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2005+ Tacoma with RUSTY FRAME



  • jend2jend2 Posts: 1
    We are having problems with our 2005 toyota Tacoma. We went to the dealership to check the check light on and the worker saw frame rusted through. What can be done?? Who do we call? The rust ate a hole through this!
  • rustcityrustcity Posts: 4
    I needed to get my 2003 Tacoma truck inspected and discovered it’s rusted everywhere......I have lost my spare tire(rust) My Fuel tank has a hole in it and the support arms that hold the gas tank are practically rusted off! The bed has a hole through it! The frame is weak every where. Toyota says they had a deadline for the recall of 12/31/11
    I never received a recall noticed and they said I was out of luck. Then I was told I didn’t receive a noticed because my truck had been previously under-coated!!! To me that seems more of a reason....that they should take care of it, as everything was done to try to protect it! Now I read other forums that say they could not get theirs repaired because they didn’t under-coat it! Which one is it? Then, I read another forum that says that... now they have extended the recall to 12/31/12......However, none of the dealers are aware of this. Does anyone know what can be done? I can not afford a vehicle payment and need my truck for work!
    Rust City
  • oly51oly51 Posts: 3
    My 2005 Tacoma with 75,000 miles has the same problem with the frame rusting. Internet searches show this to be an all too common problem.

    A post in the forums gave the following info:

    Not to rehash an old thread but I have an 05 DC Tacoma and have had a rust problem since about 07-08. I have call Toyota twice and this time actually got some valuable information. In order for Toyota to actually look into a problem they have to notice a trend of calls with complaints. they review the nature of the complaint and what vehicle it was noted on. Please if you have a 2005 or newer Tacoma with a rust problem please call and don't have to be an *ss just let them know the problem you are having. If they have a lot of calls they will look into it and hopefully do something like they did with the 2000-04 models.
    Please call and tell them about it:

    Customer Experience Center
    If you'd like to discuss your experience or share your comments, Toyota's Customer Experience Center representatives are happy to assist you. Phone: 800-331-4331Fax: 310-468-7814
    Mon - Fri, 5:00 am - 6:00 pm PST
    Sat, 7:00 am - 4:00 pm PST Or send correspondence to:
    Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
    19001 South Western Ave.
    Dept. WC11
    Torrance, CA 90501

    We need to show them how widespread this problem is.
  • greg128greg128 Posts: 336
    I did a search on which is the site where vehicle complaints are compiled to the NHTSA. I searched "Frame Rust". In the first 10 pages of search results I found the breakdown of complaints by manufacturer:

    GM - 2
    Isuzu - 5
    Honda - 9
    Kia - 1
    Subaru - 1
    Ford - 9
    Nissan - 10
    Toyota - 63

