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Honda Odyssey Oil Consumption Problem



  • ee4lifeee4life Posts: 14
    See Honda TSB 82-003: Oil Consumption Test

    Oil consumption of more than 1 quart in 1000 miles is deemed excessive.

    This TSB may appear to be outdated (based on the date it was issued), but it is not and is still referenced by Honda on TSB lists for late model vehicles.

    See article from Honda Service News July 1996 (page 4): Tips for Checking Oil Consumption

    See article from Honda Service News March 2001 (page 3): Engine Oil Consumption: '00-01 S2000
  • I just bought a 2010 Odyssey EX on June 22 2010. I too noticed the engine knock when driving on a slight up-hill slope. I am a very careful driver, try to acclerate slowly without putting a lot of strain on he engine, but that does not seem to matter. I also get some jerks when the car is slowing down. Now that you folks are talking about similar issues, I'll keep my eye on the oil and see if the level changes. I only drive about 100 miles per week so it will be a while before I confirm my oil level, but I will provide that information soon. I never had any such problems with my Dodge Caravan SXT. The only reason I bought Odyssey is because the seats are very comfortable, my SXT seats were a bit smaller for me and thus not comfortable during a long drive. Now I am wondering if I made a mistake. Only time will tell.
  • Just found this forum--we are having these exact issues with our 2008 odyssey. Problem started almost immediately after purchase. We have brought the van in 15 times in less than 2 years. This week the catalytic converter went out. What you said about smelling a rat is right! We also chose from a lineup of vans in July 2008, all reduced significantly. When we asked why, they said they were clearing the lot for 2009 so we better get 'em while we could. Have you made any progress with Honda? Do you have any tips? They have been telling us the same things you said, with the exception of last week: they told us this is under investigation now, that there have been some other "isolated" incidents of this problem and that we must now bring it in for an oil consumption test every 1000 miles as part of the investigation. But NO word on the stopping point of this investigation. Its such a bunch of bull! If anyone knows what button to push with Honda, please share.
  • alumiu90alumiu90 Posts: 7
    Checked the oil on our new 2010 EXL this weekend before taking a trip of approximately 250 miles. The van only had 850 miles on it when I performed this check and I had to add 1/4 of a quart of oil. This does not seem normal as I traded in a Dodge Grand Caravan with 138,000 miles that never used a drop of oil in its life. Even changed it to synthetic at 50,000 miles and it never consumed or leaked oil from the day I bought it brand new.
    Is this a normal problem with the Odyssey? If so I am going to have to watch it closely as I never was concerned with the Dodge as it never used any oil. I am taking it to the dealer to have some issues addressed that we have found wrong with the vehicle and I will be discussing this with them. At this rate it will be consuming 1.5 quarts every 5,000 miles. This is completely unacceptable in my opinion. I also own an Accord and it has never used a drop of oil so Honda can't say this is normal as I have another one of their vehicles and I do not have this problem with it.

    What are my options here? Put up with it using oil or what?
  • Hey buddy, We got so irate at the way honda treated us.

    we ditched the odyssey and bought a Jeep Cherokee. yes its a gas hog, yes it has a hemi, but NO it does not burn any oil!!!!!

    the honda dealership after that checkup, left the van with less than 1 quart in it and told me it was fine to pickup..

    that was the last straw for my wife and I....

    I'm glad now that we do not own the odyssey, it was perhaps the worst car buying decision we've made yet... AND I USED TO SELL HONDAS!!

    David Cathcart was the rep we dealt with, and what a piece of work. I demand he should be fired. Honda will not call me back, very poor customer service, Cathcart ignored my problem with the oil consumption... he coached the service team at Honda of Ocala to shut up and say nothing during the entire ordeal.... The Honda of Ocala team told me that there was something abnormal with the motor and that it was burning oil.....and to take it to American Honda.... then suddenly there's no more talk of it... Honda's methods are very crooked.

    I will continue to preach that Honda's V6 does infact have an oil consumption problem and that honda will do nothing to resolve it. My van was down 3.6 quarts of oil and they told me it was normal after 3000 Miles!!!

    Go buy a Toyota everyone... i will never again buy another Honda vehicle.

    now the Proud owner of an American 4x4 gas guzzler.
  • doggrandmadoggrandma Posts: 144
    We have a 2010 EX and thought we might have the same problem. Husband pulled the van out on the driveway, checked the oil, and it seemed low. When we took it to the dealer for an oil change, the service guy said that was normal if you have started the engine. I would call the local Honda service dept. and ask them about it. Hope this helps.

