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Suzuki Swift



  • Have a l998 swift. Having trouble finding parts for it other than the dealer. Will metro parts fit? How about a good cas-radio-where on the net, what kind is good and will fit. It was a repo-when I bought the car and it has a l0 dollar radio. I was looking at a 98 metro and the headlight [non-permissible content removed]. looks the same, but the part number is different? Also it kind of lugs when the air is on and I am driving in city traffic, most of the time its when I am backing off second or third gear, sometimes even withoutthe air, have new plugs, air cleaner, pvc??????I know the differance as I have driven a 3 cyl metro three of them (courier work) and have not had one lug like this, have tried three sets of plugs, could it be the egr or fuel filter??
  • cinemafiacinemafia Posts: 57
    Just about every Metro part should fit a Swift, as they are mechanically the same.

    As far as the radio, it's double-DIN, which means it's twice the size of the standard radios you find in most cars. Many GM and some Japanese cars such as Lexus and of course Suzuki have this "special" type of radio socket. There are two choices for you, each with different pros and cons. And here they be:

    Option #1 - Get a Double-DIN radio. JVC Makes possibly the best double-DIN radio that has both CD and cassette player, pumps 160 watts through four channels, has two sets of RCA outputs, over-sixed buttons, front audio inputs, a remote control, etc. etc. all for $400 through Crutchfield. You can also get other brands for less, for example Jensen makes another good unit for maybe half that price, or less.
    Pros -
    Very large face and buttons makes it easy to read the usually very colorful LCD screen and use the functions.
    Has both CD player and cassette player, making your choice of media wider without having to have a seperate cassette head and CD changer.
    Cons -
    Large, colorful face attracts unwanted attention from thieves. Combine this with the fact that most double-DIN units do not have removeable faces due to their odd size.
    Tend to be more expensive than single-DIN units because they have both CD and cassette capability.

    Option #2 - Get two single-DIN units and stack them. Kenwood makes a special single-DIN CD player that comes with a special cable so it can be connected to a seperate head unit. basically you'd buy this CD player and put it on the bottom, then buy a cassette/MD or other head unit made by Kenwood and put it on top. Thus you have two units that fit perfectly into the double-sized opening. The kenwood unit is $220 through Crutchfield, has a fold-down security face, oversized LCD display with special dancing "light-show" effects and cannot be used without another head unit controlling it. The cassette unit that matches, which also has a flip-down face and puts out 160 watts and has two RCA outputs is about $180, so you're total comes to around the same as the JVC at $400. However, the MD unit is about $400 so you're total with the CD/MD combo would be a tough $620!
    Pros -
    Same price as the JVC double-DIN unit if you choose the base cassette head unit.
    Greater flexibility in terms of media, you can connect this CD player to a MD player instead of a cassette if you're tired of tapes. Or swap out different MP3 head units in the future, or put in a single-DIN eqalizer, etc.
    Looks cool and different, but also much less obtrusive and attention-gathering than the double-DIN unit, especially with the fold-down faces.
    Cons -
    More work than putting in a double-DIN unit.
    More expensive than buying a double-DIN unit if you go for a minidisk or other head unit to control it.
  • ckpickupckpickup Posts: 15
    Has anybody installed an aftermarket cruise control on a 99/00 Swift/Metro/Firefly?
    Looking for experiences, best unit, tips etc...
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    here information on the 2001 Suzuki Swift GA 2dr Hatchback. Happy Motoring!



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  • mdyvrmdyvr Posts: 3
    Hi there folk

    I saw the link mentioned a bit above regarding the japanese swift. Around the rest of the world it's called the Ignis. I recently emailed a fellow from the Canadian Suzuki website and asked if we're gonna get it here. His rather terse reading reply was that "No Ignis' will be sold in Canada."

    Currently, it appears that GM plans to import the European Corsa to North America. That being the case, it would not be surprising if the CAMI plant produces it and we get a rebadged version of it as the replacement for Swift.

    It also seems that GM is heading toward using Suzuki mechanical knowledge combined with GM's interior/exterior designs for future small platformed models.

