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2010 Chevrolet Impala



  • Good morning car110,

    Have you already spoken with Customer Assistance? If so, would you please forward us the Service Request number (71-**********) or the last 8 digits of your VIN to

    If you haven't yet started a Service Request, if you would like for us to check into this further please send us an email with more details, including your name and Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your dealership.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • car110car110 Posts: 3
    edited January 23

    The case number is 71-1094007948. The last eight digits of the vehicle identification number are A1149074. This vehicle has been 11 times for repair attempts. Mary had offered a replacement vehicle several weeks ago and then a representative by the name of Kyle got involved and stated he wasn't offering a replacement of the vehicle. I have called Kyle twice now and he has not returned the call. The last service done on my car made the steering wheel crooked and turned to the left. Furthermore, instead of replacing rotors they turned my rotors, thus diminishing the value once again on the vehicle. I had finally got to Kyle's supervisor and she has not returned my call and they are refusing to work on my car which is still under warranty.

    Please contact me.

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