    Fully over 60% of the complaints were for Toyota products. Over 3 million Tacomas and Tundras were sold in the last 12 Years. Toyota has been dealing with this problem by buying back and destroying / or re-framing these trucks to the tune of approx $13,000 per vehicle.
    3 million times $13,000 equals $39 billion. Current Toyota yearly profit is approx $5 billion, so that their liability for these defective frames is equal to about 8 years of profit. I predict their policy of taking responsibility for these rusty trucks will end within a year or two. If I owned their stock I would sell it soon.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Your calculations are all wrong. The buybacks and reframing only applied to Tacomas and Tundras sold in 20 cold weather states, not all 3 million trucks sold in ALL 50 states in the past twelve years.
  • tacomaguytacomaguy Posts: 39
    Purchased my '05 Tacoma new. The underside still looks like the day it came from the dealer.
    Park it outside in the Oregon rain, too. Only problem that I have had was when a squirrel ate through the "new and improved" non-plastic wire harness under the hood.
  • framerot1framerot1 Posts: 7
    edited June 2012
    Its easy to see that anyone posting positive messages regarding Toyota Frame Rot is Toyota Company posting won't stop this bleed.
    Toyota was delivered bad frames from Dana. Toyota knew it., and hid it. There was no recall. Toyota quietly called it a "Frame Program". If you bought your truck brand new Toyota would have sent a small card in the mail asking you to go to a dealer and get your frame inspected, but if you were a second party with no warranty information most likely you would never find out.
    I have a 2001 Tacoma 4X4 Looks like the day it was built, inside and out, purrs like a kitten.......But guess what????? You can't drive it!
    The first I heard of the frame program was in late 2011...I contacted a the truck inspected...its frame failed. They told me that they (LIA TOYOTA , WILBRAHAM,MA) would order a frame and would call me in 2-3 weeks to complete the job of re-framing..
    I had custom bumpers (front & rear) Brush guards...traction bars... the truck had a $850 airbrushed frame! I was asked by LIA TOYOTA to purchase new U-bolts (liftkit) as they torch a lot of bolts. I did. $40.00 and removed all custom equipment (6 hours)
    2 weeks go by and LIA TOYOTA calls me to bring truck back in for a rep to Re-Inspect. Told to come in at noon. Waited 2 hours for rep to show up. Left without explanation but was told that they would get back to me. 3 weeks now my truck is in pieces.
    6 weeks go by and I get a call from Kevin Spillane of Toyota Customer Care. After 15 minutes of company prepared robot talk I was told that Toyota would not be doing the Re-frame and they were sorry I invested my time and money.
    Toyota lied to me. Wasted my time. Had me spend money. Encouraged me to remove bumpers/brushguards etc. to assist them. And then left me with a truck I can not drive.
    Toyota has left many (hundreds) of customers with useless junk because they built a faulty product. Yes some owners were taken care of. But let me tell you...for every good will hear ten bad .
    Toyota has not stood behind their product. I have always owned a Toyota truck, But this will be the last. Being number one in sales does not mean a thing. Its what happens after the sale. :sick:
  • framerot1framerot1 Posts: 7
    Thats what you think. Your frame is a DANA and its rotting as you read this. It rots from the inside out. It will look good till the day it breaks through. Tap it with a hammer over your rear leaf spring perch. Your frame is a defect but Toyota is not going to tell you. ALL Dana frames were defective...yours was'nt special.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Wow, I could take issue with much of what you said and I'm not a Toyota Rep. LOL, I'm a satisfied 2001 Tacomo owner. Toyota did a complete $11,000 reframe on my Tacoma in three days once the frame came in with no question asked and it's like a brand new truck. To top it off I was the second owner of this truck.

    "Yes some owners were taken care of. But let me tell you...for every good will hear ten bad .
    Toyota has not stood behind their product"

    The above two statements are actually just the opposite. I belive Toyota did make a big and costly mistake with the bad frames but they stuck behind their product and it cost them dearly. I would also be willing to bet with all of the reframes and buybacks at 150% of book value you will find ten happy endings to this frame problem compared to one bad ending like you had.
  • I own a 2001 Tacoma, 1st owner. I just recently took it to get a new exhaust and was told that the frame was so bad it was not safe to drive. The mechanic told me there was a recall on the frame and to contact my dealer. I checked toyota's website when i got home, No rust recall came up under the vin.

    I contacted the dealer who said there was a recall, But the dealerships were told by toyota not to contact the customers unless they came in for other maintenance issues. According to the dealerships service mgr. Toyota was expecting 20 to 32 % of affected vehicles to actually cash in on the program prior to the deadline. If they saw a spike in a particular dealership and suspected the dealership was promoting the program and contacting the customers themselves Toyota would be less inclined to do the buyouts and make it harder for the dealerships to get frame replacements approved.

    The way Toyota achieved keeping it's response low was as follows:

    1. Don't call it a recall, change the name and it won't be attractive to the media and easy to find on the net, Hence: (Frame Program)

    2. Keep dealerships from contacting customers.

    3. Fashion the notices to appear to be junk mail at first glance, The font, layout, colors, and size of envelope are fashioned after the largest aftermarket extended warranty company in the US.

    4. Make minimal attempt to contact original owners and none to contact secondary owners.

    When I contacted toyota on the 15th of April they told me I was eligible for the program. I was issued a case mgt. number. I was contacted 2 days later by a lady who informed me I had missed the deadline of 12/31/11. I protested to a have it kicked up the ladder and was re contacted a few days later by a woman who described herself only as Laura. She told me I was "wasting my time" and it "Not going to happen" regarding my need for a new frame.

    Toyota orchestrated a smooth program to limit its losses from this Frame debacle. They try to play themselves off as being pro-active when in reality they are trying relieve themselves from the cost their own liability.

