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2005+ Tacoma with RUSTY FRAME



  • After two years of having been told at inspection time about the rust, I brought my truck into Toyota for an inspection. They saw the rust and a possible crack. I need a Service Manager to look at it to make a decision. Although the dealership says they haven't seen this too much, there happen to be another 2005 in the service area for the same thing. I filed a complaint with Toyota and Department of highway safety and have case numbers from both. The case numbers don't mean anything except a way to watch the complaints come in. If you have a 2005 with frame rust, call toyota and get a case number and have it inspected. The more people that do this the better chance of Toyota seeing an issue beyond 2004's and recalling them. One service guy told me that it is a completely new design and frame manufacturer. Highly unlikely :) Good luck
  • Brought my 2005 Tacoma in this past Saturday and I was told that a service manager would have to look at it to make a decision. They found rust and a possible crack. My mechanic found the rsut and some weak spots. This is two years in a row I was told at inspection time my frame was rusted. I filed a complaint with Toyota and with the Dept of Highway Safety. I have case numbers from both. Thcase numbers themselves is a way to track the number of complaints. File complaints with both offices. the more complaints filed the better chance we have to get compenstion and or repairs. I said the same thing to some one about a possible batch of left over frames from the 2004 models built by DANA installed on 2005's. One service guy told me it was a new design and a new manufacturer. I don't think so!!!
  • junk01junk01 Posts: 3
    I have called toyota coustmer service wound up at a dead end called ohio attonery general waiting for call back I think if you have owned the truck for six months they would have bought it back the deadline in ohio was 12-31-11 now for the good news new york state deadline is 12-31-13 would have to take truck to new york and register it there. This looks the the only recourse we have or be stuck with a unsafe junk truck we can not get rid of. dealer would not look at my truck since recall was over unless i paid for it.toyata it sounds to me like you have a total disregard for human life. buy american next time
  • junk01junk01 Posts: 3
    the older toyotas that come from japan were rust buckets no american made parts
  • junk01junk01 Posts: 3
    class action law suit
  • I am having the same issue on the roof of my 2005 Toyota Tacoma, I never noticed the huge rust spot on the roof of the truck until yesterday helped my brother move some furniture to his new place and OMG, the rust spot is huge. I filed a complaint with Toyota today and they said that they could do nothing for me because the timing is no longer within the warranty. I have yet to take it to the dealership and see what they can do for me there. But if it is a problem and/ or defect I think Toyota should pay for a new frame. It is so unfair! If others are having issues, please call Toyota and make them aware of the problem. Apparently, they have very few complaints of rust on the framing of the 2005 Tacoma. PLEASE CALL TOYOTA IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING THESE ISSUES, if they have enough complaints they will consider a recall/ replacement!!!!!!!
  • aescoaesco Posts: 3
    Like many others, my Tacoma's frame is rusting away. Frame about 3' in front of back tires is swelling and flaking. Rust continues all the way to wheel well. Bolts connecting springs are becoming brittle and look suspect. Dealer said it was not bad enough to warrant any action when they inspected it 2years ago. Never had a vehicle rust like this. would like to have a friend grind all the rust away and reinforce the frame with new steel but am worried this would disqualify me if there ever was a recall or frame replacement for 06 Tacoma's. Not sure what to do. Would rather have a vehicle that is safe. Don't want to wait until I can poke a whole in my frame with a screwdriver or worse yet the frame cracks in half. Did not expect my Tacoma to be disposable. Thought I was buying quality.
  • aescoaesco Posts: 3
    Ironically just after I posted the above message a Toyota Tacoma add popped up with the slogan "it doesn't have a soft spot" I guess Toyota forgot about their frames.
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    Funny but sad for owners like you.

    Toyota doesn't seem to do anything about these frames before it's too late, then they offer something. If it were mine and I thought my safety was not at stake yet, I would just drive it and try not to let it bother me. I would expect sooner or later Toyota will stand good for this problem just like they did before. I wouldn't want to spend any money to possibly disqualify myself from any forthcoming settlement.
  • oly51oly51 Posts: 3
    That's the dilemma I'm facing. Do I wait to see 'if' Toyota will do something about the rusty frames, (and what would they do) or do I do something now to try and stop the rust from getting worse?

