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Volvo XC90 Lights and Headlights

eedlereedler Posts: 1
Hello everyone,
The headlight lenses on my 06' XC90 have developed many scratches and a pitting (almost a mild sand-blast effect) in some spots and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
I have not had the car into brush or anything else that I can think of that would cause this and I don't see any other cars here with this problem.
Volvo says that each lens would cost $1000 to replace so I'd appreciate any ideas or fixes.


  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,960
    There are products on the market to restore headlight lenses. I suggest going that route and then getting clear film put on to protect them.

    '14 CTS Vsport; '15 Fit LX 6-spd; '98 Volvo S70 base; '14 Town&Country Limited

  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 42,962
    There's some product suggestions and techniques listed in the Healing Hazy Headlamps guide.

    Minivan fan. Feel free to message or email me -

  • I keep getting this yellow triangle on my dash, stating healight failure code. The lights are working and bulbs have been replaced a few times (Bi-xeon).

    Has anyone else had this problem?
  • dpw1dpw1 Posts: 3
    Seems to be a common problem - I just got it too.. might be a service bulletin on this - any luck with dealer etc
  • mrowmrow Posts: 1
    I had my left headlight go out and then a month later my right one went out. I took it to the Dealer for repair. At that time my mileage had just turned over to 50,400. First they told me my car was no longer in warranty for this problem. The warranty expired at 50,000 AND IT AS GOING TO COST ME $1200.00 TO FIX THE PROBLEM. After a little discussion where I informed them that I have read on numerous BLOGS that alot of XC90's were having this problem and also that my car had just turned over 50,000. He went and spoke to someone and all of a sudden they seemed to find out that there was a repair kit for this problem and it did not cost me a penny. It was the headlight holsters they had to replace. If you need the part number I can look on the repair and get for you. GOOD LUCK
  • The headlights on my 2005 XC90 is like an intermittent light show. Sometimes they work fine, then they intermittently (left & right) go on & off. Left off...left on, Right off, right on, you never know what or when to expect the failure. Any ideas out there?
  • gabrielbarbugabrielbarbu Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
    Hy. Headlights XC90 goes out..
    Seems to be a common problem - I just got it too.. Most of the time after I start the engine my left headlight goes out after 5 sec. Can you please tell me the part number so I can order the repair kit without facing the same problem like you with the Volvo dealer. Many thanks.
  • I purchased my pre-owned 2006 xc90 two months ago and am having problems with my right headlight, it also requested to replace low beam headlight and after having done so,a week later the it is requesting to replace the light again, but lights up then shuts itself off from time to time. Taking it to the dealer tomorrow to have it looked at, now I know what to say. If any thing please list the name of kit. I read they are waiting for it to become a recall yet it hasn't happened.
  • Did you get this fixed? Interested in what the fix was; part #, etc.
  • I did actually, I was told the socket needed to be replaced along with the bulb, which I had just purchased by the way, and they charged me $113.00. I was just glad it was repaired and they didn't charge me more than that. Hope that helps. Good luck.
  • My volvo xc90 has for 6+ months now intermittently displayed a warning with a "low beam bulb failure" message. However, each time I ask a mechanic to check this out, I am told that all the lights are working just fine. A few weeks ago, while driving at night and trying to use my high beams (the only time I actually turn on my headlights to operate even my low beams), all the lights (even the dash lights) went out, and I was left in complete darkness until I hurriedly switched my lights back to "off" mode (just daytime running lights). Very scary and dangerous, especially when it happened on the highway and I was driving at highway speed!Then just the daytime running lights came on, but I could not use my low or high beams. This has happened consistently every time I tried turning on the headlights at night and using the high beams. When I took the car into the dealer last Friday and mentioned the similar defect problem with 2004/2005 xc90s being investigated by the NHTSA and Volvo, the dealer claimed no knowledge of the problem, stating that no formal recall has been issued by Volvo. In the end, it cost me over $1,200 to have both left and right Xenon ballast controls replaced and the left Xenon bulb replaced.