    We have had our van since April and haven't had any problems. Every make has its lemons, but so far ours has been a great vehicle. I'm just sorry that some folks get bad ones. :(
  • I have a 2010 8500 miles on it and have been amazed at how fast the oil disappears. I have not called the dealer about this yet. Could someone offer advice on how I should deal with them. Should I insist on an oil consumption test just to have a record?
  • Greetings all. I'm in Atlanta and purchased a new 2009 Odyssey last summer. Almost immediately, I began to have oil consumption issues. I've been through two oil consumption tests (dealer checks oil every 1,000 miles). The dealer also checked for an oil leak and asked that I leave the car over night for a "cold" start when hooked up to their computer.
    After several months the dealer acknowledges that the car uses way too much oil but has no answers and referred me to Honda NA.
    Today (9/7/10) I called Honda of North America 800-999-1009. I spoke to the first line Rep who stated someone would call me back in a day. But here's the nugget of information I wanted to pass along --- She stated that Honda is aware of this issue. There is no protocol for Honda with regard to this issue as Honda is actively working on a resolution.
    So, to all reading I advise the following: Get your oil consumption test; Document the results carefully on the dealer's system; Contact Honda at the number above and get on record with your complaint.
    Good luck.
  • Thanks for general5's suggestion on calling Honda North America 800-999-1009.
    I called today and spoke to a Rep. She wrote down the info. I have a 2008 Odyssey, which consumes 1 quart of oil every 1000 miles. It's been in Honda service center 4 times since March 2010.
    I have a question for general5. Did the case manager from Honda NA call you back? What's the solution for the issue?
    For everybody who has the same oil consumption issue: Did you file a case under lemon law ? Did you get any money compensation for the issue?
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    I checked the level on my '10 (8/10 build) today. At 3300 miles it is showing full. Interestingly, the top of the dipstick (which is some type of poly or rubber) has two integral o-rings. Don't know if my '05 was that way but it suggests to me that Honda engineers are trying to seal things up tight.

    Also, back in the day, one quart per 1000 miles was (at least in every car I had in the '70s) pretty normal.
  • Have a 2009 EX-L. Was burning oil first year, then at 12,000 miles, it just stopped. Now oil stays very steady on the dipstick. We love the Ody.
  • I just saw this thread after changing the oil in my 2008 Oddey

    I have never once seen a warning light of any kind on my van for oil. I once had it changed at the dealer and they brought me back to the bay to show me that there was only one quart in the car. They asked me who changed the oil. I changed it and they made comments that I did not put in any oil when I changed it! They recorded the 1 quart on my record.

    I have continued to change the oil and it is using at least a quart every 1K miles. I change the washer, and do a detailed inspection after the service. There is a problem with this engine. I have owned many cars and never have seen this before.

    I am glad to add to this thread about my personal experience. Having a service guy tell me that I "forgot to add" oil when I did an oil change 4thousand mile prior was priceless. This is a lease, I am dumping Honda and the Van in 6months time.
  • I went today for round two of my oil consumption test and the dealership was surprised to see how much oil had disappeared. They contacted Honda and had them update the vans software saying that when the engine runs on three cylinders they rings are cooling down, contracting to much and allowing oil to pass. We will see if this does anything.
  • Hello! I am new to this forum, but sooo glad I found itl! I am typically not someone who ever posts, but let me just say, I felt like I HAD TO! This is my story. Bought a 2010 Odyssey and have looooved it. Until now. 2weeks ago, my van choked in the parking lot and my oil and engine lights came on. I decided I better get it in immediately. It restarted and seemed ok, but about a 1/4 mile around the corner,my engine COMPLETELY seized and the van died. Thank GOD I was not on the interstate as I normally am at that time, but instead had treated my 3 kids to a treat after school, so was on a much smaller road. Again, the only warning I had was immediately before the van's death. The indicator was also blinking -999 at that time as well. The tow truck driver checked and stated it had no oil. I was shocked, had it towed to the nearest Honda dealer. It has been a fiasco ever since. The minute my van rolled in there the service advisor me who did my oil change and as soon as I told him Firestone, he had a VERY "hands off" attitude. He proceded to tell me that in his 7yrs of experience he has NEVER seen such a thing and began to quote to me the owner manual about as the responsible owner and driver I should be checking my oil every gas fill-up.. who does that anymore????? He then proceeded to tell me that if it was an oil chang issue, my warranty would not cover a new engine because it hadn't been serviced by Honda. He called me 3 days later with the diagnosis of engine failure due to less than 1 qt of oil in the engine. That was it. I had to ask him about the drip pan cap, loose oil filter.. he then stated all was normal and it was not going to be covered under my warranty. He, again, quoted the checking my oil thing with each gas fillup. He was sooo rude it was unbelievable . Zero customer care , zero compassion for the loss of my engine on a 17,000 mile basically brand new van! I have only made 27 payments on it!! I then spoke to Firestone about the possibiltiy of a faulty oil change, not enough oil put back in, yadayada.. they sent out a 3rd party unbiased mechanic who said the same... nothing looked faulty. Ok, so where in the world did my oil go??? It had been 6months/8000 miles between oil changes and that is with using FULL SYNTHETIC. I have been told by many people this is completely acceptable and that the engine would just circulate DIRTY oil, not BURN it! My next call was to Honda North America. I am in the process of working with a claims rep now and boy is there ALOT of red tape. It has been over 2 weeks now and my van still sits on the Honda dealer 's lift waiting. But even my Honda NA claim person is saying we are just hopeful for a "good will" at this point and for Honda to cover it. She also told me that IF INDEED it burned a qt of oil every 1000 miles, that is still considered within normal parameters!!!!! What?????!!! Yeah , maybe back in the 70's, but not in this day and age and certainly not for a $28,ooo vehicle!!!!! Again, like everyone else has said, she and the dealer both say they are unaware of any oil consumption/burning issues. How is that possible??? I am extremely UNHAPPY and appalled at how Honda has handled this....denying my warranty because they can't prove that Firestone DID INDEED put the proper amt of oil back in. Everything is still under investigation so to say with mine, but heck, I can't do an oil consumption test on mine cuz it is dead!!!! I am just so shocked and outraged. I feel like I have been screwed by Honda, and this makes me so irate, because I waited forever for this van to arrive!!! I will tackle the issue with poor customer service with the owner of that particular dealership, but for now, I just want my engine ordered so we can get it back!!!! This is completely unnacceptable!!!!!
  • drivenavandrivenavan Posts: 4
    Did not work. I wish Honda would just make the engine a true 6 cylinder and not to worry about the three cutting out. I did not buy the van because of the gas mileage, I bought it for the reputation and quality. So far I appear to be wrong.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    edited May 2011

