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Kia Sorento Brakes



  • I've had this problem too. A clicking sound that seemed to get louder over time. I found the clicking coming from under the gear shifter. It's actually a switch or solenoid that's used when you hit the brakes. Mine was replaced under warranty once already but it still seems to be getting louder again.....
  • Thanks for the option, but it's not the solenoid. I wish the fix were that easy. The Kia mechanics can't even figure it out. KIA corporate has no clue. They won't work on it anymore because they can't figure it out. BUT, my warranty is still good and "rest assured, the vehicle is still safe". But we don't know whats wrong with it. So, how can they tell me my vehicle is safe? 2 days away from trading it back. The dealership said they would buy it back from me. Which they should, it's been in 12 times for the same reason........
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