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Volkswagen EuroVan



  • KP_AKKP_AK Posts: 1
    I have a newer Eurovan that runs great as long as the outside temps are above 20F or so. If I take the van out, warm up the inside, park it and then the outside temp drops into the teens or lower the van will not start. Get a click, click noise - some noise from under the passenger seat. All other electronic items seem to work o.k. - lights, radio, dash lights, etc. Have been to the dealer twice. Last winter they said it was some computer thing, not under warranty, that would cost over $900.00. This winter we have a different answer - "You need to drive the van more and the problem will take care of itself." Don't get me started on the dealer, they haven't got a clue as to what the problem is. There has been some discussion about ingnitions, key programming, and other possible problems on the forum. Has anyone else had this problem? HELP needed in Alaska. :sick:
  • tormantorman Posts: 1

    Did you ever get a list of recommended mechanics for your transmission? I am having the same issue with my 1993 and would love to hear about any reccommendations your found.
  • Hello:

    I never received a response from this forum. However, after a long process, I got into the hands of Tom Cebollero (Owner) of Metric Motors at 1480 Howard Street in San Francisco. Tom has owned Metric Motors for nearly three years, and I cannot imagine a business-owner who is more eager to please the customer. They did great work. I am absolutely confident that if there are any problems with the job they did, they will back it up. I was around there long enough to notice that Tom seems to have many satisfied customers. I certainly am one of them.

    I had posted the phone number, but got "busted" for so doing. So, just look 'em up in the phone book.

  • I bought new struts through Their corporate headquarters in the midwest. They actually have a parts catalogue on line.
  • I have a 2002 Eurovan GL and needed a roof rack a few years back. We've owned it new and it has 140k miles on it. I bought Thule for it. It has plates on the ends of the rack which lay on the body and at the end of those plates is a "hooked" edge that hooks onto an edge above the windows. I use it twice a year and it has never come off. I take them off after each trip covering 1,600 miles roundtrip, not counting miles once were at our destination.
  • I had that problem only recently. Our '02 that we bought new, now has 140k on it with no breakdowns. The button was frozen. We were in Chicago for a week during Christmas and sat for about 2 days till we loaded it up to drive home(700 miles south). A blowdrier freed it up after several minutes of warming it up and it was above freezing at the time. Since then, it has frozen up twice over night and take 5 minutes or so with a blowdrier inside the van blowing on the shifter and up-and-down the shaft. I did nothing outside. I drove it up on ramps to look underneath to see what there was down there and saw an enclosed box, at about the location where the shifter was mounted to the floor, with what looked like a cable coming out and headed towards the left front. So, it appeared that the mechanism is sealed up down below and explains why the blowdrier worked. My only guess is we spilled liquid down along the shifter along the trip. The problem is disasembling it to see what, if anything, is in there freezing. :confuse:
  • My reply is 2 years old, but it's about the same problem. I took a blowdrier to get mine going. I looked under the vehicle and found nothing exposed....which explained why the blowdrier worked(two more times). It's only happened beginning this past Christmas(2008) up in Chicago and then twice in Tulsa. I thought maybe we spilled liquid down along the shaft along our trip, but I'm afraid to try disassembling the shifter to see. Have you had any response or answer to your question over these past two years? :confuse:
  • Where do they drill the small hole? I looked underneath and it looks like a sealed box with a cable coming out of it about where the shifter appears to be mounted to the floor. My guess is that the drivers spill drinks. :confuse:
  • HI. If your rack is still available, I have a question or 2.
    (1) Will if fit a 2002 Eurovan, and
    (2) What would you consider to be a reasonable price?
  • A friend recently reported that the engine light on my 2003 VW eurovan stays on when started. It is parked for 6 months while I am in Italy. I had all fluids checked before leaving and there in no oil leak. Does anyone have any suggestions or know why this is happening? Thanks
  • My engine light came on and went off a week later. It may need a tuneup or maybe you weren't using Premium gasoline. You may have to take it on the road at highway speeds for a short trip to clean up the valves.
  • My engine light in my 2001 comes on once in a while for no apparent reason. After I drive for 200-300 miles it goes off again. Service people cannot give me an explanation. I understand it has something to do with pollution control.
  • It could be a loose gas cap. But it could be a very expensive problem that I just experienced with my Eurovan. My check engine light came on and stayed on and it was a tiny vapor leak between the filler neck of gas tank and the gas tank. There was no replacement part available except replacing the entire gas tank. VERY SPENDY!
  • One time when I opened the gas tank to fill up. The light went out a few miles later.
  • They gave this line to us as well. Here is what we went through. First we had the engine sumped to check for sludge. Second we changed dealerships because the first one said we needed a new engine. What fixed the problem was the timing chains and engine tensioners. But don't get to excited because the repair bill is still pretty huge. We were lucky and had all of our oil change documentation. They tried the sludge thing on us to say that it wouldn't be covered under warrenty.
  • It is an electro-magnetic switch connected to your break pedal. It's about a 9.00 part and an easy switch to make. Should take you about 10 minutes in an uncomfortable position. Look under the steering column behind the break pedal mechanism. As you push it in it should engage this switch. Twist it to free it from it's mounted position.
  • euroman1euroman1 Posts: 2
    how do i access the fuel pump?
  • ive got a eurovan the same year and it wont pass emisions either. did u ever fix your problem and if so what was the issue? please contact with further info....
    @ thank you very much
  • tonywetonywe Posts: 2
    Does anyone out there know if the propane connector on the late model Eurovan is universal or is it US specific? Could the van be shipped overseas & used ok? I am looking at a European trip, particularly Germany & France

  • weekender3weekender3 Posts: 15
    I'm pretty sure that the connector is US/Canada specific. I'm European and I haven't seen this system before I came to North America. Even worst, each country in Europe has it's own system. The European Union is changing a lot in this matter, but it just need a little bit more time. Go here to see a picture of a gas adaptor set for different European countries.
    I'm pretty sure you will be able to change this very quickly, as I would assume that the gas connector is threded in to an NPT coupling that's welded to the gas tank. You could go to a camping bus store in Germany or France and get the right connector threaded in to the tank. (probably needs an adaptor from one to the other country though)

    Have you thought about the electrical connection? European campsites have usually CEE connectors 230V, that wont suit the North American system. The Plug system can be solved, but how about the volt rating?

    It could get pricey to ship your car to Europe...

    Good luck...

    To get a better idea go here
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