    It is very difficult to expect Honda to replace your engine when you bring it in seized up with 1 quart in the system. I could see some tech getting distracted and failing to fill the thing back up with oil. This won't make you feel any better, but if anyone besides me works on one of my cars, I always check their work. Lessons learned...

    The only thing I can come up with to possibly help you is to find out what oil your Firestone store uses (most use Kendall brand semi-syn for bulk oil). Then, if you can get your Honda dealer to capture some of the remaining oil and send it to the manufacturer of Firestone's supply (Kendall is made by ConocoPhillips) for analysis to see if they can determine if it's their oil. If it isn't, then Firestone is guilty. If it is their oil and all of F's paperwork confirms that they filled it and their tech signs an affidavit to that effect, I'd turn to Honda. You're probably going to need a lawyer to get satisfaction and by then, you'll spend much more than a rebuilt engine. Tough spot for you but, well, now you will always check the oil.
  • indydriverindydriver Posts: 620
    One would think that Honda could create a software download that would disable VCM for those customers who so desire.
  • Looks like I'm joining the club. We bought our 06 Ody Touring used from carmax and have loved it up until a month ago. We were changing the oil every 5000 miles and never had any issues the first few services. One day the VSA light turned on and the van stalled out on the freeway. We pulled off the road and turned the ignition off. It started right back up. This happened a few more times so we took it in to the dealer. The dealer told us it was low on oil which was strange because it only had 2000 miles since it was serviced! They changed the oil and said to bring it back in 1000 miles. I made it a point to talk to the service manager and he was clueless. He called the tech and they said there was no problem, just low on oil. It has been less than 1 month (and less than 1000 miles) and it is showing 30% oil life. I scheduled another checkup with the dealer tomorrow- I will let you know what the story is next. Has anyone talked to a lawyer about a class action lawsuit? Honda sells millions of these engines world wide- I would think this is a major issue.
  • gmajerczykgmajerczyk Posts: 1
    Am reading your posts while sitting at a Honda dealer for warranty service on my 2010 Honda Odyssey. At 7,000 miles, 14,000 miles, and now at 21,000 miles, it just chokes and dies. Today I was able to limp into the dealership. What is probably occuring with your car is the same thing as with mine: The Variable Cylinder Management system is a lemon. The three cyclinders that get turned off aren't handled properly by the computer, oil starts disappearing (not leaking, it's just gone) and you will lose about a quart of oil every 1,000 miles. There will be no sign that anything is wrong until the car starts choking and the engine light comes on. The spark plugs become fouled, and the engine misfires. At 7,000 miles, the other Honda dealership told me that Honda was, "studying the problem". After the second time at about 14,000 miles, they finally came up with a programming upgrade to fix the issue. Later, at an oil change, they did ANOTHER programming upgrade to REALLY fix the issue. Yet, at 21,000 miles, just like clockwork, here I sit in a Honda dealership. Waiting for them to again lie to me about how they have it REALLY REALLY fixed now.

    For $38,000 you want a car that at least runs, not is GUARANTEED to die every 7,000 miles. Oh, and they will do the oil consumption test and tell you that as long as it is using not more than one quart of oil every 1,000 miles, that that is acceptable. The hell it is. My wife's dream car has become a nightmare and she'd rather trade it in for a Ford Escort or some gas guzzler than keep it.

    Therefore, I have renamed our Honda Odyssey. It's new name: THE "2010 HONDA POLISHED-TURD". It looks all spiffy and shiny, but it's really just a piece of (excrement).

    Tell your family, tell your friends, don't buy Honda. Heck, a Toyota may not stop, but at least it will GO!
  • drivenavandrivenavan Posts: 4
    I do not know if it helps, I have been telling everyone I know, I have contacted Consumer Reports and told them what is going on and recommended they need to remove it from there " recommend list". They responded with they will look into it. I am sure if more people complain it may help. If anyone else has any ideas I all ears.
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