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2005+ Tacoma with RUSTY FRAME



  • ruggedtruggedt Posts: 1
    edited May 13
    I have rust starting to work its way through my 2006. Toyota had me take it to a dealership for an inspection. They noted all my aftermarket parts; saying they caused the rust. Lift, rims, tires, ect... causing frame rust. THey're not going to help us. Here is the last response from them as well as a few pics.



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    Response Via Email (Megan B.) 11/07/2013 03:50 PM
    Dear Stan G,

    Thank you providing us with an update to your concern.

    Our records indicate that the Customer Relations Manager at McGeorge Toyota performed the inspection of your Tacoma at no cost to you and advised that any repairs necessary would be the responsibility of the owner.

    Please be aware the information you have provided is used in combination with warranty claims and other customer contacts to track trends with our vehicles. If in the future a Special Service Campaign (SSC)/recall or warranty enhancement is issued that would cover your specific issue, and you have already made repairs to the vehicle, Toyota would review your repairs for reimbursement at that time.

    Your email has been documented at our National Headquarters under file #1310310403. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.


    Megan B.
    Toyota Customer Experience
  • chaacchaac Posts: 1
    Some better outcome — Toyota is replacing the frame on my 2006 Tacoma.

    The truck breezed through inspection and winter tire installation. Then the mechanic noticed a rust crust on the frame, tapped it to knock it off, and opened a hole in the frame. Sorry, he said. It won’t pass inspection. The mechanic suggested that I bring it to the dealer for them to look at.

    Dealer gave me an inspection appointment right away, with a “There is no replacement program” warning. They inspected the Tacoma and agreed to open up a case at the Toyota Customer Care Center. Said they’d talk with Tacoma offices and would get back to me.

    As soon as I got home I sent in a complaint to NHTSA.
    "NHTSA Vehical Safety Complaint Information has been successfully submitted."

    Next evening I got a call back telling me that the manufacturer had agreed to a free frame replacement, and that I should bring the truck in right away. They gave me a free loaner, a 2013 Tacoma, to use for the 4-6 weeks that it would take to get a replacement frame in and to make the replacement.

    Maybe they appreciated that the bad frame was about to turn a loyal customer into a lost customer. Maybe they are getting enough complaints that they see the writing on the wall and are starting a replacement program with as little bad publicity as possible. Maybe they noticed that the NHTSA complaint had be filed. Whatever the explanation, the only bad news for me is that I'll have to give up the new Tacoma when they get the old one road-worthy again.
  • Thanks for that info! My 05 tacoma has a 1-1/2 inch hole in the frame from rust and cannot get anything from toyota on it. Haley toyota in Roanoke, Va wont help much at all. I filed a complaint with NHTSA just like you had posted and am hoping for an out come from this. I love this truck and WAS planning on keeping it for a long time. It has 184K miles and has been well taken care of and runs like a new one but an 8 year old truck should not have this issue.I have a 87 ford with less rust on its frame than this and thats sad!
  • nater419nater419 Posts: 1
    edited December 2013
    Hi Chandler09, Did your Truck have the Rust proofing done in the past? I also have an 2006 Tacoma with a rusted out frame and was told it would only be covered if the rust proofing was done before 2012.
  • pegleripegleri Posts: 4

    I'm starting the process of running my rust issue up the Toyota flagpole for the rust on my 2005 Tacoma.
    1- I have opened a case with NHTSA 2- I went to my local Toyota and had them formally document the rust on the underside. 3- They took pix and forwarded them to the regional Toyota rep who responded that he can't do anything because it's out of warranty 4- They said I can keep running up the Toyota chain of command, but not sure exactly who to address it to. Any ideas?

    Also, including some pix of the frame....


  • I also have a 2005 Tacoma with frame rust and it will not pass inspection. My Toyota dealership told me to call Toyota customer service and they would help, but they are unwilling to do anything. I bought this car new and also have a second Toyota that I bought new. I have these cars routinely serviced at Toyota as well. I have been a loyal customer for many years and now they are screwing me over. I am starting to think these posts about Toyota helping people with rust on 2005+ Tacomas are BS. Probably shill posts by someone from Toyota. I am never buying another Toyota again.