    I personally will not drive or sell my 2001 Toyota Tacoma. The fame is rust to the point that you can put your hand through it at the area above where the leaf springs attach to the frame.

    But someone will, and when they unload one of these deathtraps on some unsuspecting owner its just a matter of time before people get killed.

    If anyone knows of a class action lawsuit that includes Ohio regarding this matter, please post a link or a phone number.
  • tacomaguytacomaguy Posts: 39
    My truck is a 2005 extended cab. Its frame is solid and looks as good as the day it came home from the dealership. The rust problem is only with the "First Gen" Toys, isn't it?
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    I think your really reaching with your 4 steps of what YOU think Toyota conspired to what amounts to a cover-up. Would Ford or Chevy or any manufacturer for that matter back-up there error like Toyota did with 150% buybacks and frame replacements for vehicles they sold 15 years ago ? ? ? I don't think so.
  • I hardly think Toyota has any DESIRE to compensate customers for their losses at all. They are trying to remove future potential liability by getting some of these death traps off the road. Its simply a financial decision.

    But they may be fooling themselves if they believe that by applying a deadline to their recall they can save money and still insulate themselves from future litigation.

    Lets say a frame snaps on a Tacoma at 65 MPH on a busy Highway, falls to the tires and causes a horrific accident that kills some people. Do you really think Toyota will be held harmless due to the fact that the owner missed the deadline for frame replacement? Especially if he tried and was denied.

    The very fact that they have admitted the problem exists, obligates them to repair or replace each and EVERY vehicle. You cannot place a deadline on public safety.
  • dyankedyanke Posts: 9
    edited June 2012
    I can tell you with all confidence that this email (#32) is a misrepresentation.

    I am in the process of the frame replacement right now and just went in to have it checked last week. The process is completely painless and they are anxious to help.

    Rather than throw away thousands of dollars because of a misinformed dealer, possibly contact Mark, the service manager at my dealership (815) 748-7300. Since they provide a loaner at their cost, it might be worth the drive to illinois for an $11,000 + free replacement. :)
  • dyankedyanke Posts: 9
    The "Dead Lines" everyone keeps mentioning, the 12/31/11date, were for frame spraying not the replacement.

    The spraying was an effort to protect frames that had not developed problems yet. While ineffective, it seems to have been more of a "stop gap" type effort rather than a final solution.

    I am not aware of any deadline on the frame recall and, if there is, it has yet to be reached.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    edited June 2012
    I don't think you understand the magnitude of the whole settlement program and the exorberant amounts of money Toyota has agreed to pay to resolve their negligence of faulty frames in the Tacomas. How can you say Toyota has "no desire to compensate owners" for frame rust when they paid out over 100 million dollars so far and agreed to extend the frame warranties for 15 years for their error ? ? ?
  • If you missed the frame spraying deadline, and you own a 2001 to 2004 Tacoma, you are not eligible for spraying, frame replacement or buyout. the door is shut and you are left with the problem. This according to Toyota.
  • I understand the magnitude well. Toyota sold Over 3000,000 with this problem. Even if they were sold in warm regions where they aren't affected they still may end up in those areas.

    Lets say for the sake of argument that 500,000 or roughly 16% of them ended up in eligible states. and lets say that your numbers are correct and they spent 100 million dollars. That would come to $200.00 per vehicle.

    But I think we can agree that $200.00 will not even cover the price of the frame treatment for those vehicles. So that means the response was not adequate to remove MUCH of the problem from the road.

    Its actually hard to work with hearsay numbers so I'll do some digging and get the actual numbers and post them. But if 100 Million is all they have paid then they have DEFINITELY dodged the bullet. One good lawsuit could cost them half of that, and it will.
  • dyankedyanke Posts: 9
    Not true, see post #36. I did not get the spraying and just took my truck in a week ago Thursday (2001 Dbl Cab) and am getting the full replacement and free loaner to boot.

    I posted a number in the referenced message if anyone is having issue \s with their dealer.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    ...the (very active) existing discussion Toyota Tacoma 2004 and Earlier Frame Problem, let's keep this discussion to 2005 and newer trucks that were not covered by the Toyota program.

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