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2009 Honda Civic Problems



  • Hello all,

    I bought an 09' Civic LX in July. It is an automatic. The car has ~450 miles on it thus far, and I have begun to notice something-the transmission often seems a bit 'jerky', especially when switching from first to second gear. This is also very noticeable when the car isn't warmed up; the first gear change of the day is the worst. Yet I feel like there may be something wrong with it. I used to drive my parents' 04 Toyota Corolla and I seemingly noticed that that car's gear changes are much smoother. Is this just the way the Honda transmission is designed?

    I read somewhere that Hondas are meant to be driven with a 'little bit more medal to the pedal" than other cars if you know what I mean. Likewise, when I drive more so like this the gear change seems to be smoother. I am curious as to whether or not anyone else notices that the transmission is a slight bit jerky or has trouble making up its mind? Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive and worried that something is wrong with my brand new car! Just for anyone that wants to know- I drive my cars very easily. I rarely gun it (only if I have to!) and I always make complete stops when changing gears.

    Please help me put my fears to rest!
  • alz79alz79 Posts: 4
    I noticed mine was a little jerky as well, but I thought it was more when I was accelerating quickly after a stop. It was like it wasn't ready to go that fast that soon. I also feel like if I need to step on my break suddenly, it shifts down too much and I have to step on the gas to keep me coasting along and not coming to a stop. When my brother drove it he told me he thought there was something wrong with the transmission, too. My dad's Toyota Camry shifts more smoothly, but my mom's Toyota Rav-4 shifts just like mine, so I'm not too worried about it at the moment.
  • Alz79,

    Yes, my car also does the downshifting when I break. It's kind of annoying because you can feel it very well. I also agree about accelerating quickly after a stop- it's almost like the car is straining itself. Could this have anything to do with the i-VTEC engine? Mind you, I really am not smart about cars. Well, if yours does pretty much the same things as mine I'm assuming that's just how the civic transmission is. Do you have an automatic or a manual?
  • For those with 10K, 15K+ miles on their 09 Civic? No more execessive wear on their tires? Civic is a great little car, I was wondering if Honda went ahead and resolved this problem at the factory for 09 model.

  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Gee, if Honda really did resolve the abnormal wear problem on the rear tires it only took what?... three model years? Yeah, that is correct since this showed up on 2006 models....great little car with an unusual number of problems. Yes, I own one.
  • This is a weird issue that I can't see a thread for. Once in a while when I try to put up the drivers window on my 2009 HCH, the forward portion of the window seems to drag and the rear portion keeps rising and pushes the window outward from the track. I have to put the window up and down several times before it stops and once I had to get out of the car and pull the front of the window up (just missing my fingers!). Has anyone else experienced this issue? :confuse:
  • cobjobcobjob Posts: 1
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  • I have the exact same problem. I push the auto window button up and it stops 2 inches from the top and goes back down again.
    Just a couple of hours ago I parked my car and I was messing with the window for 10 mins before it went up right. I had to pull the window up too.
    i was reading that previous civic have the same problem too. its the regulator that causes the window to go off track.
  • Ok so as this is my first car, please understand why I am slightly OCD about it.

    Does anyone else have a wobble in the car at high speeds? I bought my Civic in July, it has 2200 miles on it, and I've been pretty easy on it. Sometimes when it gets up to 70-75 mph, it wobbles, almost like there's gusts of wind outside. I'm baffled by this! it's brand new!

    also, when accelerating, does anyone else sometimes feel a clunk in first gear? Not every acceleration but randomly?

    What is wrong with my brand new car?! I bought it with 9 miles on it!! :(
  • I had a problem with the drivers window. It happened when I lowered it and then raised it back up right away. Like at work, swiping my badge at the gate. It would go up almost all the way, then lower itself (electrically, not fall down) about half way down and stay there. Then I would raise it, and it would come down again, sometimes not. I took it to the dealer maybe 6 - 8 months ago. Can't remember exactly. Didn't keep the receipt, as it's where I get all my services done and it's on the system. They replaced the motor that moves the window up and down, and a (the ?) track, I think.. Under warranty.
    Once I pulled up on the window and thought that was the secret, but no such luck trying it after that.
    I'm over 41,000 miles now, so slim pickins on warranty work unless something big under the hood goes out!
    The window doesn't come back down on it's own anymore , or it was half way to be more accurate. It has started to make a slight squeek or squawk on the way dow, but not all the time. A bit worrisome, I just hope it keeps working as I don't want to spent any money for something that is exactly the reason I bought this car instead of a European car.
    I am happy with the Civic, as the 41,000 miles show!
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    Yeah, interesting, I also felt the "clunk / jerk" in transmission lately. Not eveyrtime, but once in a while. It seems like something is getting stuck, and it feels very un-natural (like you have no control of the car, it does by itself what it wants - very unsecure feeling). I am usually pressing the gas pedal (if possible) and it gets back to normal.