    Rattle can painting the frame last Fall did not last. I'm tempted to wire brush, POR-15 it and spray the inside with Eastwood's Internal Frame Coating.
  • aescoaesco Posts: 3
    Oly51, that's what I have been doing, wire brush, rust killer and paint. doesn't work. all it does is delay the inevitable. I'm gonna have a friend who rebuilds cars grind away some of the rust but if to much is grinded away there won't be any frame left in one spot. Same friend bought a brand new Toyota truck in 79 and told me it lasted two years before body rust became so severe he sold it. I guess Toyota has made some headway, my toyotas 6 years old and hasn't totally rusted away yet. But then again it cost three times as much as one cost in 79 (10,000).
  • terceltomterceltom Posts: 1,017
    The Tacoma frames is rust from the inside out; regardless of what you do to the outside it's not going to stop the rust.
  • We have the same frame problems, and are getting the same disregard from Toyota--how does one find out about class action law suit. The biggest on in American auto history has just been settled against Toyota (12/2012) for the exceloration problems. There must be some way to pursue this since so many people are having problems with the frames in this truck. SNoel
  • tacomaripofftacomaripoff Posts: 1
    edited February 2013
    Bought the truck, 2003 tacoma, in Feb. 2012 from out of state from a non Toyota dealer. Had it inspected by Toyota of Batavia in Dec. 2011. They documented in black and white that the frame qualified for replacement but that I had to be the registered owner for six months. Went to inquire about getting the frame replaced in Jan. 2013 only to learn that the Campaign has expired. Opened a case with Toyota corporate and here is what they told me. If my truck would of had the undercoating applied by Sept. 2011 the frame warranty would have been extended and my truck would qualify now. Since that wasn't done there's nothing they're going to do. In light of that I inquired at a local frame / body repair shop who found a used frame in good condition for $1400 but the killer is labor at $3000. Frame altogether doesn't look so bad or like it gonna fail anytime soon. The worst area is where the leaf spring attaches to the frame is rusted through right above the weld on the inside of the front passenger side. Seems to me like a competent repair shop should be able to weld in some support pieces.
  • RustyTaco2005 - I am also from Canada and I just received bad news tht my frame is cracked. The garage thinks its becaise of rust. Did you get anywhere with Toyota? Can you please email me
  • What has Toyota done if anything to the newer Tacomas (2006-2013) to prevent Frame Rust? I did hear that Toyota won a court case against the company that dipped/painted the frames. How does Toyota prepare the frames on newer trucks? Thank you

  • We also have a 2005 with a rusty frame. had it sprayed three years in a row was told that would ensure its safety.. Absolutely not.. It is very frustrating to take care of your vehicles have this happen. We already saw our service manager he said the frame failed.. but a Toyota Rep.. had to look at it because the 2005 weren't on the list.. for fixing or buying back,.. so I am stuck like most of you with an unsafe vehicle.. for the moment.. I called Toyota and got a case number.. although a case manager is supposed to call back with in 24 hours.. I guess because we had the rust proofing done.. the call center person thinks they may replace the frame but I am not holding my breathe.. Has anyone had any luck with Toyota helping them at all.? The number I called is 1- 800- 331 4331 option 3 ..

    If anyone hears about a lawsuit or recall please email ..

  • did you get the rust proofing done ?
  • Okay, the company I work for owns a 2003 Taco here in Guam and as I speak, it's having its frame being replaced by our local Toyota Dealer, AK Guam.
    Apparently the recall campaign is still in effect here.
    Funny that we live in a humid, salt air environment and our 2003 Taco frame didn't look that rusted but we were informed that the VIN on our Taco is part of the chassis replacement program.
    I'm now driving a 2013 4 door crew cab as our loaner while the frame replacement is being done.
    I was not aware that the campaign stopped in December in states side and to see these post about the troubles you guys are facing?????
    We also have a 2005 (2nd Gen) Taco and the frame on that one still looks good as new???

    Thought I share this
  • greg128greg128 Posts: 336
    edited August 2013
    Here is a post on Tacoma World fourm about a letter received from Toyota concerning what I believe is a 2006 Tacoma. Some very nasty pictures of frame rust on a 2006.

    In the interest of customer satisfaction, Toyota may review individual requests even when the factory warranty has expired.

    We have reviewed your circumstances, taking into consideration such factors as the vehicle's age and mileage in comparison to the manufacturer's original warranty, the nature of the repair, and any prior maintenance and repair history.

    While we regret that you incurred this expense, your request for reimbursement has been declined.

    Toyota values you as a customer, and we appreciate this opportunity to further review your request.

    Your email has been documented at our National Headquarters under file #1305081604.

    Joanne Hahn
    Toyota Customer Experience

    and another post:

    This is a 2005 Tacoma (yes, oh five) extended cab TRD.

    We're the second owner, purchased this from the dealership and they've done all major work / service on this vehicle. Incl new tires, alignment and regular rotation. We've had this a little over a year.

    Had the truck in at the dealership for new brakes today. They called me to say that there was a major hole in the frame. see photo.

    I said "is it safe to drive?" They said... "No".

    They told me to call Toyota Corporate to open a case and get a case number. I got a case number and that's about all from the phone call.

    They are following up with the regional toyota person.

    There was one owner with a 2005 who, after posting 10-15+ posts on Tacoma world forum
    finally had the frame replaced by Toyota. There is no formal program in place for MY 2005+ but I think when the affected owners are vocal enough... whether through internet forums or at their dealer, Toyota is stepping up.
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