natural. I have a 1985 Vanagon with 180,000 miles and I love it--not terribly reliable when I bought it used but with much mechanical renovation and careful maintenance it has become VERY reliable. The weak point is head gasket leaks of coolant that are best addressed by replacing the engine--more minor fixes seem to be very temporary. Would love to see more base versions of the new Transporter/Caravelle/Eurovan in the United States. Commercial and Diesel versions have always been available in Canada. At the prices for the non-camper versions of the Eurovan in the U.S. it would seem that VW won't be selling very many of these.

    Donald Baxter
  • cozycozy Posts: 3
    Sorry to say to VW that the 99' Eurovan was just to expensive for my budget, and we ended up buying a Subaru 2.5GT Wagon and I love it. But I still have my 89 GTI 16V and I love that too! So I guess I will be checking out the station wagon conference from now on. Good luck to anyone who buys a new Eurovan, I'll be jealous.
  • jamie01jamie01 Posts: 9
    Just saw a brand new '99 Eurovan on the lot here in No. Virginia (Woodbridge). It was very nice looking, especially the more rounded front end. It was also VERY expensive (around $31,000), for the basic model (not a weekender or a camper). It was fully loaded up with basically every feature as standard, however. But once a van gets over that $30K mark, it becomes a stretch. The dealer said they ordered this particular van 3 years ago, and it just arrived! Guess they won't be making any deals on it. EPA estimates on the sticker were 15 city 20 highway, lower than what I recall seeing on VW's website. Can't wait to see one with the Weekender package--has anyone seen one?
  • Does anyone know of any crash tests or reliability figures on the new eurovans--have looked on the vw websites here and in Europe with no luck. Thanks!
  • Here is Edmund's info and review for 1999 Volkswagen EuroVan GLS Passenger Van and 1999 Volkswagen EuroVan MV
    Passenger Van

    Sorry, no picture. :-(

    KarenS/roving host

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • Is VW smoking something with a base price of $30k. I think the Euro is very cool looking and different from the pack, but $30k base and $33k as tested. Who are they kidding? Plus, I hope they fixed the rusting problem seen on the 93's.

    I've decided to buy an Odyssey 99'. 210hp, Honda reliability and ergonomics, sedan-like ride?

    VW could have at least priced the Euro at $25k. What gives?
  • DRiceDRice Posts: 3
    For anyone interested in another road test of
    the EuroVan you can go to

    Be aware, that the reviewer was not too fond of the van.
  • Your right- it is negative. While he has some valid points, he seems to be overly critical. He also has some of his facts wrong about the past and present Eurovans. In contrast, I've read some great reviews in other publications (i.e. Washington Post last month). Pricing does seem very high though. I would like to hear comments from new owners on how they like it.
  • If you want to talk to Eurovan owners, subscribe to the Eurovan forum at Dozens of owners from all over the country (and some abroad) actively participate.
    My wife & I, for example, are on that. We bought a new Eurovan Camper several months ago and love it. No other automaker produces anything that you can even compare with it, though a full size American van conversion is closest. But none of those had enough front passenger legroom--check 'em out and you'll see.
  • I'm looking for a mid-late 80's Vanagon but am unsure about which features I want. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with the GL Syncro models (4wd). Also, I'm wondering if I need all the equipment in a camper or if I can get by with the normal van with the fold down bed and just use my own camping stuff. Has anyone out there owned a vanagon for general outdoor stuff and wished they had a camper?
  • Quik VW/Mitsubishi in Quincy, MA has a new Eurovan for $4,000 off MSRP of $30,700. Not bad.
  • Quirk Ford just raised the discount to $4,250 off the MSRP.
  • Volkswagen Eurovan Road Test coming to the front page of next week.

    Tell us whether you agree with our review!

    Bonnie Rick
    Town Hall Community Manager,
  • cant understand why vw keeps this dinosaur and doesnt bring out their diesel mini van out to the usa , the bug was cool and retro the eruo is out dated junk ...................vw do you want to be a leader or just keep fowling other auto makers trends BRING OUT THE DIESEL MINI VAN I BELIVE IS CALLED THE SIERA.....
  • johnc4johnc4 Posts: 5
    My wife and I are very interested in the new EuroVan Camper set-up. Those of you that have one, what do you like most about it, and what the least. Do you agree with the Wardlaw review? Has anyone found a new one discounted at all? Also any used ones on the market; if so for how much?
  • to Edmund's Road Test for the 1999 Volkswagon Eurovan.

    KarenS/Vans host

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • johnc4johnc4 Posts: 5
    Another question. We are planning on buying a Eurovan Camper. I am 6'6" and the bed is a bit shorter. Any ideas on how to extend the bed or otherwise deal with my being "vertically challenged"? Thanks.
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