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2010 Prius - Next Generation



  • deweydewey Posts: 5,243

    I have seen the Lexus HS at the Toronto Auto Show and it looked just fine.

    My preferences are different from yours. I am just looking for a car with cool technology and I cant think of any car that offers so much at such a reasonable price as a Prius.

    If I was going to spend more money on a vehicle than a Prius it would be a Lexus RX450h. A hybrid RX serves my space/cargo needs far better than a HS and I expressed my interest for one a few weeks ago at a Lexus dealership.

    I still have time to decide whether if it will be a PRius or a Lexus RX. At this point of time I favor a Prius. I am going to be selling my BMW 335i at a hefty depreciation loss and I am in no mood to spend more money on a luxury car that will lose its value faster than the stock market.

    Good luck with your choice--whether you keep your hybrid Camry or buy a new HS/Prius..
  • larsblarsb Posts: 8,204
    link title
    Has the car that became a byword for ‘hybrid’ moved the game on enough? On the evidence of this first drive, the answer has to be yes! Toyota’s new Prius has some incredible, headline-grabbing fuel economy and CO2 figures, but beyond that, it’s just much better to drive – and far closer to a normal car. It’s also more attractive, and packed full of technology usually found on a flagship Lexus. The trouble is, it’s expensive – and we suspect buyers will find a regular diesel hatch more efficient out of town.
  • chadxchadx Posts: 153
    "I'm saving up for a Prius. I know that at $4 a gallon i'll probably not recope the cost of buying another vehicle of similar equipment/class but that kind of comparison is mute. "

    moot   Pronounced: [moot]
    1. open to discussion or debate; debatable; doubtful: a moot point.
    2. of little or no practical value or meaning; purely academic.

    mute  Pronounced: [myoot]
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  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,406
    Those definitions were moot. :P
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 573
    mute  Pronounced: [myoot]

    I didn't know "mute" was pronounced my-oot! I always say mu-oot!

    The Prius is a class ahead of the Insight and with Honda's prices coming in 10% higher than originally anticipated, Toyota has the real winner.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Just returned from Florida. Read an article in Autoweek where Toyota will "slash new Prius price to match Honda Insight". If the "slash" occurs in Canada it will likely sway me (and others) towards the Prius. I am also interested in the "cool" technology that will be available in the Prius.

    I don't mind paying more for the better system, larger interior, more power, new tech toys, etc. However, let the game of "hybrid high-stakes price wars" begin.
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,243
    Unfortunately the Prius price slash so far is only applicable to Japan and nowhere else. Relative pricing between cars in Japan may not reflect such price differences elsewhere.

    Next year there will be a bigger wagon version of a Prius. With my problematical BMW 335i still under warranty until 2010 it may be worth the wait. I want a comfy family car.

    Based on what I read so far the Lexus HS mileage is not impressive at all. My much larger and roomier antique 83 MB300D almost gets the same mileage as a Lexus HS. The size difference between an HS and a Prius is not that substantial For me hybrids are all about mileage and the heavier and more loaded HS cancels out what hybrids are all about. In terms of "power" the HS wins hands down. But I am spoiled with all the power of my BMW twin turbo and almost any other car I drive wont amout to so much fun (at least when the car is working). So for me horse power is not the main objective here.

    But then again the Lexus HS will be the most fuel efficeint luxury sedan out there today and that in itself is not too bad assuming a luxury hybrid is what you want.
  • rbk3rbk3 Posts: 34
    Just test drove both cars back to back. Insight is a cute, smaller version of the Prius. I'm 6' 2", 200#. No problems fitting into the Insight. Lack of power very noticeable and handling was ok. It's about what you expect from a 98 hp hybrid. The price is about 4-5 K less then Prius. I believe you can purchase this car today for $1000. under MSRP. The back seat is small, small, small. This is a nice hybrid car for the money.

    The 09 Prius was a much better driving car. The car is a little bigger, handles much better and excellerates much quicker. All in all, I think the Prius is the better car. I also believe the Prius is a large compact (not midsize) and the Insight is a true compact. I believe you can buy the 09 Prius this month for between 4-5 K under MSRP.

    Once the 2010 Prius hits the floor, I don't expect to much wiggle room in reference to negotiations. I read all the reports like the rest of you guys. I just don't see it being worth the extra coin. And no, the 2010 Prius will not be priced like the Insight, they're not in the same class.

    My choice is the 09 Prius for the $5000.00 savings. The Insight second if buying the basic hybrid then the 2010 Prius third.

    I'll post after I make my purchase.
  • bamacarbamacar Posts: 749
    Not sure if it is just perception, but the most of the tested numbers (excluding Edmunds) say that the Insight is slightly faster than the 2009 Prius and slower than the 2010 Prius (though the new Motor Trend says that the Insight is also faster to 60 than the 2010 Prius). Most of the professional testers also say with reduced weight, the Insight is the better handler and sportier. The Prius is quieter and has a softer suspension though.

