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2004 GMC Yukon XL Denali Traction Control



  • I have a 2004 Denali XL and it has just started experiencing the problem with the traction active problem. The messages posted here will be very helpful when I visit my mechanic I was dreading the thought of taking it to a dealer. Has anyone been experiencing a problem where the driver side AC zone starts blowing out hot air but the passenger side continues to blow cold. The only way I found to correct is to turn off the car and restart. Thanks!
  • Hi, Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, you may have had the problem resolved by now. I never took it back to the dealer, I have a mechanic whom I had to tell him what was wrong with the car after finding the info here. He did replace both sensors a while ago and apparently found that one of the old sensors had cracked. I have not had the problem since they where replaced and that's thousands of miles ago.
  • Thanks for the follow-up! I plan on seeing my mechanic this week armed with the information pulled from this forum. Hopefully I will have the same results as you which i will post to this message board. Thanks again!
  • As of yesterday it has been about 18 months and 15K miles with absolutely no "traction active " messages . Today it starts happening again and I am not trading it. I will probably do the front sensors again and post the result. I have about 88k now and it runs great with little maintenance. I am plagued with some minor problems like the driver seat heater turns on occasionally by itself and usually turns off manually each time . probably a week or so when I can have time for the repair.
  • I have just read all the posts on the Traction Active issue on the Denali - helpful thank you

    My 2004 is doing this, but also the ABS light comes on and goes off frequently and just this morning a sqeal seemd to be coming from the wheel area that went away after a mile or two.

    Any thoughts?
  • tdt1tdt1 Posts: 1
    Hello, I have a 2004 Yukon XL. I have been having problems with my Traction control. I receive this message when I make left turns ( Service stability ) . I have replaced the steering sensor 3 times in the last two months. I had the steering sensor replaced again last week and I now get the service message when I turn Right. My mechanic is currenty looking for answers. Any advice? Thanks
  • I had that light come on, and at the same time felt a momentary loss of forward momentum when starting from a standstill. They replaced a sensor (don't recall what is what called exactly) in the wheel. They said the wheels were getting mixed messages about traction and were improperly causing loss of power because the message meant that I was "spinning", which wasn't the case. Once this sensor was replaced, problem was solved.
  • isiisi Posts: 16
    Re: traction active when starting up on dry pavement - here is your answer: You do not need new speed sensors. If you are able to remove the existing speed sensors without damaging them, take a flat file and thoroughly file down the seat on the hub where the sensor sits. I went through the same problem, and had replaced the sensors but the problem still existed. After filing the hub, the problem went away and has been clear for 6 months. It seems that the corrosion that builds up under the sensors moves the sensor enough to cause it to occasionally lose the magnetic signal from the hub. If a shop does it for you, it is all labor cost, and should not take any more than 1 hour to do both front wheels.
  • Thanks for the information and i will review this with my machanic
  • Hey, did you find out the problem/solution by chance. I seem to be having the same issues, including the squeal noise.
  • I had both front wheel speed sensors replaced a couple of years ago and it's been fine since
  • After dealing with, what I believe, was a less than knowledgeable and honest dealer, I decided to part ways with my Yukon XL for good. Over the course of about 4 years and costing thousands of dollars in diagnostics and repairs, I continued to have intermittent ABS / traction control error messages. My dashboard would light up like a Christmas tree with error messages. We replaced speed sensors, steering wheel sensors and were looking at replacing the ABS and traction control module (very expensive!), but when I asked if THIS WAS GOING TO BE THE END OF IT that came with a "we can't guarantee that'll fix the problem". Couldn't see sinking another $1500 bucks into something that "might" not fix it. So, while I loved that vehicle, it was becoming a money pit and living in snowy, hilly Pittsburgh, I need to count on my ABS and traction control working ALL THE TIME. I'm done with GMC.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055

    Were you planning on have the vehicle diagnosed by a GM dealership? Please keep me posted on any information.

    Thank you,
    Caron, GM Customer Service
  • I am having the same problem turnning left and the traction control system activates with loss of power. I just had my brakes replace and wonder if it was damaged there? Should they be responisble for repair?
  • I have the same problem but no all the time. Restart car works but getting tierd of having to do that. Did you get a repsonse on how to fix?
  • isiisi Posts: 16
    If you are able to do your own work, then please try removing the front sensors intact and FILE the hub where the sensor mounts. It will cost you nothing, except 1-2 hours of your time. I was having the same problems as you were (i.e. intermittent traction control activation), and tried all kinds of diagnostics, even driving the car down the street with a scope on the sensors! The GM people did not have a clue as to the solution. I even replaced the front sensors, but to no avail. Then I was speaking to another mechanic about this, and he informed me that this is a known problem on the Yukon, where corrosion forms under the speed sensors on the hub, which in turn interrupts the signal from the sensor to the computer. The simple solution was to remove the sensors and use a file. Then just replace the sensors. My Yukon Denali has been trouble free for the 18 months since I did this.
  • isiisi Posts: 16
    It is remotely possible that they damaged the sensor or wire while replacing the rotors or removing the calipers, BUT IT IS UNLIKELY, as the sensor is not close to the rotor or caliper. If the problem started right after the brake job, you may be able to get the repair shop to look at it as a freebie, as long as it has not been too long since the brake job. If all wires and sensors are undamaged, you can get them to try the fix in msg #38.
  • kim_g1kim_g1 Posts: 1
    Sorry. But could you tell me where the front sensors are located? Are they behind the caliper or inside the tire? I want to see if this is something my husband can swing or to tell a mechanic. I had front end work done recently, then had a flat. The repair shop drove the truck into the bay with a total flat and now also have probs with the "tire pressure sensor" message on. Wonder if its all related?
  • isiisi Posts: 16
    The tire pressure sensor is a different issue, and you can be almost 100% sure its failure was caused by driving the vehicle with a total flat tire. The way it works is that there is a tire pressure monitoring sensor (TPMS) on every rim, located inside the part that the tire covers (i.e. where the air is under pressure) and measures the tire pressure and transmits it to the computer. If the car is driven with a flat, it is highly probable that the sensor will be damaged. Make sure that the rim was not damaged as well. The shop that fixed the flat needs to install a new sensor (hopefully at their own expense).

    As for the front wheel speed sensors, they are located on the hub, not behind the caliper and not inside the tire. The hub is the stationary part where the drive shaft hooks into, and allows for the rotating components to be located. The wheel speed sensor will be easy to find as there will be a wire attached to it. It is located near the top of the hub (around 1 o'clock if I recall correctly). If they have not been removed in the last 2-3 years, they will be difficult to remove intact, but it can be done if one is careful. Good luck!
  • farmgrl22farmgrl22 Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    OK....same issue with my 2004 Yukon SLT 60,000miles. Just within the past 8 months or so it started with the traction active on beautiful days and dry roads. I called our local GM dealer today and they want $280 to do the cleaning and another $100 if the sensors would need replaced and another "couple hundred per side" if by chance the hubs would need replaced too.

    I saw someone that posted was in Pittsburgh area.....anyone want to offer information where they took their vehicle for this repair and got good service and reasonable rates? We are located in the New Castle PA area. I have read a lot of the posts on here with detailed directions and my husband is going to try cleaning the hubs himself. (I would like to have a back-up though)

    We also have a few other issues with this truck. The dash has gone out a few times resetting the radio and idea why this happens. The airbag light came on a few months ago - probably a sensor. We also have the tire pressure message.

    Thanks in advance for any input.
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