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Nissan NX



  • verozahlverozahl Posts: 574
    Recently, I saw two 1993 NXs in excellent condition... black NX1600 and a white NX2000.
    Interiors look very functional, clean exterior design. Fast little sport compacts!
  • i have a 1993 nissan nx 1.6 and i wanted to put a 2.0 in it i was wondering if i needed to change the wireing and if my trany would line up with it.
  • are these good, realiable cars for a daily driver, or are they born lemons? a few words of advise
  • I have a 1991 NX-2000, which I bought after seeing the car at the LA Auto Show that year. It has 120K miles, zero rust, still as frisky as the day I bought it, a beautiful three coat Mercedes silver paint job thanks to my nephew the body man, and, alas, a slight ripple along the driver's side where I was hit by a deer while doing 90 on the NY Northway. The car is with me now in FL and refuses to grow old, though some of the T-top moldings are getting a bit brittle. The Sentra engine is like Dracula, it won't die unless you put a wooden stake through its radiator. If you find one, buy it. If Porsche ever built a car Joe the Plumber could afford, this would be it.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    Amen on the Sentra engines. I ran my last two over 235,000 miles each and I know one of them is still running, not quite sure about the other.

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  • I have a 92 NX2000 that I replaced the engine in. There is a small ground wire attached to driver's side engine wall near the carbon canister. Can someone tell me where this attaches to? I also have a problem with the car starting (it cranks but doesn't fire). Has anyone had a similiar problem?

    Thank you.

  • Hello to all of you here My name is Sinohe Im a 22 year old guy from mexico,Im a new member,i recently bought a 1993 Nissan 1600NX with 80.000 miles for the amount of $300 bucks and most and unbelievable in payments of $50 bucks a month well i like this car a lot i think it's great even tough mine doesn't have the T-Tops and it's not running at the moment cause the previous owner fell into a pothole and broke the driveshaft,the gear-shift rod and the steering fork and also a part of the left fender and the car also has no wheels on it still im'ma fix it very soon cause the engine is running more than perfect and the repairs are easy,fast and affordable and about a problem of one of the other guys and it's NX that wont start i can only suggest simple things of the probable cause 1-get a scanner tool and run a quick scan on the car's sensors,2-check the distributor cap and rotor along with the spark plugs and cables, 3- check the fuel pump,pump relay,filter and fuses and,4-finallly check the engine timing or maybe if your car had a security alarm device check the computer and other circuits cause it's common on nissans to fail if this were modified of installed unnapropiately this is all i know good-bye talk to ya soon
  • mbarderambardera Posts: 3
    I also have a Nissan Nx1600, husband wrecked it, driver's front corner. I believe it can be fixed. Car means alot to me since it was my deceased daughter's car! I'm getting it fixed this summer. I had made a mistake and bought a blue Nissan Nx2000, love the car but it's not my black Nissan Nx1600. Selling the blue one to my nephew, this will be his 'first car'.
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