    With all that said, I can't argue with the 2009 Prius being the bargain among this group now.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    I had a chance to drive it for about 25 miles City and highway and some Suburban driving. It's basically as powerful as my Honda Fit. I'm 5'7" tall and I set the front seat so I was comfortable and then sat behind myself in the back seat and it was a bit cramped. It drove well enough and for the driving I did it was ok. I have driven many Prius and the Insight is NOT in the same class and the dealer did NOT like me comparing it to the Fit and the Civic. But that's pretty much where it slots in.
    The Prius has the headroom and if the 2010 Prius is better and is out before I buy then I will probably go with it. I'll probably save the money and get a 2009 Prius if I need a car before the 2010's come out I hope the 2010 comes out this month.
    The Insights had a $2,000 ADM on them and I pointedly told the sales manager No Freaking Way! If I were to buy an insight I would not pay over sticker for it!
    The 2010 Prius I am on the list to try it and it will be my next car if it drives as well as I hope. The Insight feels like it has artificially weighted steering. The older Prius felt vague. The Base Civic LX offers far more performance than the Insight and has more options for less money.
    The insight is just not a car that I prefer and the engine does not shut off at lights like the Prius does.
    Bottom line I prefer the Prius, even the older one over the new Insight.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    bamacar and tiff_c

    I agree completely that the current 09's with the 'closeout specials' being in effect are the bargains. The top Package 6 can be bought today for essentially what the baseline Package 2 was going for last summer. The current baseline Package 2 is just above the new Insight II prices and may even be lower if the dealers hold to the ADM's.

    One idea that's apparently been adopted in Japan, and depending on how tight we the public are this year, is to continue the current Gen2 2009 Prius as a very basic model right above the Insight II prices. The 2010's would then begin at $23500-ish or so.
  • rbk3rbk3 Posts: 34

    Perception is everything. If we raced the two cars the Insight will win based on your reviews.

    The Insight may be quicker 0.10 - 0.20 sec 0-60mph but the engine in the Insight makes a very whinny sound when standing on the gas. Maybe this is why the Prius felt quicker. The dealer that drove with me also said he thought the car moved like a slug compared to the Prius.

    Same with the handling. To me it felt better in the Prius.

    I don't work for either company.
  • One item to remember as to which car to consider buying is the fact that the '09 Prius is the 6th year same style hybrid and that is worth keeping in mind. The '10 Prius hasn't changed all that much although there are several engineering changes worth weighing in the decision. After seeing the 2010 model I have to say that if there are reasonable negotiations it may mean that the better choice could very well be the 2010 Prius. Just an opinion. As to the Insight, I like it but it lacks fit & finish that the Prius has.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,623
    The '10 Prius hasn't changed all that much...

    No. Just a new platform with different suspension; new exterior (although a similar overall shape, but less drag); new interior with more room, new dashboard and center console, and new seats; mostly-new powertrain (larger and more powerful ICE, new batteries, etc.); and many new features including moonroof with solar panels.

    Nope--not much new there. ;)
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    True that. The skin looks the same but according to Toyota under the skin the 2010 is 90% different
  • What I said still is generaly accepted in the Prius Circles. The "LOOK" is pretty much the same exterior. On the inside there are several changes. I went to an exclusive showing in Chicago a few weeks ago and had an oppertunity to take an "up close and detailed" check of the '10 Prius and yes I was presented the many new & improved details of the 3rd Gen Prius. I like it but only if the Price Is Right! I'm sure it will do well in this depressed market as opposed to other cars. Time will tell.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    The Insight feels more sporty than the Prius in much the same was as a Civic LX feels more sporty than a base level Corolla. But in reality The Prius feels more like an Accord or Camry and the Insight more like a Civic/Corolla.
    Although neither description is totally correct.
    2009 Prius = Big car feel
    Insight = Econobox feel
    My main concern is how much better the 2010 Prius is over the 2009. Sure it's all new and just the elimination of the bladder fuel tank makes me 10 times more interested in it vs the 2009. Where I live we have very cold winters. Bladder tank can be an issue around here.
    I need a car by the end of the month and seriously doubt the 2010 will be out then, so the question is how long can I wait and how much ADM will dealers add to the new model. For certain they WILL do it at least in my area.
    $2,000 ADM on an Insight and I told the Honda Dealer I could buy a new Prius for that and this was an Insight LX!
    He basically said that the Prius was a rattletrap and fell apart after 30-40k miles and that the Insight would easily outlast the Prius.
    The Internet Sales Manager I normally deal with wasn't in.
    But the Insight doesn't impress me and back seat room is awful.
  • chadxchadx Posts: 153
    "He [salesman] basically said that the Prius was a rattletrap and fell apart after 30-40k miles and that the Insight would easily outlast the Prius. "

    And he said that with a straight face?! He is either uninformed, a flat out lier, or both. Time to find another sales person (even if it's at the same dealership) to work with. Don't give your money (sales commision) to someone that will lie that blatantly.
  • Better yet. When ever a (supposed) salesman bad mouths a competitor's product turn a deaf ear and walk away. Facts & fair comparisons are all a good salesman ever needs to sell a car. That and a test drive. Why do you think Toyota has come to be a leader in the automotive world? My '04 Prius is closing in on 100K and nary a problem. Much the same with all (yes I said all) my other Prius owner friends and acquaintances. I've owned over 50 cars thru the yrs and I've never come across a better car for all around performance, quality, and dependability...not to mention high 40's mpg. Anyone notice gas starting to edge up lately? What did you expect? Lastly, the Prius is not the only great car on the market it's just at the top of the heap of those great ones.
  • tiff_ctiff_c Posts: 531
    "He [salesman] basically said that the Prius was a rattletrap and fell apart after 30-40k miles and that the Insight would easily outlast the Prius. "

    And he said that with a straight face?! He is either uninformed, a flat out liar, or both. Time to find another sales person (even if it's at the same dealership) to work with. Don't give your money (sales commission) to someone that will lie that blatantly.

    Oh he's a flat out liar. They won't let me deal with the Internet sales manager any more for some reason even tho I bought a car from them.
    This sales manager is a hard case and I wound up going to another dealer and saving $2,700!
    This is a sales manager, not a salesman. Autofair Honda in Manchester, NH in case anyone is interested. They put ADM stickers on almost all of their cars, it's very annoying.
    Plus they have a $400 doc fee on all cars and it's non-negotiable.
    They do have an excellent service dept and I take my car there for servicing.
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