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Volvo XC90 Lights and Headlights



  • Im having the same problem with my Volvo XC90 Did replacing the Faulty baffle work?
  • leeb1023leeb1023 Posts: 2
    Our '04 XC90 air conditioner, just cuts off randomly. If we pull over, turn the car off for 5 mins or so, sometimes it comes back on. It is super cold when it is on, and we know it is not the freon.
    Any help? Thanks :cry:
  • leeb1023leeb1023 Posts: 2
    Our 2004 XC90 drivers side headlight goes off randomly. SOmetimes it comes back on. We have a bulb failure message on ALL the time - even when the headlight is back on. Now it is off for the last week. We have already replaced the bulb, which is super expensive. Any help?

    Thanks. :lemon:
  • Hopefully you are still following this blog.
    Try looking on and search D2R Xenon Bulbs.
    These are the type for a 2004 XC90 of which I have.
    I am currently experiencing headlight problems of my own.
    Replaced a bulb purchased from Tmart last and has now failed and now getting the dreaded Low Beam Bulb Failure message.
    2004 XC90 only have one main headlamp bulb as serves both the low and high beam function as the headlight bucket rotates slightly upwards to provide the high beam function.

    Hope this helps all who read.
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