  • papalpapal Posts: 1
    I'm thinking of buying a 92 Swift GA 1.3 engine. It has only 79000 miles. get conflicting info on the average gas consumption. Can anyone out there set the record straight from personal experience? I mainly travel on highway.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    can you confirm the arrival of the Corsa? They sell it in Mexico as the Chevrolet Chevy Joy/Swing/Monza/Wagon series. But this is the old Corsa (1994 design). The new Corsa looks like a smoothed over Focus. I have tried with no luck to find someone to import a Corsa or Mexican Chevy. People import Skylines and Japanese Spec Integra Type R's, but there is appartently no market for minis in the importer's minds.
  • seguyseguy Posts: 133
    new suzuki hatch available early next year, per July motortrend. 5 dr, 2.0 I-4 (est HP 150, although I think more like 130), avail AWD, great looks, although they say production car will be more subdued than the concept. Too bad we can't get the turbocharged concept with 220hp...
  • hihihihihihi Posts: 1
    I drive a 2001 swift and I hate it.I go 30 miles to work and back and it is all mountans and I have it floored and cant go over 35 mph.And are the engins supposed to be so loud you cant hear the cd player in the car?Please tell me something.
  • inuvikinuvik Posts: 131
    It sounds like you have a major problem. The swift should scoot you up most hills in 4th gear, unless these mountains are 8000 ft in elevation or something like that. Also you didn't state whether or not it was a automatic or stick.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    I had a 1995 Metro, 4-cylinder automatic, same car as the Swift. It could drive 85mph all day uphill and downhill, no problems. Even at 112K when I got rid of it, it was still a speed demon. Maybe you need to release your parking brake.
  • telogiajtelogiaj Posts: 1
    I also have a Swift and have the same problems. I drive an automatic and it is extreamly sluggish going up small hills. It is a 97 and only has 41,000 miles on it and I just purchased it for $3,000 needing good mpg for a 40 mile a day commute. Has anyone gotten any ideas about this. I took it to the dealership and they said I needed a new distributor. This hasn't helped and the check engine light blinks going up small hills.
  • fortee9erfortee9er Posts: 98
    I bought this little pocket rocket a month ago with 71,000 miles for $2,000. here the pluses and the minuses:
    It has a problem with the starter - sometimes it works sometimes it does not. I have replaced the starter twice and the problem persists does anyone have any ideas???
    Second minus :
    It is missing the parcel shelf behind the rear seat and the hatch.
    It is missing the fog lights.
    No radio or speakers.
    It came with a K&N air filter kit, Calmini strut bars front and rear and oversize Dunlop Sport SP800 tires and it is a blast to drive fast.
    I need help with the starter problem and I am also looking for sources for speed equipment hopefully someone who sells Suzuki Motor Sports equipment in the US or Canada.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    from our Archived discussions and re-opened. Look for a direct link to Edmunds' Suzuki Swift new vehicle information in the Helpful Links on the upper/left side of this page. Hope this is helpful.

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  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Hi Folks - Interesting Town Hall Subaru chat, this evening (18 April), for both Subaru and non-Subaru owners. Rick Rhoades, Subaru of America Technical Service Instructor, and Pete Eike, Subaru National Fixed Operations Training Manager will discuss all aspects of maintaining your vehicle, including which areas need attention prior to making those long trips.

    If you are around at 6-7 pm Pacific Time or 9-10 ET please join us. And don't forget to fill out the interesting survey in the Chat area as well. Here's the link:


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  • i have a suziki swift 1999 i replaced battery alternator starter fuses yet it keeps dying every other day the car only has 80471 miles on it when i bought in december of 2013 i have pu 14 miles on it anyone have ideas on what else could be wrng i really want to keep this car its perfect for the amount i drive when it wants to start

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    edited January 29

    @lovemycar31 said: i have a suziki swift 1999 i replaced battery alternator starter fuses yet it keeps dying every other day the car only has 80471 miles on it when i bought in december of 2013 i have pu 14 miles on it anyone have ideas on what else could be wrng i really want to keep this car its perfect for the amount i drive when it wants to start

    Since you're talking about electrical items, do you mean "dying" as in it won't turn over like the battery is dead? (Could be some kind of short) Or does it starts and then just stop? (Obviously some other issue)

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