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2001 Q45 Reappearing Check Engine Light

dionne3dionne3 Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Infiniti
I have a 2001 Infiniti Q45 and had a 1997 prior due to my love for the performance of this beauty. My dilemma now is the check engine light keeps coming back on after having the vehicle serviced. The latest diagnosis turned up something with regard to P1447-Manufacture control, P1492-Auxiliary emission control and P0330-Knock sensor circuit malfunction. Very confused and only wish to have the problem resolved whatever it is once and for all. Please help... Thanks for any suggestions!


  • :( my 98 infinity Q45. The brake light and service engine soon stays. I've had the car serviced. Is it a sensor? How much does something like this cost?
  • Had the same problem and found that the altenator was charging at 13.4 volts but needs to be atleast 13.7 volts to turn lights off. Have your charging voltage checked
  • Hi there...I read in the diagnostics manual that the system should be reset after repair/diag or message wiil not go away.... :surprise:
  • code is 77 not in factory manual ?
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