    My question: Is this related to the electronic control problems others have had? Could my problem have been resolved by replacing the electronic control system for the lights, or is the ballast control the same thing?
  • HI, Can you provide us the kit name or part number? Thanks!
  • " I was told the socket needed to be replaced along with the bulb, which I had just purchased by the way, and they charged me $113.00"

    Hi pageeantmom, Do you have the part #?

  • chtibchtib Posts: 1
    My left headlight on '04 XC90 has this intermittent problem too. Replaced the bulb, still no fix. Can turn headlight off, then back on and ok. Hard to tell from this chain, but Is there a solution? Thanks so much
  • Sorry, all I know is that I took it in to the Volvo center, explained my problem, they told me it was a faulty socket that needed to be replaced along with the bulb and it corrected the problem. I had read online somewhere of other owners with the same issue who have complained and has requested it to be a recall due to all the complaints but it has not been issued as a recall as of now. Someone on this forum mentioned that there is a kit of some sort that was made to correct this problem, yet I do not know what that kit is.
  • Could you please let me know about the repair kit. We have had same longterm issue!
  • My right front headlight seemingly randomly turns off (and I get a yellow warning light on the dash). I turn the switch off and back on and it is fine... for a few days... or a few seconds. It is unpredictable.

    I can't believe it is the bulb. Could it be the switch? Wiring? Any suggestions so the repair guy doesn't rip me off?

    It is a 2004 XC90 with HID factory lights
  • left headlite wont work cked fuse relays nothin ? help
  • I have a 2004 XC90. My left headlamp (lowbeam) went out, I went in to my Volvo dealer to have it replaced ($150 part) but then it went out again the next day. I returned to the dealership, they diagnosed a faulty baffle. Replaced that (about $600, I think, and they threw in the headlamp.)
    So I recommend asking about the baffle.
  • My wifes XC90 high beams are not working. I did the normal, changed with new bulbs, and no I did not touch the glass, all of the fuses are good. Is there a headlight relay or some other thing to check. I did change the ballasts and HID Xenon bulbs on the low beams and they are working fine. Anyone got any advice?
  • Im having the same problem with my Volvo XC90 Did replacing the Faulty baffle work?
  • leeb1023leeb1023 Posts: 2
    Our '04 XC90 air conditioner, just cuts off randomly. If we pull over, turn the car off for 5 mins or so, sometimes it comes back on. It is super cold when it is on, and we know it is not the freon.
    Any help? Thanks :cry:
  • leeb1023leeb1023 Posts: 2
    Our 2004 XC90 drivers side headlight goes off randomly. SOmetimes it comes back on. We have a bulb failure message on ALL the time - even when the headlight is back on. Now it is off for the last week. We have already replaced the bulb, which is super expensive. Any help?

    Thanks. :lemon:
  • Hopefully you are still following this blog.
    Try looking on and search D2R Xenon Bulbs.
    These are the type for a 2004 XC90 of which I have.
    I am currently experiencing headlight problems of my own.
    Replaced a bulb purchased from Tmart last and has now failed and now getting the dreaded Low Beam Bulb Failure message.
    2004 XC90 only have one main headlamp bulb as serves both the low and high beam function as the headlight bucket rotates slightly upwards to provide the high beam function.

    Hope this helps all who read.
  • Wow, seem the XC90 Randomly on and off headlights issues lingers about several Volvo Forums. I too have the same issues with on and off, left to right headlamps going on and off, I replace every low and high lamps, check fuses and even replace the light switch at the dashboard, and this still doesn't fix the problem. Sypmtoms are, Turn the car on, 5 min latter Lights start flikering and then shut off, I can turn the switch back and for and it will stay on for only seconds and then shut off, sometime it just shuts off completely and I have to turn the car off and then turn it back on, only to go through the same routine. It almost seems like an overheat a circuit issue??I'm now reaching out to all the Volvo owners with the same problem and see if someone has found a solution that doesn't required financing the part from the Dealer. I've seen a few suggestion; Kits, Baffles, Sockets has anyone found a solution?
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