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AMC Gremlins



  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Yes, giton, at one time it did. And I didn't even know was around long enough to keep its worst cars list running for ten years! ;-)

  • Had i think a 258 CI engine i think. 3 speed with a body that was dented on every panel and bumper. Was working then repaired Bentleys and R.Royce but older models...Hypen Repairs...Anyhow the car was a POS but i kept it running!

    Pulled into a van show which were popular back then with these vans painted in mucho expensive paint jobs.

    Well i knew how to spot bad work from doing the renovation part of painting these old cars and when my Gremlin pulled onto the field the hoots and hollers were fun for the first five minutes...I was paid minimum wage minus! Overtime was free in those days so my body and paint looked kinda...well it was really bad!

    But i knew what to look for.

    Van #1 Nice paint but Plastic and here.

    After looking at about 4 Vans with great airbrush i was being given free beers etal!

    I left when they all got together and started a revolt on the bodyshops...

    Paint should be done AFTER the BODYWORK has been done.

    Whyford, trip down memory lane :)
  • perry40perry40 Posts: 94
    My very first car was a red & white 1976 Gremlin X that I bought in April 1980 for $1200cdn ... I loved that car & even named her "Wendy" after the gremmie in Cheech & Chongs "Up in Smoke" that wouldn't start! Man, Wendy & I had some great adventures! Camping trips, girls ... ah to be 18 again!
  • I bought a new red 73 X and then a new 74 blue Levi X in 74. Only problem I had was the rockers on the valves kept wearing out on the 74. On the 258 in that car the rockers were individual and you replaced them one at a time. Engine had GOBS of torque. 3spd on the floor got it going. Put larger tires on the rear and it really looked sporty. Kind of comical in one way, but I wish I had a good low mileage one now. The base models looked ugly to me, but the X package made the difference for me.
  • kjclowkjclow Posts: 29
    I got my gremlin from my sister. I think that it was a 73 or 74. Red with white stripes. When it would start and stay running, it was a good second car. I got just before getting married in 82. I had all kinds of electrical problems, so did my sister. Had to have it mostly rewired because the battery kept shorting out and then leaking acid. I traded it after 3 months of headaches on a new Subaru Wagon. Good buy for the money in 82. Only $5000 after trade of $750 (?)

    Good luck on restoration. Watch out for the electrical problems
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