  • walt501walt501 Posts: 16

    @knowsitall said: Well boxdin: You are clearly the epitome of ignorance.

    First off, the Toyota frame problem was a result of their AMERICAN frame supplier... DANA.

    Second, Toyota trucks (Tacoma and Tundra) are made in.... you got it... AMERICA. Specifically, they are mostly made in San Antonio TX.

    Third, the various OTHER problems with Toyota trucks also point at AMERICAN supplier problems, like the LUK CLUTCH FAILURES (affecting R155 and RA60 manual transmissions) -- those POS clutches are manufactured by an AMERICAN company, in their MEXICAN factory. When replaced by the high quality AISIN clutch (manufactured in Japan), they last virtually FOREVER.

    The RA60 transmission is plagued with problems. Made in ALABAMA. Not the R155 though, its made in Japan. Similar with the engines.... the 4.0 is made in ALABAMA, and makes weird noises and is susceptible to low oil pressure and premature wear as a result (some catastrophic failures). The 2.7 is indestructible -- MADE IN JAPAN.

    Time and again, all the problems that Toyota has been having with product quality are... AMERICAN problems. The stuff that comes from Japan is BULLETPROOF.

    Thanks, but I'll steer as far away from AMERICAN GARBAGE as I possibly can. You can go enjoy your dodge or whatever other piece of trash you own, enjoy its 3 year life span.

    This is a typical response from a paid Toyota shill. Toyota - the company - is responsible for ensuring that every part that they use to assemble a vehicle meets their design standards. Once a part is affixed to the vehicle, no matter where it is built, Toyota is saying that it meets their quality standards. The fact that so many frames are rusting means that either Toyota specified inferior steel and rust proofing for the frame or they didn't bother to test the frames they were receiving from the outside supplier. In either event, the responsibility lies with Toyota. By putting their badge on the hood and selling it to the consumer, Toyota is saying "This vehicle meets our standards".

    Best wishes to all who are trying to wrangle with Toyota to get your vehicles fixed. If it were me, I'd hire an attorney that specializes in auto manufacturer defects and I'd keep chewing Toyota's rear end until the vehicle is fixed!

  • farmerbob3farmerbob3 Posts: 1

    I bought my 05 Taco TRD Off Road STD Trans. one year ago from Toyota dealer with 70k on it. Had to replace the intermediate shaft in Jan $522 - ouch. Airbag light came on couple of weeks ago, so had them check that issue. Spiral cable is shot, needs replacement - for $650 - ouch. Only had it for 10k miles (hmmm) While performing that, they found the frame to be rotted, and needs to be replaced - $13k and need truck for a month - HUGE OUCH! They say Toyota will cover the frame, and gave me a shiney white Tundra for the month B) . I hope the Taco is put back together well. Wonder what's next with this "solid" "bulletproof" "reliable" truck - hmmmm.

  • tomapop2000tomapop2000 Posts: 1

    Hey Ruggedt or anyone else that has had their frame is it driving after the replacement? Any other problems? What else had to be replaced?

  • joedirt05joedirt05 Posts: 1
    edited June 2

    RuggedT sold his rustoma and got a Ford. If you go on and search for 05+ frame rust, you'll find a bunch of threads about the issue. I have the same issue and opened a complaint with NTHSA and a case with toyota. I was told tough [non-permissible content removed], out of warranty, it's your problem. This is the last toyota I will ever spend my money on. Longest lasting, most dependable vehicles on the road my a$$.

  • kanman151kanman151 Posts: 1

    I've been reading this thread for quite a while (just joined today to post this) and appreciate the info it has provided. I have a 2005 Taco quad cab TRD 87,000 miles with serious frame rust issues. I received a recall notice from Toyota last week. Today was my appointment, and to my amazement Toyota is replacing my frame. Apparently it is still safe to drive but they found perforations. The parts are currently on order and should come in 12-16 weeks from now. I bought this truck and 2007 and have been living with this rust issue for a long time. I'm glad Toyota has decided to do the right thing. For any of you out there with the same issue you should inquire again with TOA about your rusty frame.... Good luck.

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