    This is an issue which needs to be addressed by Honda. I believe that a software update should resolve this issue.
  • I have a problem with my wife's 2009 Honda Civic LX. When coming to a stop at a light or a stop sign. The engine surges to 1500 RPM and I have to brake hard to stop from hitting any car in front of me. It does not happen at every stop and I am not sure what is causing this. As I have been a mechanic (Aircraft ) all my life and I have tried to troubleshoot this problem. I was told at Honda when I complained about this that it was the AC compressor coming on but the last time I did not have the AC on. Also thinking that it could be the cruise control but the last time I did not have the car in cruise. Am taking the car to Honda today and giving them a written complaint that I intend to also file with NHTSA. Car seems abnormally noisy and I am wondering about any problem with alignment. I will post any replies I get from Honda or NHTSA.
  • Hey montiep. I just dropped off my car at the dealership for the same problem. The car will sometimes take an extra second or two to, then start. But there have been a couple times where it wouldn't start after trying for 8 times, at like 5 to 10 seconds each. It eventually started though. Once I hear something from the dealer I'll post again. Did you get yours fixed?
  • I took my Civic to the dealer and mentioned the forum and previous comments on this problem. With only a little resistance they agreed to replace both windows and drive mechanisms under warranty. The binding problem is completely gone,
  • I have a problem where the front bumper (R/H side) connecting bolt broke. The bumper now sticks out a little ways and it is plain to see there is only a single bolt hole there and puny at that. The car had to drive through snow drifts this morning and the snow pulled the right inner wheel well liner loose and tore off the black plastic pan under the bumper. The Left hand side is fine.

    The dealer admitted the is a bulletin out on this front bumpers but if the driver hits anything while driving the warranty is void!!! I will get it looked at Monday December 7th by the warranty guy there. They had better explain why so many drivers are experiencing conneting failures in this way.

    I did a search and found other Civic owners with bumpers that had popped loose in the same way and the same spot.

    Is this not cause for Honda to step up and repair these poorly designed bumpers or bolt connections???

    Frustrated in Calgary
  • My 2009 Honda Civic EX, has the same surge problem as “harley2003”, the case #55, it surges “when coming to a stop”, it doesn’t happen all the time but randomly. I was an auto mechanic for few years and I know this kind problem, it is very hard to detect.
    I let the original dealer kept the car for a whole day to test, they told me they could not find anything wrong. I sent the car to other two Honda dealers, they gave me similar excuses as case #55, one dealer even told me; this is the way Honda designs the 2009 Civic. I also wrote a letter to Honda North American headquarter in California, a customer service agent called me back but later I could never catch him again. Frankly speaking, I don’t know how should I handle this situation.
    Ms. harley2003, do you have any reply back from Honda or NHTSA?
  • My 09 Civic (9,000 miles) automatic transmission has always made a sharp noise when it shifts into 1st gear. This happens when the car is going below 10 mph and is accelerating. The local Honda dealer has checked it twice and says that the transmission is supposed to make this sharp noise. It would be good for future customers to know that they are buying this problem along with their new Civic.
  • samnoesamnoe Posts: 731
    I noticed a strange thing in my 2009 Civic. Let's say I insert an MP3 CD with 10 folders. Instead of displaying FOLDER 01, it shows FOLDER 02, and the last folder will be #11. It is always skipping folder 01. i tried many different CD's.

    It's not a biggie, it still plays all folders; but it is confusing. Listening to the same CD on another player makes it even more confusing, 'cuz I always need to remember the difference in folders.

    Anyone has the same issue? If yes, any fix for that??
  • hi i have the same issue and this needs to be reported to american honda, please call them and report the issue, if enough people report the problem the dealership will actually do something for us instead of telling us they can duplicate the issue because it happens sparcely... if it is reported enough it is likely it will be turned into a recall and all cars will be fixed.. please report by calling american honda motor co. at 1-800-999-1009, you must have your vin number when you call which is found on the windsheild or drivers side door.. here you will also find what month it was manufactured. if it was manufactured in july 2009... there is def an issue. please call and please respond to me with any progress.. thank you
  • I noticed this fall that when I start out from a stop sign (the speedometer reads around 5mph) (it feels like I have come to a complete stop) the transmission clunks into first gear, not every time, but quite often. Also when driving between 55 and 65 mph (most noticeable at these speeds) the transmission has a flutter (shimmy) when getting back on the gas after adjusting my speed (very slightly) because of the traffic. Has anyone else experienced this with their Honda, and do you any suggestions on what it could be. I see their were a couple of posting with the same problem in 2009
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